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Shopping in Phuket: shopping centers, markets, sales

Phuket Shopping — What, Where and How to Buy in Phuket

Tens of thousands of tourists visiting Thailand tend to diversify their beach holidays with their usual shopping. At the same time in Phuket, the process of visiting a huge shopping center or local market will be filled with a special flavor. Shopping in Phuket is a special process, obeying its own laws and demanding increased attention from the tourist.


What can be brought from Phuket

The list of classic Thai purchases is quite long, but each item deserves attention. It’s impossible to buy everything, but it’s worth staying at the most worthy and profitable offers.

© Shopping in Phuket.


Pearls are at the top of the list of potential purchases, as this material is extremely cheap in Thailand. A set of necklace and earrings made of white or pink pearls will cost only 30 dollars here. The affordable jewelery also includes silver, which is extremely abundant in Phuket’s shops, and the prices make them happy with their democracy.

© Pearls from Thailand bring almost all women.

Traditional medicine

In certified pharmacies, they will not only offer quality goods, but also help you choose the best tool for each case.

© Medicinal folk remedies and medical cosmetics.

Leather Products

In this case we are talking about exotic — a snake or a crocodile. The price of a briefcase, handbag, clutch bag or belt can be surprisingly low, and the quality of products is usually quite decent.

© Leather goods.

Classic Thai Souvenirs

Things nice, completely useless, but dear to the heart. They will remind you of a brief but happy holiday in fabulous Thailand.

© Phuket souvenir shop.

Cotton products

Cotton products in Thailand are not only cheap, but also quite original. High quality material and tailoring does not leave tourists a chance to refuse to purchase a tablecloth, towels, bed linen or clothes.

© Perhaps cotton, one of the cheapest goods.

Thai batik and silk

The famous Thai batik and silk is another item that no woman can pass by. Amazing painted clothes, shawls and stoles will be the perfect memory of a fabulous holiday in Phuket, and silk pillows will add a Thai highlight to the interior of a domestic apartment or house.

© Silk from Thailand.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is that treasured bottle, without which no tourist returns from Thailand. After all, everyone knows about the high quality of this product in the land of smiles.

© It can be safely attributed to the leaders of cosmetics from Thailand.

The unique composition used for personal care, and for cooking, and for healing the body, should be purchased in specialized stores.

Latex products

Latex in Thailand, along with papyrus in Egypt or silk in China, is sold to all and sundry, and wherever possible. Most popular products: pillows, mattresses.

© Latex is the “White Gold” of Thailand.

Shopping centers and markets

Different places to trade are very characteristic not only of Phuket, but also of Thailand as a whole. For the tourist it is worth to highlight such objects as large shopping centers and markets. These two categories deserve special attention.

© Market in Patong.

And if shopping centers allow making purchases with maximum comfort, then markets are the very uniqueness of the country, which can only be known through close communication with the local population.

Among the dozens of major city centers, the following are worth mentioning:

Central Festival Phuket

5 levels of shops, boutiques and departments. 120 thousand square meters of retail space filled with products Guess, bebe, Lacoste, Esprit and other trademarks. As a rest from tiring shopping, you can visit the cafe with local or supranational cuisine, relax in the spa or have a good time playing bowling.

Another advantage of the Central Festival, you can find many restaurants in it:

  • Japanese restaurants Fuji, Zen, Sukishi;
  • European Wine Connection and Sizzler;
  • McDonalds, KFC and Burger King.

Opening hours from 11:00 to 21:30.


More than 200 stores offering various goods — from large household appliances to costume jewelry. Systematic among them are two large supermarkets — Robinson’s and Big C, however, each department deserves attention. In addition to shops in the center there are restaurants and bars, coffee shops. Sturbucks, beauty salons, a cinema and a bowling alley — everything you need for maximum comfort.

© Jungceylon Shopping Center, Phuket.

Jungceylon working hours from 11:00 to 23:00 (in low season until 22:00).

Tesco lotus

The first shopping center of the city, the founder of mass trade in the region. Every local resident will tell about Tesco’s shop, and a tourist who has lived in the city for 2-3 days will unmistakably find the way to the Lotus store. Working from 9 am to 11 pm

© Tesco Lotus Shopping Center, Phuket.

Tesco attracts buyers not only due to the good location and availability of air conditioners, but also the perfect quality of the goods offered. Clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, electronics — all products presented in the Lotus store are of excellent quality and will last more than one year.

Premium Outlet Phuket

Paradise for brandman. Clothes and shoes of the most popular brands at more than reasonable prices and with regular discounts are presented here in the widest range. In addition, the center is ideally equipped, so you can make purchases in the most comfortable atmosphere.

© Paradise for brandman.

Opening hours Premium Outlet from 10:00 to 21:00.

Phuket Homepro Village

Here you can buy household items, important decorative items and accessories, as well as clothing and shoes. As a rule, this shop is used either by long-term tourists or foreigners living in the country.

