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Sights of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region

The most interesting sights of the Kaliningrad region and Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad region is the most western part of Russia. The peculiarity of this place is the lack of precise borders with the country. This is a half-cliques that goes to the Baltic Sea, with a territory stretching from Poland to Lithuania. Here you can spend time calmly, without the noisy tourist bustle. The sights of the Kaliningrad region will leave the best impressions about visiting this region.

Mysterious places

Here you will see truly unique places, whose very name attracts with its mystery. It:

  • Dancing forest;
  • Muller’s height;
  • Dune Epha;
  • Fish village;
  • Ancient castles, as well as many other equally fascinating sights.

Most of the interesting places you can travel by car or join one of the excursion programs. No matter which way you choose, you will get a truly unforgettable experience. But it takes a lot of time to see all the interesting sights of this region. Therefore, you should carefully study them to create your own tour program.

So, what sights of the Kaliningrad region should be visited first?

Curonian Spit

It stretches to the very border with Lithuania, dividing the Curonian Lagoon with fresh water and the Baltic Sea. The territory of this sandy beach, whose width is 400 m, and length — 4 km, belongs to two countries. This is a favorite vacation spot for tourists who are attracted by the unique nature of the area. An amazing combination of sand dunes, forests and meadows annually brings here thousands of people who have the opportunity to swim in the fresh water of the Curonian Lagoon and in the salty sea in one day.

Also here is a national park, where, thanks to the unique microclimate, you can meet a huge variety of representatives of the animal and plant world. In order for tourists to see everything they had planned, special footpaths were created here along different routes that cover the entire territory of the reserve. This park is the very first, which was founded in Russia, as well as the smallest. Despite its modest size, it offers guests a lot of entertainment: there are regular art contests, charity events and various conferences.

Dancing forest

This is a unique place, which is located on the Curonian Lane. Walking through the small local pine forest, you will notice that the trees meander at the most unimaginable angles. There is a belief that here you only need to walk along special footpaths, otherwise trees will take you to your place. You also can not tear off their leaves, bark and even the grass of the area.

The question of why pines, which always grow only directly, suddenly began to wriggle in this way, still has not found a scientifically based answer. There are a variety of versions, among which there is even the intervention of aliens. The forest is located on the road leading to Lithuania, and can be reached here either by own car, or by public transport or taxi.

Muller’s height

This is the name of the highest point of the largest dune of the Curonian Spit. It is named after the forester, who, thanks to hard work, was able to stop the movement of sands. With this he saved the village of Rybatskiy, lying near.

Now it is a place where many tourists go annually. For them there is a convenient path, climbing which you can enjoy the magnificent air and beautiful views of the spit. The whole road stretches for 2 km, the amount of time spent will depend on how often you will stop to shoot. From the Müller Height you will enjoy a magnificent view of the sea, the bay and the village itself.

This is the highest dune not only of the bay, but of all of Europe. You can reach its summit by wooden flooring. Independent movement on the dune is strictly prohibited, and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama from one of two viewing platforms.

Because of this amount of not only beautiful, but also unusual, unique places, every tourist who came to the Kaliningrad region is worth a trip to the Curonian Lagoon.

Antique castles

This part of Russia is the only one where you can find the remains of buildings belonging to the Middle Ages of Western Europe. Four castles, located in the Kaliningrad region, are the favorite places of tourists:

Brandenburg is in the list of six sights of Russia, which are endangered. Its ruins are located in the village of Ushakovo, Guryevsky district of the Kaliningrad region. Here are some fragments of the once powerful structure, which can provide the rest of the picture. In the warm season tourists are offered real medieval entertainment:

  • horse riding;
  • archery;
  • dishes of knightly cuisine;
  • music of that time.

From the territory of Brandenburg offers a breathtaking panorama of the Kaliningrad Bay.

Insterburg now belongs to the church. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it was not only a fortification, but also the place of residence of the friendly brotherhood of knights. Now you can look at the exhibits of the art gallery, get to the arts festival and even the Museum Night.

Ragnit is a castle in the center of the Neman, the ruins of which are visited by tourists who love independent research. There are no special entertainments here, this is a place where people come to just look at the remains of a powerful structure, allowing to plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Shaaken is located in the village of Nekrasovo, Guryevsky district. You need to go here if you want to visit a real joust and sit in a medieval tavern. This place attracts lovers of history.

A visit to each of the four castles of the Kaliningrad region will leave an unforgettable impression.

Kaliningrad Cathedral

Even if you come to the regional center for a week, and you have no desire to leave it, you can see a huge number of attractions located within the city.

Starting a tour of Kaliningrad is from the Cathedral — the main decoration of the city. This is a unique historical place, because the shrine was the main temple of not only the Catholic Church, but also the Lutheran. Now there are no services here, but the former chapels and the museum remind of former glory, where one can get acquainted not only with the history of the cathedral itself, but also of Kaliningrad.

Fish village

This is an area whose architecture is styled as old Königsberg. While walking around these places you can see a lot of workshops of different crafts, which adjoin to modern business centers. It is worth visiting this part of Kaliningrad not only to enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Fisherman’s Village, but also to get acquainted with the history of the city.

Places dedicated to Immanuel Kant

This city honors the memory of the great German philosopher, who was buried in Kaliningrad. Coming here, you can:

  • see the grave of Kant;
  • sit on a bench named after the great philosopher;
  • visit an island named after a celebrity.

All these places are a great cultural heritage, which all fans of Immanuel Kant must visit.

Museum of the World Ocean

This is a science center where the only space communication vessel on the planet is located. Here you will not only see representatives of the animal and plant aquatic world, but also learn interesting facts about the structure of the Russian fleet. In the museum, you can visit the research ships and touch the work on the development of the depths of the oceans.

Victory Square

The city’s main square is named after the Great Victory. There are various institutions, shops, and also the Cathedral of Christ the Savior — the main cathedral of the city. Arriving to take a walk on this square, you will see three beautiful fountains and even the Triumphal Column, which has some similarities with Alexandrovskaya, located in the northern capital. The large transport hub of the square is included in the list of city sights

Royal Gate

This is a place that is considered one of the most beautiful in the city. In 2005, the landmark became a symbol of the anniversary of Kaliningrad. At the same time, a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean called the “Great Embassy” opened in the territory. In it you can see a huge number of interesting exhibits that tell about the history of Kaliningrad, its formation and diplomatic contacts of Great Russia and Prussia. Externally, the Royal Gate is like a small castle and is a favorite place for tourist shooting.

City Towers

The lighthouse tower opens a magnificent panorama of the city for the daredevils who are not afraid to overcome the 133 steps leading to its top. On the way, you can relax in a small cafe and buy souvenirs in the shop. Having reached the observation deck, you can not only enjoy the magnificent view, but also see the sculpture of the seagull sitting on the egg. Rub it, making a wish, and it will come true.

Wrangel Tower — a magnificent structure, with thick walls of three meters and a deep moat. It is surprising that now it is used as wholesale warehouses, shops and cafes. But precisely because of this, you can safely get into the territory of the historical building and enjoy the spirit of the Middle Ages.

Thus, a trip to the Kaliningrad region is an opportunity to see many of the most interesting sights and touch the history of the country.

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