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Sights of Cyprus (photos and description)

Sights of Cyprus (photos and description)

Choosing directions for a wonderful and entertaining holiday, it is very difficult to disregard such a famous tourist destination as Cyprus. Only there you can see the ruins of the settlements of the Stone Age, and the beautiful Greek temples, Roman theaters, the magnificent Byzantine monasteries, Venetian fortresses and even Gothic cathedrals. In addition to a beautiful beach holiday, Cyprus boasts a huge number of attractions that are appreciated at the world level.

It was here, on Mount Olympus, according to ancient Greek myths, that the very first inhabitants of our planet lived, namely, the god Uranus with the goddess Gaia and their daughter Aphrodite. Fans and admirers of mythology will be happy to see the ruins of the temple of the goddess Aphrodite, which have survived to this day. Near the city of Paphos is the Akamas reserve, in which, according to ancient tales, Aphrodite herself set aside a special place for love meetings. Excursions in this area are conducted systematically, and you can not only look at the famous baths, but also plunge. If you believe the old legends, then after swimming in the waters of the divine baths, people find many years of beauty.

The Akamas Peninsula is considered to be one of the most beautiful places of the whole island, as well as almost the last territory under the protection of UNESCO. Here is a beautiful nature, which is characterized by its virgin beauty and tenderness. For tourists there are specially made bike paths and hiking trails.

Cyprus is a whole kaleidoscope of beautiful and interesting places that you want to see without fail. Here the monuments of nature, culture, history and art are successfully combined. If you are interested in the above information, we suggest you to get acquainted in more detail with the most famous sights of Cyprus.

1.Kafalnya Aphrodite (48 km from Paphos, Chrysochou Bay)

If you believe in Greek mythology, then Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, therefore a large number of attractions are associated with her and her name. The bath of Aphrodite is a small grotto in the rock, where, according to legends, Aphrodite and the fertility god Adonis held their romantic meetings. Having visited the territory of the bath, you will forever be surprised by the beauty of this place, namely:

  1. A small reservoir, shrouded in green vegetation, as if covered with a limestone rock on top and creates the impression of a very beautiful and secret place.
  2. Constantly cool water, despite the hot days in Cyprus, as cold springs from the ground do not allow it to heat up.
  3. The depth of the grotto itself is no more than half a meter, and its diameter is about 5 meters, so you can safely enjoy swimming without being distracted by insurance and worries.

Since ancient times, the locals believe that after swimming in this pool, a person gains health and beauty for many years. It should be added that even without swimming, but simply by observing the natural wealth, you will gain positive emotions and good mood, at least for the whole day.

2. Tombs of the Kings in Paphos (Paphos)

If you like to spend time on vacation with benefit and with informative character, you should definitely visit the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, which is located south-west of Cyprus. The huge necropolis, the creation of which goes into perfect antiquity, was the last refuge for dignitaries and representatives of the aristocracy of distant times. If you think about the idea that the very first tombs were carved out of stone as early as the 4th century BC, then the power of these places increases significantly. By visiting the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, you will discover for yourself a huge number of interesting things, namely:

  1. Huge underground rooms are hollowed out right inside the rocks and, connecting with each other by stairs and passages, create one huge complex.
  2. The burials are exactly the same as the old houses of the buried people, so instead of graves and crypts you will see real copies of the luxurious houses and palaces in which these noble personalities lived to death.
  3. For all visitors, a special simplified system has been introduced, so that all the tombs in the necropolis are numbered, and it will be very easy to find the subject of the story you need.
  4. Next to each burial, you can find an earthen jar, which was filled with wine, milk, or honey, so that the deceased could be “full”. These gifts were placed in special ritual chambers located near the tombs.

Interestingly, all the tombs are preserved from very ancient times, but they all retain their original appearance. The historical heritage is very well and accurately monitored and looked after, so that you will get a real opportunity to plunge into ancient times.

3. Petra tou Romiou (25th km of Paphos-Limassol road)

If you are traveling in Cyprus by car or by bus, you should know that Petra tou Romiou (the locals call this place Aphrodite’s Beach) is located 25 kilometers away from Paphos to Limassol. This place is a magnet for couples in love who came to rest. Externally, this landmark is a small, rocky beach, shrouded in large boulders and clear water. Over the years, Petra Tu Romiu has gained great popularity, as well as quite a lot of different legends that people so believe or want to believe. More common are the following:

  1. having a swim in these waters together, lovers will forever remain together;
  2. having a swim at the Beach of Aphrodite at midnight, one can gain eternal beauty and youth;
  3. having a swim at the Beach of Aphrodite, you can soon find a successful marriage and healthy children;
  4. One of the large rocky stones — the stone of Aphrodite — has a special power, and after spending a certain ritual around it, you can later meet true love.

