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Sights of Cambodia: an overview of interesting places

The sights of Cambodia — amazing, unique, unforgettable!

Traveling is a great opportunity not only to have a good rest, but also to get new knowledge, to keep in memory the dates of interesting historical events and to touch the culture and traditions of another country. Have you visited almost all cities and countries, studied a lot of literature, were interested in sculpture and painting, and you think that it is not easy to surprise you? The Kingdom of Cambodia is a unique state in Southeast Asia, which will undoubtedly amaze you with magnificent temples, palaces and museums, secrets and riddles! We offer you interesting facts about the sights of Cambodia with photos and descriptions, discover the unique atmosphere and enjoy new knowledge and impressions!

Angkor — Wat — a magnificent jungle temple

So, let’s start our tourist trip with the amazing temple of Angkor Wat. The history of the temple complex has nearly nine hundred years!

Angkor is an ancient city that was previously the center of a great empire. Its size is amazing, according to scientists, the city occupied more than 200 square kilometers!

Angkor Wat is one of the most visited places, the temple is dedicated to the god Vishnu.

Magnificent architecture allows tourists to truly feel the preserved spirit of the Hindu religion. Construction began in the 12th century. A little later, the temple was visited to worship the Buddha. And even then Angkor — Wat was amazing.

  • The height of the central tower reached 42 meters — this is a record height for those times.
  • Huge moats with water dug around the perimeter of the temple complex securely fenced the temple.
  • The impressive size, unique architecture and magnificent decoration allowed people to believe that gods really live in this temple, to visit Angkor — Wat was allowed only to the elect.

But, unfortunately, from the beginning of the 15th century, the temple was no longer visited, and soon, Angkor Wat was hidden for a long time behind the dense jungle. Thus, the temple has almost lost its original appearance: the roots of trees caused significant damage to ancient buildings.

There is a version that the writer R. Kipling began to create his great literary work “The Book of the Jungle” precisely after visiting the temple of Angkor — Wat.

And even today, the temple complex inspires some creative people to create something new and unusual!

Thanks to the efforts of the authorities, the temple was restored. And today, tourists have a unique opportunity to enjoy the monumental structure to the full, get great photos and make a mark on the map to visit the temple again! What is interesting Angkor — Wat?

First of all, you will be surprised by the unique architecture and the rarest combination of two religions. The temple is unique, there is nothing like this anywhere in the world. Secondly, the total area of ​​the temple complex — 200 hectares! In addition, each of the buildings was built in a rather original way — from the top down! Archaeologists were amazed: this technology was known for the first time, and there are no analogues in the world.

In one version of the story, it is noted that the structure of the Angkor Wat temple was developed on the basis of the sacred Mount Meru, which was considered the center of all the material universes.

Experts emphasize a certain similarity of the tower with the peak of the mountain, the outer walls with rocky protrusions, the moat at the foot resembles the ocean surrounding the universe.

Today, the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia can be visited by everyone. The main thing is to follow the established procedure, treat with respect to the great cultural and architectural monument. Get to know the amazing history, unique oriental culture and religion, Angkor Wat will give you a lot of vivid impressions!

Royal Palace — the heart of Phnom Penh

The royal palace, is a modern royal residence, a monument of traditional architecture and history. It is worth noting that official events are being held in the palace now, so tourists can visit the palace only at the appointed time. Travelers from all over the world stay in the capital of Cambodia to see the Royal Palace of the 19th century with their own eyes, attracting with its unique architecture, luxury and grandeur. In its spacious rooms you can wander for hours, enjoying the cognitive rest and discovering the history of the great dynasty.

The royal palace willingly visits many tourists who are allowed at certain times to see some premises:

  • Throne room. In this room you can see the sculptures of all members of the dynasty. It was here that the king or proxies fulfilled their duties. In this hall and in modern times, religious holidays, royal ceremonies, weddings, coronations are held, and royal guests are received.
  • Gallery. You will be presented the most interesting frescoes of the beginning of the 20th century, each of them is unique, it is of great historical value. Much of these works of art have been restored, but some of the frescoes remained intact, preserving the true art of the masters.
  • Moon Pavilion — part of the Royal Palace, facing the Tonle Sap River. Previously, the pavilion was required so that the king could address the citizens with a new statement or watch the parade, now this territory is used for dancing and holding national holidays.
  • Pavilion of rest — previously was a comfortable place to relax or wait. Today there are original gifts from royal guests and foreign rulers, unique sculptures.

