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Sights of Dalat, Vietnam: 7 places, photos and descriptions

7 best sights of the city of Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat has many nicknames: Vietnamese Paris, City of Flowers, City of Eternal Spring and City of Lovers. Anyway, Dalat is an excellent mountain resort for those who want to take a break from the heat and smog of big cities. In the city and the surrounding area is really a lot of interesting things. Below is a brief overview of the best attractions of Dalat.

1. Lang Biang

A short trip through flower fields from Dalat will lead to the mountain of Lang Biang, which rises to 2167 meters above sea level. The reward for climbing the mountain will be an amazing view of the surrounding Dalat scenic area. Reaching the top is not an easy task, so you should take care of proper shoes and equipment.

2. Guest House Hang Nga

The architect of this building was Nga Dang Viet, who had previously studied in Moscow and worked in Hanoi. The strange construction, nicknamed Crazy House, is inspired by the natural beauty of Dalat County. The structure is interesting not only for its stunning architecture, but also because it is a real guest house where you can stay.

3. Chuk Lam Monastery

The beautiful Chuk Lam Pagoda can be reached by cable car. Before the travelers will appear a complex of buildings with traditional Asian architecture and monks scurrying about on business. This is an easy tour that takes only a couple of hours.

4. Elephant Falls

This waterfall is relatively far from the city, but definitely worth a visit. You can reach it by motorcycle on a winding road, where amazing views open up along the way. Local operators can also organize a tour and delivery.

5. Flower Gardens of Dalat

As already mentioned, Dalat is sometimes called the city of flowers. Due to the temperate climate and heavy rains, the region is ideal for growing some flowers and crops that cannot grow anywhere else in the country. Visiting the flower gardens of Dalat, travelers will find themselves in a real fairy tale with amazing flowers and aromas.

6. Night market

When the night market opens, the space is filled with real life with thousands of people looking for shopping and socializing. This bright scene is completely different from the usually calm and laid-back Dalat. At the night market everyone will wash to find new friends and a new favorite dish.

7. Lake Lac

Dalat is a great place for those who like to drive on two wheels in an unfamiliar direction and are looking for some adventures. It is not necessary to drive a motorcycle independently, but the trip will be much more exciting. One of the most interesting excursion destinations is Lake Lac, where the Mnong tribes live and work.

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