It is important to note that on the beach of Petra tou Romiu you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature and see famous and memorable places live, but also visit a cafe located in a parking lot not far from the beach, on the opposite side of the road. Also, a little drive along the road, you will find yourself in a beautiful romantic restaurant, the view from which can not leave anyone indifferent.

4. Akamas National Park (Akamas West Peninsula)

Having passed about 50 km from the city of Paphos, you will discover for yourself the extraordinary beauty of the panorama of nature. It combines unique landscapes with an abundance of vegetation and clean beaches. It is there that hides another major attraction of Cyprus, namely the Akamas National Park. This is a reserve that keeps nature on its territory in its original state. Here you will find dense coniferous forests, pebble beaches and sandy bays with crystal clear water. A huge number of plants that can be found on the territory of Akamas Park are quite rare and even disappear from the face of the earth, namely:

  1. wild plum;
  2. arbutus;
  3. myrtle tree;
  4. east plane tree;
  5. mountain lavender;
  6. cyclamens;
  7. orchids;
  8. pink-purple peonies listed in the Red Book.

Also here lives a huge number of birds and animals, which surprise with its variety:

  1. 168 bird species;
  2. 20 species of reptiles;
  3. 12 species of mammals;
  4. 16 types of butterflies.

Tourists are very fond of paying attention to the Avakas Gorge, which is located on the territory of the reserve. It is located inside limestone cliffs, and reaches a height of 30 meters, and a length of about 3 km. A mountain river flows along the bottom of the gorge. To get to the gorge, you should walk about 2 kilometers through the reserve, enjoying nature and the beauty of rare plants and animals.

5.Catacombs of Holy Solomonia (Paphos)

For people who like to visit spiritual places, having plunged into religion and their thoughts, there is an ideal place in Cyprus, namely the unique Christian shrine — the Catacombs of St. Solomon. The main feature of the catacombs is that it was created not only by the hand of man, but also by nature itself. As the ancient legend says that the woman who lived in ancient times by the name of Solomonia was a righteous person, but because of the refusal to perform Roman rites, she happened to be hiding with her children in the catacombs.

  1. According to one version, the pagans immured all the entrances to the catacombs, condemning the woman to a slow death, but 200 years later, when the catacombs were freed, the holy martyress came out whole and intact.
  2. According to another version, the women’s sons were found after they escaped and executed, and Solomonia herself was left alive, and she spent the wretched days and nights in tears over the graves of her sons, eventually dying of grief.

To believe or not to believe in the old legends is your business, but you should visit this place without exaggeration. Only upon entering the territory of the catacombs will you immediately notice a rather large pistachio tree, completely hung with colorful ribbons. The fact is that in this way people turn to Saint Solomonia, asking her for healing or help in their affairs. According to legends, it is precisely by ribbons that she finds souls who need help.

Ribbon tying a tour of this attraction does not end there. If you wish, you can walk through the catacombs, as well as visit a small well in the depths of the catacombs, the water in which has healing power — cures eye diseases.

6.Kaine Aliki Winery (Limassol)

If you are lucky enough to get into the territory of the city of Limassol, which is considered to be not only the largest cultural and economic center of the country, but also the heart of all winemaking in Cyprus, then you will not have to think for long. It is on the territory of Limassol Keo Aliki winery, where every season the whole crowd of tourists go on a tour. Due to the fact that all excursions are conducted directly on the premises of the plant in the framework of the promotion, you will receive the following features:

  1. monitoring the actual production of the best wines in the area;
  2. tasting of any product for free;
  3. entertaining stories about the plant and its products;
  4. the opportunity to buy good wines is much cheaper than in any store or restaurant of the whole Cyprus.

The most famous alcoholic drink, which is produced by the Keo winery, is a premium wine called “Commandor”, since it was started to be produced in the 8th century, retaining all the recipes to this day. For the production of this drink uses a special grape variety — Xynisteri, and the process of making wine also has its own subtleties. The grapes are dried in the sun so that its juice is a little sweeter, after which it is drained into special vessels and kept for at least several years.

7. Show of dancing fountains (Protaras city)

The show of dancing fountains in the city of Protaras is a breathtaking spectacle that simply enchants with its beauty. Every evening, under light romantic music, water jets soar and fall, creating incredible pictures. Thanks to high-quality accompaniment of light music, it seems that you are in the theater. However, if you look in more detail, the Protaras show is a common work of such factors:

  1. one of the most complex control systems in the whole world;
  2. 18,000 nozzles and a huge number of LED lamps immersed in water create a fascinating performance (water trickles illuminated with colorful lights continuously change their movements, obeying musical rhythms and creating an amazing atmosphere);
  3. an atmosphere that we will remember for many years to come.

