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Sights of Anapa: where to go in the resort town

Sights of the city of Anapa: a beach holiday with a cultural program

Anapa — a city off the coast of the Black Sea, which is very popular among tourists. Of course, most of them come here to spend their days in pleasant idleness, enjoying the calm sea and the gentle sun.

After all, this is the only place on the Black Sea coast, where the beach consists of fine sand. But if you are among those who are always eager to better know the city where they spend their time, you will discover the sights of Anapa, many of which are known throughout the country. Entertainment that is offered to tourists is not limited to going to nightclubs and restaurants. Here you will find many interesting places to go to replenish your knowledge:

  • Local History Museum;
  • Gorgippia Museum;
  • Russian gate;
  • Crypt Heroon.

Few people know that Anapa was founded over two hundred thousand years ago and has a rich history. It is worth to come here if you want to combine the rest on the comfortable beaches with informative walks around the city. In order not to miss anything, you should know what to see in Anapa first. We will try to help you make the right route.

Resort Quay

Acquaintance with the city, of course, should begin with the embankment, which is the center of resort life. Regardless of the season, there are always a lot of people. In 2002, this part of Anapa was completely redone: now it is a whole resort complex on two levels. At the bottom of them are located entertainment places in which nightly fun discos are organized. The upper tier is calmer, it is for lovers who like to take a walk along the seashore, enjoying the beautiful views opening from here.

Moving along the embankment, you can see the water stadium, which is the only one in the whole country. If you prefer, you can go water skiing there. On the embankment of Anapa there is all the entertainment that can come to mind to the modern tourist.

That is why, having arrived in the city, it is necessary to spend one day of rest for a walk in this picturesque place.

Museums of Anapa

If you want to get acquainted with the rich history of the city, you should definitely go to the Museum of Local Lore. Despite the fact that it is located very close to the Embankment, once you get here, you will find yourself in the realm of peace and tranquility. In the small halls there are exhibits symbolizing all 25 centuries of the history of Anapa. Here you can even see a real treasure — a handful of Turkish gold and silver coins, which was found in the vicinity of the city and transferred to the museum.

An even more interesting place to go, is the Gorgippia Museum. These are excavations of the ancient city of the same name, on the site of which modern Anapa has grown. This is the only open-air museum in Russia. Arriving here, you can feel yourself in the ancient era, walking through the quarters of the ancient city. The uniqueness of the museum lies in the fact that you will not look at the exhibits behind the glass, but find yourself in history.

Rest here will be remembered for a long time, and photos taken against the backdrop of ancient streets will be an excellent completion of your gallery.

Russian Gate — a monument of Ottoman architecture

This building — the remains of a grand fortress, erected in the territory of Anapa by order of the Turkish Sultan. It consisted of 7 bastions and several gates, of which only one survived. The Russians named them in honor of the great liberation from the Turkish authorities in 1828.

Now the site of the fortress remains ruins. But if you decide to go here, you can in your imagination recreate a complete picture of the structure, thanks to the colorful stories of the guide.

Anapa lighthouse — the card of the resort

The lighthouse, built in the 50s of the last century, became a real symbol of the city. It is called the “tower of hope”, and this is the favorite place of the inhabitants of Anapa and its guests for romantic dates. At the foot of the lighthouse there is an observation deck with a stunning view of the sea. In addition to the aesthetic advantages, this building has practical. Its height is 43 m and the power of the lamp illuminating the sea for 19 miles around is excellent.

When you are tired of noisy entertainment, you should go to the Anapa lighthouse and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this beautiful place.

Bugaz Spit — a paradise for surfing

If you are a lover of water entertainment, this is the place to go. There are all the conditions for perfect surfing. The main advantages of the Bugaz Spit:

  • winds that blow in the right directions throughout the season;
  • crystal clear sea water;
  • shallow water, safe even for inexperienced surfers.

If you have not done this sport yet, but you really want to master such entertainment, this is where you can try yourself for the first time.

Spa healing springs

The city is famous for its healing waters, the strength of which they want to try for themselves all the guests. They are included in the sights of Anapa despite the fact that they are behind its line, and always attract many tourists.

The most famous spring «At the Eagle» is located 15 km from the city, near a small hill. This water does not have healing properties, but it is so pure, tasty, and even in the heat it is slightly cooled, which has many loyal fans. According to legend, the spring was created by the ancient god Dionysus.

Healing source Semigorye is famous throughout the country. It is located right behind the Natuhaevskaya village, and people from all over Russia have been coming to be treated here for many years.

The well with methane sparkling water is located on the territory of the former health resort. Next to him grows a majestic oak, resting in the shade of which in the hot afternoon is a heavenly delight.

There is also in Anapa the miraculous source of Theodosius of the Caucasus, where many people come every day who seek solace in their grief and help in getting rid of the disease.

Thus, visiting Anapa, you have the opportunity instead of one day of beach holidays and noisy entertainment to go to the healing springs and recharge them with strength.

Waterpark «Golden Beach»

The sights of Anapa are not only museums and historical monuments. There are plenty of places to go to find fun entertainment. One of them is a local water park, where there is everything for a great holiday, both with family and with a group of friends. Here you can find attractions for every taste and age, so that no one will be bored, even if you spend all day here.

In addition to traditional entertainment, the water park has unique ones: a real-wave pool and a trio of lagoons, which are intricately interconnected.

Aquarium «Batiskaf»

This is an amazing place where you can go in order to get not only new knowledge, but also thrill. After all, it is made in the form of a long tunnel, and you can see the marine life not only in the aquariums on the walls, but also above your head. One of the most memorable entertainment will be the rest in the area where huge sharks lazily swim over the top of the head, creating the overall impression of being under water. And at the entrance you will find a terrarium with reptiles from all over the world. It will be equally interesting for both adults and children.

Dolphinarium and Oceanarium — a real water complex

This is the place where you can come to see the show with the marine inhabitants, and then explore the aquariums with the predatory representatives of the Black Sea fauna.

Dolphins, the main artists of the show, will give a real rest. After all, the fact that they have unique psychological characteristics has been proven scientifically. And photos with them, taken as a memento, will remind for a long time about the wonderful rest in the Anapa water complex.

Dobrodeya — a unique children’s ethnographic park

If you come on holiday with children, you must definitely visit this place. The park is divided into two parts:

  • Berendeyev kingdom;
  • Cossack yard.

In the first case, you can plunge into the atmosphere of Russian fairy tales, in the style of which all the rides are executed. Children will be delighted with the amount of entertainment that awaits them here.

In the Cossack Compound you will see the life of the Cossacks, get acquainted with their customs and traditions, and even get to the festive table with local delicacies.

Thus, in Anapa, you can relax not only on the beach. There are many interesting places where you can learn a lot about this ancient city.

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