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Saki: attractions under the sun

Sights of the resort town of Saki

The city of Saki is located in the Crimea, a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast. There are several sanatoriums that are designed to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The local population welcomes guests who have come to rest. People are busy with tourism, agriculture and trade. In Saki there is a line for bottling mineral water for the local market, and a dairy plant. Guests of the city and vacationers of nearby resorts can have fun by visiting the local cinema, go to a cafe or restaurant.

Recreation areas

The main attractions of Saki are the lake, in terms of their medicinal properties superior to the waters of the Dead Sea, and pump rooms with hot mineral water. Salt lakes on the peninsula of Crimea are not uncommon, but mineral mud, which have a pronounced therapeutic effect, is only on Saki lake.

This natural source, located on the peninsula of Crimea, is famous for silt mud enriched with a mineral complex of natural origin, and water, which has a high percentage of salt content. This water is called brine, it is used to treat the central nervous system and various diseases associated with its defeat. The mud of this reservoir has long been used by the locals to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system. The balneological resort, created in the city in 1827, began to receive patients in need of special treatment. This allowed sick people living in other places to take therapeutic procedures in an organized manner.

The city of Saki provides an opportunity for everyone to relax and restore health, choosing one of nine sanatoriums, where they conduct a course treatment with mineral mud, brine and water. Saky like to be visited by people with disabilities who move in wheelchairs. For them, comfortable ramps are equipped here, and people who are restricted in movement gain access to all city institutions.

In the city of Saki there are places, decorated in a special way, where you can get mineral water with healing properties. A course of baths with this water restores the work of the internal genital organs, improves the metabolic processes and functions of all body systems.

People who come to rest can make a choice about how it will be more convenient for them to rest. Guests of the city of Saki have the opportunity to independently explore local attractions, visit the lake, undergo medical procedures, get and drink mineral water from the public well-room or use the services of travel agencies and receive a comprehensive spa treatment.

Where can I have fun

Saki is a small city occupying a lot of space, most of which is occupied by sanatoriums. People come here for treatment, they do not need extreme forms of recreation. Saki is chosen by tourists with small children who are looking for an inexpensive, relaxing holiday on the Black Sea coast. Here they are waiting for well-equipped beaches, playgrounds, places for beach games.

For those who are looking for entertainment, between the city of Saki and Evpatoria there is a large entertainment complex. He has a cute baby name «Sun». It is good to relax here with the whole family. This recreation area is located on the beach. It covers an area of ​​about 4.5 hectares. Its attractions include:

  • well-equipped beach strip;
  • places for outdoor games;
  • water attractions;
  • playground;
  • showers;
  • rental locations of various equipment;
  • diving instructor services.

In Saki, as in all cities in the Crimea, there is a park, several markets, and branches of banks. For fun, there is an aquapark with the exotic name Banana Republic. On the peninsula of Crimea is one of the largest water parks, occupying a large area.

On the area occupied by them there are several children’s and adult pools, a lot of attractions. The park can accommodate about 3,000 people. Here is available:

  • sunbathing area;
  • two fountains;
  • lawns;
  • exotic plants;
  • palm trees;
  • different types of descents.

The sights of the complex include stone idols, copied from sculptures of Easter Island.

Leisure organizers took care of the safety of their customers. Rescue instructors work here and they are responsible for instructing with each visitor and monitoring water safety. Children are under special control. A variety of rides in the children’s sector allows you to choose a place to relax a child of any age.

For the entertainment of adults there is a huge swimming pool, called Caribbean because of its size. On the water, there are cocktail bars and places for hydromassage. Slides for descent into the pool amaze with their size. There are rides that have the height of a seven-story building.

The territory of the water park has several children’s cafes, restaurants, bars, where you can go to anyone who is hungry. For a comfortable stay guests have additional services:

  • paid parking;
  • payphone;
  • toilets;
  • showers;
  • luggage storage;
  • safes;
  • souvenir shops;
  • car rental;
  • room of fear;
  • photographers Service;
  • massage chairs;
  • rugs and circles for driving from hills.