It should be noted that such a spectacular show attracts the attention of both adults and children, and this beauty can be observed from May 1 to September 30. Guests are also invited to book a table in a cozy cafe directly next to the fountains or on special spectator benches that provide a beautiful view.

8. Eucalyptus grove (Limassol city)

Limassol is not only a city by the sea, where you can have a good rest and visit a winery. There is another attraction here that attracts crowds of tourists every year, namely, the eucalyptus grove, which occupies about 1.5 kilometers of the coast. It attracts not only with its beauty, which is impossible not to take a picture or not to shoot for yourself, but also with the enchanting aroma of eucalyptus.

When the air temperature is as high as possible, under the leaves of eucalyptus trees you can perfectly hide from the heat in a pleasant cool shade. Taking on all the sun’s heat, the trees begin to evaporate the essential oils, the smell of which soothes and calms. If you find the weather quite rainy, a walk in the grove will also give you a whole range of unforgettable sensations, which will include a mixture of eucalyptus oil and fresh air after a recent rainstorm.

It is important to note that the aforementioned grove is perfectly equipped for tourists who visit it, having the following places available:

  1. sports and playgrounds;
  2. cafes and restaurants;
  3. hotels and hotels.

Having been at least once in your life on the territory of the eucalyptus grove, you will certainly want to come back here, since wildlife especially attracts attention, especially with such a scent.

9. Kavo Greco National Forest Park (Cape Greco)

Closer to the east of Cape Greco, which the locals call Ayia Napa, is a beautiful nature reserve called Kavo Greco. Its territory reaches more than 385 hectares of land. It is noteworthy that they created this reserve in order to preserve the unique and inimitable nature and its animals on the territory of the island. However, over the years, the goal has become completely different, namely, attracting more tourists to Cyprus.

Together with untouched and green nature, you can also meet here:

  1. comfortable picnic areas,
  2. bike lanes
  3. hiking trails with benches for rest, which open wonderful landscapes on the coast, with its cleanest sea water.

It is important to emphasize that the coast in the reserve is very fond of divers and fishermen. There are a lot of different kinds of sea creatures that you can not only watch, but also eat, namely moray eels, octopus, sea bass and fish-needles.

According to official data, on the territory of the park are such plants, animals and birds as:

  1. more than 400 plant species, 14 of which are considered extremely rare (juniper, acacia, mastic, fennel, wild garlic, and many others);
  2. hedgehogs, foxes, hares, snakes, lizards and a variety of birds.

10. Beach Finikoudes (Larnaca city)

If on vacation you prefer to lie on the beach and sunbathe, then it will be most interesting for you to visit Finikoudes beach, which is located in the territory of Larnaca. It is as easy to find as it is located not far from the central embankment of the city. It is the beach of Finikoudes that is considered the most popular in the whole territory of Cyprus, so even regular buses run to it, bringing and taking tourists every day.

Finikudes, in Russian, means small palm trees. The name of the beach was due to palm alleys growing along it. It is noteworthy that they planted these tropical trees in 1922. Over the years, palm trees have become a real symbol of the beach, according to which Finikoudes will be recognized all over the world.

The length of the beach reaches half a kilometer, but the width varies from 50 to 100 meters in different places. The sand on the beach is of volcanic origin, so its color has a grayish tint and surprises tourists with its purity. It is important to add that this beach has a Blue Flag certificate, which speaks of its impeccable cleanliness and maximum comfort for tourists, namely:

  1. rescuers are on duty throughout the territory, ready to help their visitors at any time;
  2. there is a permanent rental of water and sports equipment ;;
  3. the presence of a sanitary zone;
  4. the presence of a shower with fresh water;
  5. exceptional cleanliness on the whole beach.

Once on the beach, you can feel the benefits of a truly paradise holiday, which will be remembered for a long time.

11. Blue Lagoon Ayia Napa (resort of Ayia Napa, Cape Greco)

It is not a secret to anyone that Cyprus is famous for its majestic nature for the whole world, with its extraordinary landscapes and virgin forests. It is very important that the rest here is quite multifaceted, and both lovers of sunbathing on the beach, walking around the sights, and adherents of noisy parties and stormy nights will find a place for themselves. One of the extraordinary natural sights of Cyprus has become the Blue Lagoon, which is located near the very popular resort of Ayia Napa.

