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Sights of Kazan: significant tourist sites of the city

Kazan and its sights

Interesting places are practically in any large populated area, but if the city is ancient, and even is the center of the economically developed region, it will certainly become attractive for tourists.

Architectural monuments and other objects of cultural heritage, numerous parks, museums, beautiful streets — all this is visited every day by numerous visitors and local residents. Do not become an exception and the sights of Kazan.

Trips for every taste

This city is famous for its abundance of cultural objects, for the inspection of which takes a lot of time, but each of them deserves no less attention than the others. Therefore, you can go to Kazan for one day, or you can go for a week, and even more. In any case, the rest will be truly fascinating.

The main attractions of the city of Kazan, many of which are known far beyond its borders:

  • The Kremlin and the adjacent Millennium Square and the Kremlin Embankment (Kazanka Embankment);
  • pedestrian street Bauman (it is called Kazan Arbat);
  • Millennium Park;
  • monument to Kot Kazansky;
  • The center of the Kazan family is a new wedding palace with a viewing platform on the roof;
  • Bulak channel with a cascade of fountains;
  • Boar Lake.

This is not a complete list of all the interesting things in Kazan. Places where you should definitely go are a variety of parks, museums, theaters, religious objects (cathedrals and mosques). Also, the city is famous for its numerous statues and monuments.

It is best to visit it in the summer, then you can walk for a long time through the streets and parks, admire the greenery and fountains. But at other times of the year there is where to go. For example, in the winter there are many skating rinks, an exhibition of ice sculptures is held near the Raif monastery.

A possible plan for exploring the city, allowing you to visit the sights of Kazan:

  • if you went for one day, you should visit the Millennium Park, Gabdulla Tukai Square, Bauman Street, the Kremlin and its surroundings (places where it is easy to forget about time);
  • two-day trip: the same thing, on the second day you can go to museums (first of all to the Millennium Museum), as well as go to the other side of Kazanka to the family center and admire the surroundings from its observation platform;
  • three-day trip: it is additionally recommended to go out of town — to Sviyazhsk, the monastery in Raifa or to the area of ​​Old Arakchino, to visit the Temple of all religions.

Of course, everyone chooses the places where they can go. But in any case, there are objects in Kazan that you should definitely visit. We will talk about them below.

In fact, this is a business card of the city. It is located on the bank of Kazanka, in the place of its confluence with the Volga. It is a complex of monuments of history and architecture — a place where time has practically stopped.

The main attractions of the Kazan Kremlin:

  • The Suyumbike Tower is an architectural monument from about the middle of the 17th-18th centuries, at that time it served as a watchtower. Named so because, according to legend, it was ordered to build by Queen Syuyumbike in memory of her husband Safa-Giray. The object is slightly tilted due to subsidence of the foundation from one side, so it was added to the list of 40 falling towers of the world. Currently, the fall is stopped, but the characteristic slope remains.
  • Kul-Sharif Mosque — the main in the Republic of Tatarstan. Built in 1996-2005. as the re-creation of a multi-mosque, which was the center of science and religious education during the Kazan Khanate. The object also serves as a memorial to the fallen defenders of Kazan, who saved the city from the troops of Ivan the Terrible. Named in honor of Imam Kul Sharif, who led the defense. Used not only as a religious institution. Inside is the Museum of Islamic Culture.
  • Annunciation Cathedral — a monument of the XVI century., The oldest in the Kremlin. Built in honor of the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. Despite numerous restorations, it preserved the original central volume with asps (3) and pillars (6) supporting the arch, and some other elements. Also, the Bishop’s House, the Consistory, and archaeological fragments of various buildings are included in the single complex of the cathedral.
  • Savior Transfiguration Monastery. Currently fully converted into a museum complex.
  • Gun yard. Consists of 4 buildings. Previously, there was one of the largest cannon factories in the Russian Empire, then the Junker Infantry School. Various exhibitions are currently held.
  • Monument to the architect.

These are the most famous places in the Kremlin where you can go to learn more about the history of Kazan or simply admire the ancient architecture. Sightseeing tour takes about 1.5 hours.

Bauman Street

Also among the tourists and locals, this pedestrian street, one of the oldest in the city, is very popular. It starts not far from the Kremlin, so after his visit it is logical to go for a walk around it. On Bauman Street there are numerous cafes, shops, fountains, benches, monuments, various festive events are often held, artists draw and musicians play.

The most famous sights are:

  • Monument to Kot Kazansky — an animal lying in a gazebo with a mouse on the roof (set up in memory of the fact that in 1745, Empress Elizaveta Petrovna was on a visit to Kazan, noticed that there were practically no mice, and took several cats to catch rodents in the Winter Palace);
  • the carriage of Catherine II — a copy of the crew in which the empress visited the city in 1747;
  • Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan;
  • Fyodor Shalyapin monument;
  • various fountains, including those with the figure of the fabulous heroine Su Anasy;
  • Arabic style watches;
  • Prime Meridian;
  • alley of local celebrities and more.

You can walk along the Bauman street for quite a long time: almost every object on it attracts attention.

Millennium Park

It was opened to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Kazan in 2005, located in the center, near the Lake Nizhny Kaban. The most significant object here is a fountain in the form of a cauldron on the back of the zilant (the character of Tatar mythology), symbolizing the legend of the origin of the city. Zilantes are also located around the bowl and on the pillars at the gates of the park.

The fountain is located at the intersection of avenues, which is called the Crossroads and indicates that the city is located on the border of the west and east. Other attractive objects are flower beds with beautiful flower arrangements, benches twined with ivy, Kul Gali monument.

Center family Kazan

The attraction is quite new — the building was built in 2013. This is the wedding palace, which is of interest not only for the newlyweds: there is an observation deck on the roof, from which the city is clearly visible. It is better to visit her from Monday to Thursday, so as not to interfere with weddings.

The building itself is made in the form of a cauldron cauldron, decorated with national Tatar ornaments. The floors are decorated in different styles: the hall on the first one is decorated under the Bulgari era, the administrative premises on the second floor are under the times of the Kazan Khanate, and the reception halls, the bride and groom room and the reception room on the third floor have a modern design.

Bulak and Boar

Places in Kazan, where you can go to have a good time, are not only parks, historical buildings and walking areas, but also natural objects, such as the Bulak channel and Lake Nizhny Kaban.

Bulak is a channel connecting the Boar with the Kazanka River, 6 beautiful bridges are thrown over it. The reservoir itself is encased in granite, and in the summer fountains work on it, in the dark time of day the color lights turn on.

Wild boar is a large water system of lakes called Lower (Middle), Middle (Far) and Upper (Boriskovsky) Wild Boar. Once on this place there was a bend of the Volga, but then the river changed its course. There are many legends associated with the lakes, including the presence of the Khan’s treasury at the bottom of one of the reservoirs, which disappeared during the siege.

This is an attractive place for recreation for residents and visitors of Kazan. Near the Lower and Middle Kaban there is a promenade and beaches, walks on small ships, competitions in water sports, ducks and swans swim in lakes.

All this is the main and most famous sights of Kazan, but the city is much more interesting. Almost every day there come a lot of tourists, and they all know the places where you need to go to get good impressions of the trip. Therefore, it is not worth long to look for the answer to the question of what to see in Kazan, you just have to go to this wonderful city as soon as possible!

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