© Phuket Homepro Village, Thailand.

Visiting the market is a much more responsible business, often requiring additional preparation from the tourist. For example, the food markets of Phuket (Talat Sod) operate in strictly designated time on the territory intended for trade, but temporary (Talat Nad) are a good example of typical spontaneous trade.

Here you can buy souvenirs, replicas of designer brands, accessories, toys, non-licensed CDs. In addition to these types of bazaars, Phuket can also surprise the night markets, especially the central Patong Beach: towards evening the overwhelming majority of the small streets become shopping malls with clothes, shoes and souvenirs, turning into one solid market.

Night markets are attractive due to the extreme flexibility of sellers and flexibility of price policy: with a successful set of circumstances, you can get a discount of 10 to 40%, sometimes the price can be lowered by 2 times. But to focus on the maximum size is not worth it, because it is rather an exception.

Among the dozens of trading platforms there are:

  • 24-hour fruit market Downtown Market with the freshest products.
  • Baanzan, which offers visitors fresh food (meat, vegetables and fruits, seafood), as well as clothing, shoes and souvenirs.
  • Veshcheva Market Expo with reasonable prices and a wide range.
  • Phuket Town Night Market (Nightmarket), with the widest range of delicacies and general goods.
  • Market on Karon Beach (Karon Plaza). There are about 20-30 shops with summer clothes, swimsuits, souvenirs, etc. in this market.

Season sales: cheap shopping on vacation

Special attention from tourists visiting Thailand, enjoys the sales season. In addition to traditional local sales, it is worth noting the large discounts that appear in stores and shopping centers for the classic New Year, Chinese New Year and other public holidays.

© Royal sales in Thailand are held from June 15 to July 5.

But much more popular and attractive is the “Amazing Big Thai Sale”, most often starting in summer: July or August are considered the most likely months for this event.

In 2015, the sale lasted a month and a half: from June 15 to July 31.

The summer sale attracts tourists from all over the world to the country, since 40-80% discounts cannot be called unattractive. As a rule, not only clothing and footwear stores, but also jewelry salons, spas, cafes, restaurants and museums take part in the event. Reduced prices, promotional offers, vouchers, discounts and gifts — manufacturers are doing everything possible to attract the maximum number of active buyers.

VAT Return in Thailand: Procedure and Recommendations

Another feature of shopping in Thailand is the VAT refund process, which all tourists are entitled to. To get a refund (and the amount will be decent — 7% of the total purchase price), you need to buy goods worth more than 2 thousand baht and issue a special certificate.

© Ability to return — 7% of the total purchase price.

For registration of such paper, it is enough to keep a receipt and goods, as well as fill out forms in special booths that can be found at the airport just before leaving home. It is extremely important to remember that this scheme applies only to products marked VAT Refund and exported goods from the region.

The citizens of Thailand are not eligible for refund, people with a work visa in the country, as well as those who do not have the same information in the documents and the return certificate.

In order to avoid problems at the border with such an acquisition, goods with VAT refund should be packaged separately from other things and be able to provide it for inspection by customs officers.

Tips for tourists while shopping

The process of bargaining in Thailand is a special process taking place for the mutual satisfaction of the buyer and the seller. But bargaining in a store or a large shopping center with fixed prices is not worth it. This is not only inconclusive, but can be negatively perceived by the seller.

© Shopping in Phuket markets.

But small shops, private shops, the market, or just ruin with the goods — are ideal for a full and active bargaining. In this case, the old-timers advised to adhere to the following rules of behavior while communicating with the seller about the price reduction:

  • Bargaining should be beneficial not only to the buyer, but also to the seller. It is a bilateral look at the process of buying / selling that allows you to achieve the best result.
  • Any negative and aggression Thais perceive extremely negative. At best, such bargaining will end in a refusal to sell the goods, and at worst, it will be necessary to leave the place of bargaining.
  • A friendly attitude, a little humor and a smile will help to solve even the most difficult dispute. In Thailand, you can not just buy: the process of acquiring things becomes a ritual, perceived as some kind of adventure or entertainment.
  • Bargaining should be justified: a few baht for a couple of thousand will not make the weather for the buyer, so the desire to buy something expensive with a minimum discount may seem too petty.
  • Buy a lot, buy in bulk, buy for yourself and friends, mention in the process of bargaining who you want to buy, appeal to the family and the kindness of the seller.
  • Tourists should not pay attention to intrusive advertising, the promise of huge discounts and the opportunity to buy goods at an unrealistically low price. Fraud in Thailand is flourishing, even though the official authorities are fighting it.

Thailand, like any eastern country, is filled with its special flavor. The process of buying something in this region is significantly different from the traditional process of purchasing in other countries, so start shopping in Phuket or Bangkok should be prepared, having at least a general understanding of the process, its features, characteristic places and products of this tourist region.

Tourists should remember that shopping in Thailand is not only a waste of money, but also an opportunity to bring a piece of the country, the sun and a good mood from vacation.

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