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Shark on Hua Hin: how safe is it here

Shark on Hua Hin: how safe is it here

Rest can be different, but first of all it should be safe. In this regard, many are concerned about the sharks on Hua Hin: are they there, can you safely swim? Where are journalists being injected, and where is truth?

Do sharks really live in the Gulf of Thailand?

The Gulf of Thailand itself is relatively small, warming well. And he is protected from the ocean. At present, the ecological situation is improving here. All this means an increase in the number of fish that sharks hunt. So they will be here.

As a rule, it is gray, bull, different types of reef, leopard, tiger, black. Their level of aggression towards a person is estimated as average. That is, the probability of an attack is not very high, divers who swim into their possessions are usually at the greatest risk.

However, divers are just taught in special courses how to behave. Yes, and dive sites are selected as safe as possible. In addition, many sharks are predominantly nocturnal. So swimming and diving during the day is relatively safe.

How often do sharks meet on Hua Hin beach?

In April 2018, the bull shark attacked a Norwegian tourist on the central beach of Hua Hin. The victim with a bite was taken to the metropolitan hospital. The city administration tried to understand what happened. At first it was assumed that the tourist could suffer because of the reefs. However, a shark attack was later recognized.

On the one hand, this is definitely unpleasant news. On the other hand, it has a lot of positive. So, the authorities did not deny to the last that we are talking about a shark attack. In addition, they have taken certain measures to ensure the safety of tourists.

The beach itself after the incident was closed for 20 days. The bathing site was fenced with a special metal mesh, through which not a single large enough and dangerous for a man underwater predator will simply be able to get through. In addition, local authorities provided rescue teams with drones to monitor the situation.

Note that before this was not observed in Hua Hin. And even this case, fortunately, did not become fatal. The city authorities also pay attention to the fact that the situation was largely attracted by journalists, who lacked news stories. Hua Hin itself is quite prosperous. Therefore, each emergency causes a scandal.

How not to suffer from the shark?

There are certain rules of behavior on the water that should be followed to reduce the likelihood of an attack. Firstly, there are more safety guarantees if you swim no more than 20 meters from the coast. Predatory fish will not climb here: it will be too small, hot, besides there is practically no game here.

Secondly, it is worth considering that sharks smell the blood very well and react to it. Therefore, do not enter the water if you have an open wound. This is dangerous for a variety of reasons, and can also attract the attention of sharks. If you are already injured in the water, then try to get out of the boat or on land as soon as possible.

Also, do not take for swimming bright swimsuits or other equipment. In the Gulf of Siam, this is exactly what the main prey of sharks looks like. Therefore, a predatory fish can attack you simply by mistake. The same applies to the rest of the brilliant accessories: jewelry, underwater watches and more.

Particular caution should be followed by divers. Even if you dived a lot in another part of the world, it would still be advisable to take some courses if you found yourself in the Gulf of Siam for the first time. So you will learn about local features and understand how to behave on the water and under water. Following simple rules can save your life. And do not forget to be interested in the presence of protective networks on the beach. Especially if you are going to swim with the kids!

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