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Sights of Berdyansk: amazing monuments in the city

Sights of the Ukrainian town of Berdyansk

Berdyansk is a southern Ukrainian city on the coast of the warm Azov Sea, which is worth seeing at least once. Although it is of a very small size, but they know it and have heard about it not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders.

Berdyansk — a resort city of national importance. It provides a marine, cultural recreation of people, as well as mud with nothing comparable treatment. All tourists admire the amazing beaches and shores of the Azov coast.

The man who visited these places, visited the mud procedures, just got a stock of positive emotions, which is enough for the entire harsh winter. With the arrival of the summer period, an unknown thread in this magical city again pulls him in, for new impressions, for a beautiful fairy tale.

Many cities of Ukraine can be proud of their unforgettable beauty and special places. Berdyansk — one of them. The one who has visited it at least once will always try to return to spend time in this fabulous setting, to plunge into the marine and coastal world.

Features of the city

The main attractions of Berdyansk are on the waterfront of the city. Literally for a couple of days, you can get around all the interesting places, gain positive emotions, getting a lot of positive. It is there, in the center of the city, there is a large number of original monuments.

Attention of tourists chained:

  • the monument to the Toad;
  • monument «Happy childhood»;
  • monument «Goby-breadwinner»;
  • monument to summer residents;
  • ship monument;
  • monument plumbing;
  • monument to the young fisherman;
  • «The Chair of Desires»;
  • «Horseshoe good luck.»

Each of them is a separate story ….

Monument to the toad

He is relatively young. The opening of this monument is dated October 17, 2007. It is located almost at the sea. The mass of the sculpture is about 250 kg. Poured «Toad» on the local «Yuzhgidromash.»

As a rule, monuments of someone or something praise, the same, on the contrary, personifies envy and vice, which lately increasingly haunt us in life, which everyone would very much like to avoid.

The authors are interested in revealing the essence of these shortcomings. A toad with two mobile phones, in a massive chain of gold, with a press of money sits on four heads — an old man, a man, a woman, and a child.

Monument «Happy childhood»

On June 1, 2008, a bronze tricycle was mounted on the main street of the city, Lenin Avenue. Its height is more than a meter. This is a memorable gift from the deputy of the Berdyansk City Council.

Monument goby

This monument is dedicated to the goby fish. She saved many lives in the difficult times of the hungry 30s, and the well-being of Azov region rested on her. The plate «Steer-goby» is not a simple word today. Currently, fishing in coastal areas is considered the most basic and helping to survive. Every day a large number of ships goes to sea. This is the main and profitable occupation of the men of the city.

Monument to summer residents

In the area of ​​the central market you can see an interesting monument. He demonstrates a man and a woman, bent over with a tool in his hands. All up to accuracy, as in life, only the figures of metal.

The Colorado potato beetle is visible on the pedestal next to the woman below. He seems to be dragging a parchment with the inscription «Berdyants, feed yourself!» This monument can be viewed from two sides. Some claim that it is dedicated to the hard work of the summer resident. Others laugh and say that it is a monument to the cunning Colorado potato beetle.

Seat of fulfillment of desires

Outwardly, it does not seem very nice and not striking. It looks like the usual «throne». But it rarely happens that he is not busy with anyone. Both babies and adults want to sit on this chair of desires. He is considered by many to be magical. They say that all desires made on it always come true.

The task of the tourist: sit on the chair, clearly and concisely formulate your innermost dream, to pronounce it either in a whisper or in your mind. Small children especially believe in such miracles, but adults also want magic, so the throne does not go unheeded.

Monument to the ship

Looks great this beautiful monument by the sea. Photos on his background are tender and romantic. It is said that this monument was erected in honor of the ship on which Count Vorontsov M.S. arrived in Berdyansk. It is well known to the locals and guests of the city, because this person founded Berdyansk.

Monument Plumbing

Not far from the chair of desires there is an inconspicuous, but painfully creative and interesting monument to plumbing. It is located directly on the ground and always attracts passersby. Nobody, probably, before they managed to see the monument, did not think about the hard and overworking plumbing. Five months a year, the plumber is open to the gaze of the people. In cold weather, it is covered, saving from snow and rain. The sculpture is famous for its realism, in contrast to its versions created in other localities.

Monument to the fisherman

Almost near the sea, on the embankment, you can see the monument to the boy-fisherman. Pretty actual sculpture for the seaside town. After all, they begin to engage in this business here from a young age.

Horseshoe luck

In addition to the chair of desires, you can see a good luck horseshoe in Berdyansk. They say that it is necessary to touch her, and Fortune will always and in everything accompany a person. Many are photographed against the background of this horseshoe, it turns out a beautiful and unusual memorable picture. The monument weighs a ton. It was presented to the city by the rendezvous amusement park.

Where else can you go in Berdyansk?

Unforgettable impressions in adults and children will remain after visiting the safari zoo. All tourists admire the beautiful and well-groomed animals, friendly staff. In the zoo, particles of love and an extraordinary atmosphere soar directly. Animals are shrouded in care.

There is another gorgeous place in this city where you can go for a positive charge — the Nemo Dolphinarium. The presentation lasts 30-40 minutes. But in this short time, a person receives so many unforgettable emotions that it is impossible to convey in words. Only people who have ever seen dolphins, their acrobatic pirouettes and dances can understand this.

Beautiful, kind animals together with their trainers prepared an amazing and incomparable performance. Such a positive emanates from him that many impressionable people have tears of joy and delight in front of their eyes. Such places just need to visit with children, there you can relax your soul, join nature. This is especially important in recent times.

There are places where young people go with great pleasure. They begin right on the square with various attractions. The fabulous luminous at night Ferris wheel attracts not only young people, but also kids with adults. Those people who are not afraid of heights, can see the distance of the Azov Sea and the whole beautiful city of Berdyansk, in full view. The impression of this spectacle is unforgettable. Foam parties, a huge number of cafes and a modern night club in the center of the city will not let guests who want to dance deep into the night get bored.

In a small Berdyansk you can relax, have a look at amazing places and monuments and gain positive emotions!

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