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Sights of Khakassia: amazing natural monuments

The most interesting sights in Khakassia

When choosing a suitable place for recreation, many of our compatriots prefer foreign countries and popular resorts. At the same time, they forget that in Russia there are a huge number of corners, which by their originality and charm are in no way inferior to foreign landscapes. In our country, there are no less historical sites of note that deserve special attention, but few know about them.

One of these corners is Khakassia — a wondrous land with a rich history. He remembers both infamous defeats and the time of rapid rise. The sights of Khakassia are represented by more than 30,000 monuments of cultural and historical value.

Cultural and architectural attractions of Abakan

In the capital city of the republic there are many interesting places that are worth seeing:

  • Laura’s stele;
  • Transfiguration Cathedral;
  • Local History Museum;
  • Topiary Park;
  • zoo.

Stele Laura is located at the entrance to the city, welcoming guests. The sculpture symbolizes the goodwill and hospitality of the locals. The monument was created in the form of a young, beautiful Khakass girl who holds out a bowl to everyone who visits this place. Stele Laura has long been a symbol not only of the capital, but of the whole region.

Savior Transfiguration Cathedral is located on the Cathedral Square. Despite the fact that the temple is quite young, it was built in 2001, residents of the city love it very much, consider it their main architectural monument. The cathedral is made in a laconic classical style, using white color on the outside of the facade. Inside is an iconostasis, consisting of 5 tiers and decorated with gilded carvings. At the bottom of the structure is located the baptismal hall. The bell tower is equipped with 12 bells.

The local museum of local lore is considered one of the largest in Siberia. Here is a huge collection of exhibits reflecting the historical development and formation of the republic. Studying the exhibition, you can learn about archeology, ethnography, history of the region. One of the most valuable exhibits are the “Idols of the Yenisei” — these are sculptures made of stone about 5000 years ago. Historians still can not understand what they represent: the gods or some fantastic animals.

Topiary Art Park is one of the most popular attractions worth visiting in the summer. The art of creating topiary lies in curly trees and shrubs to give them an original shape. The result is fantastic animals, cars, birds. The park is located on a small area with a pond, cozy arbors, miniature gardens, which are populated with floristic products. Many beautiful exhibits await visitors to this place: a huge eagle with a ten-meter wingspan, a strange machine and even a smaller copy of the famous Eiffel Tower.

A visit to the zoo, which lies on 5 hectares of territory, will surely appeal to all animal lovers. The number of rare pets, among which there are birds, reptiles and animals, is 193 species. In this well-equipped corner you can see leopards, tigers, puma, pelicans and other members of the animal world.

Sights of Shirim District

The uniqueness of this region lies not only in the natural landscapes, but also in the huge variety of historical monuments left after the peoples who have replaced each other on this territory for thousands of years. Most of the attractions of the whole republic are located in the Shirinsky district.

Among them are the settlements and the sites of primitive people, stone sculptures, ritual sites, samples of rock paintings, ancient defensive buildings, the ruins of ancient civilizations and burial places. Among the most popular attractions of the Shirinsky district are the following:

  • Lake Shira;
  • Tuim failure;
  • «Pandora’s Box»;
  • Kashkulak cave;
  • Fortress Chebaki;
  • Mountain range «Chests».

It is the largest body of water in the whole country. The water here is not simple, but mineral with unique healing properties. Since the second half of the XIX century, resort and recreation facilities began to appear in this place, where you can live and improve your own health. For medicinal purposes, silt mud collected at the bottom of Lake Shira is used. It, as well as mineral waters, are able to fight diseases of the nervous, urogenital, and digestive systems. Many come here to recover from glaucoma, skin and gynecological problems.

Within the boundaries of the Shira reservoir a special microclimate has formed. In summer, the air temperature here rises to + 23ºС, in winter it drops to -17ºС. However, even in the very heat around Shira, it is cool in the evenings. The local swimming season lasts from mid-June to mid-August. It was at this time that the reservoir warms up to the optimum temperature.

The shores of Lake Shira are very comfortable for swimming, the bottom is even, and the water is clean and clear. On the central beach there is a slide, there is a volleyball court, and there is a bicycle rental service. It offers everything you need for outdoor activities: catamarans, bananas, jet skis, scooters. Fishing on Lake Shira will not work, because of the salinity of the water, there is no fish in the reservoir.

Tuim failure

This is a natural monument created by human hands on the territory of the Shirinsky district. Almost 100 years ago, ore was mined in this place. Over time, the mine began to pose a danger to workers, it left. Currently, the width of the dip is 200 m, and at its bottom is a picturesque lake with bright blue water. There are many legends about the origin of such an unusual color, but the mystery lies in the large content of copper. Tuimsky failure is a place where lovers of natural beauty and outdoor enthusiasts come to.

«Pandora’s Box»

This is the famous cave of Shirin region with a length of 11 km. It resembles a maze with a huge number of grottoes, halls, difficult descents and galleries. Anyone who decided to go here and go all the way, will be able to see the beautiful lake with clear water of emerald color. «Pandora’s Box», despite the difficult passage, is very popular among tourists. This is a place where desperate brave souls want to discover new secrets of the mysterious cave.

Kashluk Cave

It is one of the most interesting sights of the area. Here, according to local traditions, ghosts and devilry reign. The cave is shrouded in mystical stories and riddles. Despite the rumors, there are quite a few people who dream of visiting this place. Here you can look at the unique rock inscriptions, wonderful stalactites, sacred places, where shamans of the past performed their rituals.

Chebaki fortress

This is an architectural and historical landmark of the Republic of Khakassia, where a huge number of scientists and tourists come every year. The building was built during the Bronze Age and served as a defensive function. This structure, located at the top of the mountain, strikes with its massiveness and grandeur. From the top of the tower you can admire a beautiful scenic view of the surroundings.

Mountain range «Chests»

This is another mysterious place in Khakassia. «Chests» is an array consisting of several mountains, reaching a height of 200 m. The mountain range includes rock carvings, burial grounds, as well as special buildings, which, according to archaeologists, were used to observe the stars.

To see all these attractive and mysterious sights with your own eyes, you need to go to the Republic of Khakassia. Monuments of architecture, culture, history, located in Abakan and Shirinsky district, will not leave anyone indifferent.

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