  • Silver Pagoda — The official Buddhist temple of the King of Cambodia, located on the southern side of the Royal Palace. The first thing that surprises tourists is the abundance of a precious stone, which is competently combined with the decoration of the temple. For example, the staircase that leads to the Silver Pagoda is made of Italian marble. Inside the temple, on a gilded pillar is the emerald figure of the Buddha of the 17th century. The floor of this amazing structure is laid out with 5329 silver tiles, which is why the royal temple got its famous name.
  • Mondop Hill — The hill, on top of which is the sanctuary of the Buddha. In the sanctuary you can meet a real predictor, but, it should be noted, the prophecy can be obtained only through an interpreter. Along the way you will meet 108 amazing statues of Buddha, symbolizing each of his past lives.

Tourists say that the statues sitting in the shade of tropical trees are remembered for a lifetime.

The uniqueness, harmony and beauty of amazing creations will not leave anyone indifferent!

The Royal Palace is one of the most visited places in Cambodia. Only here tourists have the unique opportunity to see the magnificent statues of the Buddha and take a little walk in the palace grounds!

National Museum — a treasure trove of state history

After visiting the royal residence, pay attention to the map of sights of Cambodia, and you will see that the famous National Museum, built in traditional style, is located nearby. It contains a unique collection of artifacts created from ancient times to the end of the 15th century.

The construction of the museum began in 1917, and already in 1920 the doors were opened for the first visitors. The building was built in the traditional style of red brick, but there are also parts created according to the rules of French architecture. In 1924, the museum expanded considerably: two wings were attached on both sides of the facade.

The museum contains more than 1500 unique sculptures and various statues of gods, demons, mythological creatures. Thus, you can carefully consider the amazingly beautiful statues of Vishnu, Ramu, Ganesha, Nagas and other gods. For each work of art, a detailed description is provided in English and French. An impressive collection of Khmer sculpture located in four spacious rooms. The first exhibit will be a part of the statue of the god Vishnu. This sculpture was found in 1935 during excavations in Angkor-Vat, the deity has only arms, shoulders and head. The most valuable exhibits of the museum are bronze statues of the gods Vishnu and Shiva. The most famous sculpture is “King Lepara”. In addition, only in the National Museum you can see one of the largest collections of Buddha statues. In addition to unique sculptures, be sure to explore the collection of ceramic and bronze products, which were created from the 4th to the 14th century. You will be pleasantly surprised by an unusual casket made in the 19th century in the form of a bird with a human face. The casket was designed to store the leaves of the betel plant.

It is recommended to start the tour from the outermost hall on the left side and then move only clockwise, since the collection items are strictly arranged by the date of creation. Thus, visiting the National Museum, you can easily explore the history of the state, compare features, and note new details in each of the exhibits.

It is recommended to listen attentively not only to the guides, but also to the monks who are happy to talk with the guests of the museum.

Each of them can share an interesting legend or discover amazing facts about some sculptures.

Be sure to visit the patio and stroll through the wonderful garden, which will surely surprise you with its beauty. A gazebo, a small pond and small colored fish in the pond pleasantly delight guests and create a special, cozy atmosphere.

The National Museum, which is located in the center of Phnom Penh, not far from the Royal Palace, is indeed an amazing historical monument. The National Museum reflects the culture and art of the country, both outside and inside. The impressive collection includes unique works of art from almost every historical period in Cambodia. And the appearance of the building, in which today there are valuable exhibits — a vivid example of national architecture.

The unique sights of Cambodia are especially beautiful at dawn. Morning visit will allow you to quietly enjoy the harmony and the acquisition of new knowledge. We wish you a pleasant journey to the origins of Hinduism and Buddhism, and bright, unforgettable impressions!

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