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Sights of Astana: interesting places of the capital of Kazakhstan

Excursion to the famous sights of Astana

This city — the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan — has no special historical value. Before becoming the main one, he practically did not stand out among other provinces, and only thanks to the new status there appeared in him places where it would be pleasant to visit the visitors.

The main attractions of Astana are the buildings of original architecture, less often — museum complexes. The city is quite new, and all this was built either in Soviet times, or even later.

Objects worth seeing

The most interesting and memorable places of the Kazakh capital:

  • Baiterek — a monument symbolizing the whole of Kazakhstan;
  • SEC «Duman»;
  • SEC «Khan Shatyr»;
  • a circus shaped like an alien ship;
  • Palace Museum of the First President;
  • Palace of Peace and Accord;
  • Atameken complex (miniature image of the country);
  • Presidential palace;
  • Ice Town;
  • sculptures that fill the whole city;
  • Central Concert Hall «Kazakhstan»;
  • Palace of Independence;
  • Presidential Center of Culture.

In general, Astana is a city of extravagant architecture. Even a simple walk through it, in particular in the center, will leave vivid impressions.

Sculptures, monuments

Once in the capital of the republic, you can first see the street sights. The largest and most memorable is the Baiterek monument (“poplar” — translated from the Kazakh language). From its very foundation, it symbolizes both the main city and the whole of Kazakhstan as a whole. The ancient Kazakhs represented the world in the form of a tree with a golden egg (Sun) in the crown (it was demolished by a sacred bird). It is in the form of this mythological tree of life that the monument was made.

Up Baiterek leaves for 97 m. It is a symbol of 1997, when Astana became the capital. There are also underground lines here. In this part of the tower there are various cafes, aquarium rooms and a gallery. The ball on the top is a hall from which a view of almost the entire city opens.

In the center stands a globe with 17 petals, on which representatives of different religions sign, and next to it is a figure on which the palm of President N. Nazarbayev is printed. This tower-monument is known throughout Kazakhstan and beyond.

In winter in Astana it is worth going to the Ice Town — to the exhibition of sculptures in the center. Usually they depict animals, fairy tale characters or famous architectural landmarks (the same Baiterek). In the evening, they are illuminated, and in the center of this town a skating rink is poured. Every year, figures are created on a particular subject.

Also, if you just go for a walk around the city, you can see various sculptures made of stone, bronze or plastic. This is either a realistic or extravagant image of people, animals, household items.

Recreational facilities

In order to relax, it is recommended to go to places such as the circus, concert hall, visit shopping and entertainment centers.

Particularly popular shopping mall «Duman». Here is:

  • a large aquarium, in which live about 100 species of marine animals;
  • 5D-cinema attraction not only with sound and visual effects, but also with atmospheric and water effects that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a 10-minute film;
  • domed space with thematic zones (Kazakhstan, America, Greece, China), which depicts architectural monuments, historical events, etc .;
  • a variety of shops and cafes.

Khan Shatyr SEC offers visitors an artificial tropical beach with real sand from the Maldives, a golf course, a botanical garden with exotic plants. The design of this building is also interesting — it is made in the shape of a tent, its walls and roof are transparent. It is very convenient to go to such shopping and entertainment centers for the whole day, including with children.

The central circus of Astana is built in the shape of a flying saucer. Its auditorium is designed for 2000 people, the arena, if necessary, is replaced by a roller. Here they show the most complex and original shows that are worth seeing.

In the central concert hall, which is also notable for its avant-garde architecture, concerts of the most popular stars of Kazakhstan and other countries are held. It is equipped with modern equipment and is considered one of the best in the CIS countries.

They are a special pride of Astana. This is a place where you should also go for a long time. If you visit different palaces every day, you can learn a lot about the whole country — its history and culture.

The Palace of Peace and Accord symbolizes friendship between all nations. It looks like a pyramid and includes a hall for concerts, galleries, rooms in which exhibitions are held. At the top is the dome, which offers a panoramic view of the city. The dome itself is decorated with small statues of pigeons, symbolizing the peoples inhabiting Kazakhstan (there are 130).

An exhibition devoted to the history of the country after it became independent is constantly working in the Palace of the First President. Its main exhibits are the costume of an ancient warrior, found during recent excavations; various gifts given to N. Nazarbayev; documents, personal belongings, etc. There are other exhibitions. You can watch all this for free.

The current Presidential Palace called «Ak Orda» is also, in fact, a museum where you can go on a tour and see a lot of interesting things. True, such events are held only in the absence of the state leader. The excursions show the following places:

  • on the 1st floor: Central Front Hall, press conference hall;
  • 3rd floor: halls for international events, the most interesting of which — East — is built in the form of a yurt;
  • 4th floor: Dome hall, in which summits are held; Meeting Room for meetings with the Government of the country, the library.

State events are held at the Palace of Independence, as well as inside there are modern cinemas, the Museum of History of Astana, exhibition galleries, an electronic library.

The ethnographic complex Atameken is the most popular among tourists. This is a park representing Kazakhstan in a reduced form: all areas, cities, landscapes, natural attractions, historical and cultural monuments.

Every year new objects are added. In the center of the park there is an arena where various events are held, there are also many handicraft workshops and souvenir stalls.

The Presidential Cultural Center is a beautiful white building with a blue dome. It combines the State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republican Public Library.

  • The museum has several permanent exhibitions: archaeological finds from the 4th-3rd centuries. BC, traditional objects of culture and life of the Kazakhs, a private collection of musical instruments B. Sarybaeva and others.
  • The library contains various materials on the history of the country, scientific and fiction literature, including publications from the late 17th century.

Here are the most important places that the city can boast of, in fact there are many more. To truly consider Astana, it takes not a single day, not even a week, and perhaps the whole vacation.

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