On the territory of the water park you can call in the morning and stay in it until closing. To get to this place from Saki, you need to take any bus going to Evpatoria and get off at the Aquapark stop.

Local farm activity area

Near the city, located on the peninsula of Crimea, there is another entertainment center, where you can go to have fun. At 800 meters from the city limits on the highway Simferopol — Evpatoria is located complex, which has the name «Sergiev Posad». Here you can look at rare and exotic animals. Guides will show huge ostriches, unfamiliar breeds of domestic birds, red deer.

If desired, you can order the cockfights, and see how the instinct of procreation and self-preservation manifests itself in the animal world. This is an instructive spectacle, revealing to man the secret mechanisms that allow living organisms to survive on planet Earth.

For many children and adults it will be a pleasure to feed the animals living on the farm. Particular attention is attracted to the pens where the ostrichs live. These exotic birds grow to three meters in height. On the farm you can see several adult individuals that have reached such huge sizes. Crimea with its special climate is well suited for the cultivation of these giant birds, carrying eggs of unprecedented size, which can be bought in a souvenir shop.

This is a huge farm, in which there is a small farm and a pond where fish live. Here you can rent horses to ride a horse, admire the steppe, and explore local sights.

Fans of fishing can sit near the pond to catch catfish, pike or mirror carp, which are found in the Crimea. Of the fish caught in a designated area is allowed to cook the soup.

Here you can have a picnic and cook shish kebab by purchasing meat at a farm for a reasonable price. Kettle, grill and skewers are issued at the point of hire.

Children are invited to play in the park of sculptures depicting fairy-tale characters. The organization of leisure of guests is so diverse that you can stay here all day. When leaving the farm in the evening, many take with them a collection of unusually beautiful bird feathers and ostrich eggs as souvenirs.

Historical features of the area

Crimea has an ancient history. This fertile land has been inhabited since time immemorial. Across the peninsula, archaeologists find sights that distinguish Crimea from other places. On the peninsula, there are often ancient sites of people, Scythian villages, abandoned Greek cities. In Saki found ancient settlement of the ancient Greeks Kara-Tobe. It was discovered by chance when a bulldozer at work demolished a layer of earth, and people saw the opened cultural layer telling about the dramatic events of antiquity.

Crimea was inhabited by many nations who fought for the best place in the sun. Greeks, Scythians, Romans, Sarmatians alternately lived on the territory of the city of Saki. All of them have left traces of their stay, which are now of historical value.

Historians believe that this place was an ancient city, fortified with a stone wall and a tower, in which you could hide during the attack of enemies. On examination of the surroundings, archaeologists found the remains of a two-story square tower that plays the role of a small fortress, which was difficult for enemies to enter. They are called donjons, in peacetime such buildings were used as a warehouse for storing strategic water and food supplies.

This historical place was occupied by various tribes and peoples many times, therefore there are several cultural layers indicating that the Greeks were expelled by the Scythians, then these tribes were forced to leave the territory due to the invasion of the Romans. The presence of a Roman garrison in these places is evidenced by a treasure trove of silver coins found in the 50s. Twentieth century.

The Romans were driven out by the Scythians, but the representatives of this tribe left Kara-Tobe after the Crimea was conquered by the Sarmatians.

These historical events will be told during the excursion to the archaeological site. Where they found an ancient settlement, there is a small two-story museum, the exposition of which tells about the life of ancient peoples. Here you can look at sights such as:

  • Greek dishes, covered with black and red lacquer;
  • megar bowls;
  • Scythian ceramics;
  • plaster cast from an antique silver vessel;
  • a lot of women’s jewelry;
  • fragments of terracotta sculpture;
  • armament of Scythian warriors.

After visiting the 2nd floor, you can go to the observation deck and view the open panorama of the Crimea peninsula. A visit to this unusual place will allow you to develop your horizons and leave pleasant memories about your vacation in the resort town of Saki and exploring its surroundings.

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