Just from the word «lagoon» it can be understood that the landscapes and nature will be there at an incredible height. The lagoon near Ayia Napa is a union of monumental rocks, lush vegetation and azure coastal waters. If a little more specific to understand the advantages of the lagoon, we can distinguish the following:

  1. the water in the lagoon is so clear and clean that you can see the bright fish and algae even from the shore without entering it;
  2. Not far from the lagoon there are unusual mysterious caves, partly filled with sea water, and for them to visit it is not necessary to have the skills of a diver (to sunbathe, dive with mask, to study the underwater world)
  3. Boat trips from Protaras or Ayia Napa are very often sent to the shores of the lagoon, and from the cliffs that are located near the lagoon, you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

Many people remember the film “Blue Lagoon”, in which it was told about the love and strength of people who fell one on one in the struggle with living nature. The landscapes that could be seen in motion pictures are just a small part of the pleasure that can be obtained by arriving in Cyprus and visiting the Blue Lagoon of Ayia Napa.

12. The antique city of Soli (the city of Morphou, northern Cyprus)

Cyprus is very diverse, and, besides the monuments that nature has created, there are also man-made sights that were created by people. If you are a fan of seeing the famous ancient cities and buildings, then the ancient city of Soli, located near Nicosia, this is your option. All the ruins that remain from temples, palaces and other buildings are protected by special sheds, and remarkable places are marked with signs indicating the name and approximate date of construction of the structure. Thanks to this approach, any tourist can learn the information of interest without even spending money on a guide.

If you are interested in information about the ancient city, then the following facts about it will definitely interest you:

  1. Many years ago, the city of Soli was considered one of the ten largest cities, on which the main life of the whole island was concentrated;
  2. according to legend, the city was once captured by the Achaeans, and the inhabitants were relocated by conquerors to another place;
  3. The city of Soli was named after the famous Greek philosopher Solon, who once gave valuable advice to the local king Philokritus.

13. Old city of Limassol (Limassol city)

Tourists who love excursions to various places of interest, cultural and historical monuments, will surely mark Cyprus as the light of all these places. There are not only a huge number of attractions, but also entire cities that have survived through the centuries, leaving behind only the ruins of buildings. The old city of Limassol is another value of Cyprus that tourists love to visit.

The old town is the historical center of modern Limassol, which for many centuries has been completely saturated with the spirit of provincial Greece. It was the local small streets and old houses that found a huge number of significant events, battles and wars.

It is important to note that the city has no definite boundaries or boundary. You can find it on such coordinates as the embankment line of the old port of Limassol. To explore the local sights, it is better to walk the entire route on foot, and it’s worth starting from the Limassol fortress, and then you can see during the walk:

  1. Cathedral;
  2. several Muslim mosques;
  3. a huge number of souvenir shops;
  4. many cafes and bakeries.

You will also notice empty houses and villas, which were abandoned by tenants mainly for political reasons back in the 70s of the last century. Such a sight is a little alarming, but it’s still very interesting to watch.

14. Archbishop’s Palace (Nicosia City)

If you get to Nicosia, then in the very heart of this capital of Cyprus you can find its main attraction, namely the Archbishop’s Palace, which was built directly next to the old palace building. In appearance, this palace looks very old, although it was built, by the standards of Cyprus, quite recently — in 1961. The feeling of antiquity and pompousness of the building is given by its style of construction, namely the imitation of an old Venetian style.

According to historical data, in 1974, during the war with Turkey, an enemy attack was made on the island, and the building became the main shelter for fighting. At the time, the palace was greatly damaged, but in the 80s it was completely restored and restored.

In 1987, a huge statue of Archbishop Makarios was built on the square in front of the palace. During his lifetime, he managed to make a big part in the history of the island. He advocated the integrity of the island and the independence of his people, which is why his palace bedroom is still intact in its entirety. Interestingly, the archbishop’s heart is placed in a special vessel, which is also kept for many years.

15.Salted lake and flamingos (Larnaca city)

Virtually every tourist who visited Cyprus drove along the white shores of the Salt Lake, which lies between the city of Larnaca and the village of Dromolas. The lake itself represents several lakes adjacent to each other at once, and their total area reaches more than two square kilometers. It is noteworthy that the salt lake plays a very important role in the island’s ecosystem. Because of this, the lake is protected by the Ramsar Convention.

However, no matter how important and significant a salt lake is, its main attraction is the famous pink birds — the flamingo. They fly to the lake to spend the winter, which is very pleasing to tourists and local residents. From early autumn to late spring, you can fly to Cyprus to watch the huge flocks of flamingos. Close to the flamingos will not work, because the birds are very careful and kept at a distance from people. To see them in all its glory, you should bring binoculars.

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