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Ryazan: the sights of the town on the banks of the Oka

Sights of the city on the Oka: Ryazan

Ryazan, one of the thirty largest cities in Russia, is located on the banks of the Oka River at the place of its confluence with Trubezh. Initially, the village appeared under this name. It is located somewhat lower down the river. The name Ryazan comes from the Slavic or Finno-Ugric and means «duckweed, bog.»

The Ryazan principality, the center of which was the city, was one of the most ancient in Russia. It met the pressure of the enemy in the time of the Tatar-Mongol yoke. The rich history provides space for the activities of archaeologists, so the city’s museums hold many discoveries and discoveries.

The sights of the Ryazan region are numerous and really interesting. However, the tourist service in the city is not developing very intensively. Experienced travelers complain that it is difficult to find, for example, a guide to a settlement. Therefore, going to Ryazan, it is better to look in advance at the list of attractions, make a plan, which will include places that you will be interested to visit, write down the addresses of cafes and restaurants, decide which hotel or hostel you will stay at.

What is interesting regional center?

  • Ryazan Kremlin

On the inspection of this sight will take a lot of time. If you are planning to visit museums and temples, carefully examine everything, it is better to take a whole day to the Kremlin, or at least half of it.

The ensemble, which includes shafts and temples, bell towers and various buildings, has developed entirely by the XVIII century. Here is a museum reserve. It is rather large, the expositions are set apart in individual buildings, you can choose the most interesting ones or visit them all.

  • Palace of Oleg contains a historical exhibition.
  • The singing corps is an interesting exhibition dedicated to the holidays and weekdays of the Russian people.
  • Cherni Hotel presents other museum exhibits.
  • In the Consistorial building there is a museum-theater called “How things started talking”.

Assumption Cathedral — one of the largest temples of the XVII century in Russia, the creation of the famous architect J. Buhvostova. Its height is over 70 meters. It is trimmed inside with stone carvings in the portals, it is decorated with its platbands of images. The iconostasis of the cathedral is truly huge — 27 meters. It is decorated with wood carvings and shakes with its grandeur. Since the temple is operational, when visiting women, it is preferable to bring along a headscarf.

This is a favorite vacation spot of citizens. It is located on Ostrozhsky Hill and passes along the Truzezhnaya Embankment. Shady avenues of the park will save from the heat on a hot day, at the same time revealing a great view of the Ryazan Kremlin. It is good to walk with children here, a lot of entertainment, especially on weekends. Especially popular is horse riding.

The cathedral park is decorated with the heads of the beautiful churches of the XVIII century — Savior-on-Yar and Ilinsky. There is a monument to Yesenin, and steles to the heroes of the wars of the twentieth century.

  • The historical center of Ryazan

Piglet, limited by four streets, is a place where you can walk with pleasure, look at historical monuments that are in abundance here. On Lenin Street there is the Gostiny Dvor, the house of Morozov (XVIII century), where Saltykov-Shchedrin lived for some time, the Nobiliary Assembly.

Recently renovated, it is a kind of local Arbat. A wide pedestrian area, benches, restaurants and cafes have to rest and entertainment.

  • Lower and upper garden
  • In Nizhny, there is a sculpture illustrating the famous proverb: “In Ryazan we have mushrooms with eyes, they eat them, but they look” in the form of an old forest worker.
  • The upper garden is represented by the monuments to Yesenin, Vladimir Ulyanov, with his mother, a curious rock garden. Entertainment for children — numerous playgrounds.
  • History Museum of the Airborne Forces

The famous «Uncle troops» were born in Ryazan. It is here that the Airborne Command School named after General Vasily Margelov is located. When it is — a unique museum, which has no analogues in the world. It will be interesting to watch it both for children and adults.

In a building built in the style of classicism, you can admire painting, sculpture and graphics, both Russian and Western European.

  • Youth Movement Museum

Curious expositions are presented in this cultural institution. Originally it was the Museum of the Komsomol organization of the city, later it was renamed. Here you can see the exhibition, which tells about the journey of residents of Ryazan to the North Pole, interesting exhibits are associated with literary life.

  • Memorial Museum-Estate of Academician Pavlov

He recreates the spirit of the manor, where the great academician spent his childhood and adolescent years. Here you will learn about the Pavlov family, see books and photographs, documents and household items, a holistic old manor interior.

  • Museum of automotive military equipment

Organized by the Ryazan Military Automobile Institute. It combines a story about the history of automotive affairs in Russia and the feat of military motorists during the Great Patriotic War. Banners and weapons, uniform and archival documents, military and civilian equipment — all this is presented in a unique exhibition.

Sights of Ryazan region

Going to this hospitable area, many tourists decide where to go besides the regional center. The museums, parks and streets of the city are worth seeing, there are also entertainment for children and adults, but outside it there are a number of attractions that are iconic for every Russian person. The brightest of them, perhaps, is the village of Konstantinovo.

Yesenin, probably, is the most favorite national poet of Russia. He was born in Ryazan, and Konstantinovo is a unique place, having seen that many understand what caused his talent and creativity. The complex of buildings is located on a vast territory. The local authorities are doing everything possible to preserve the historical appearance of the village, at least its central part.

Manor Esenin — peasant house with an outhouse — this is a visible story about the childhood and youth of the poet, his parents, school, fun, the beginning of a creative path. The complex includes the Kazan Church, where the famous author’s baptism took place, the Zemstvo school, in which you can look at the class where he studied, sit at his desk. The house-museum of L. Kashina is characterized by the merchant life, and its former owner is the prototype of the heroine of the famous poem, Anna Snegina.

Special mention deserves the nature of Konstantinov. Like the city of Ryazan, the village is located on the Oka, on its steep bank. Amazing Yesenin places, distance, meadows and woods attract with their bewitching beauty. They are especially good on weekdays when there are no buses with tourists and everything is immersed in silence.

  • St. John the Theological Monastery in Poshchupovo

Located in a picturesque place not far from the city. Founded in the 12th century, the Monastery of St. John the Theologian is not a museum. He acts, a measured prayer monastic life flows in him. Behind the fence you can admire the seven temples and two bell towers. There is a hotel for pilgrims who are fed for free in the monastery refectory.

The main shrine of this place is the ancient miraculous icon of John the Divine. In the monastery you can admire the amazingly beautiful faience iconostasis, which has no analogues. There is no entertainment in the monastery in the usual sense of the word, but there is a luxurious library in which not only modern books are kept, but also interesting old printed samples.

As is known, the capital of the principality was not a modern city, but one that was located not far from it. Now, 3 km from Spassk-Ryazan, which was the center of the Ryazan region, one can see the remains of the former power.

Perhaps this place will not impress the unprepared average man looking for entertainment, but for a lover of history and, especially, archeology, one can find here amazing monuments of the ancient city. Old Ryazan is an open-air museum. On the vast expanse of the field there are scattered skeletons of houses and temples, signs with explanatory inscriptions. The center of this place is a memorable white cross in honor of a city that has gone into oblivion.

  • Museum of bells. Kasimov

The second name of this locality, which appeared even under Ivan the Terrible, is Kolokolny. This production, he lived and fed for centuries.

The museum was founded not so long ago — in 2014. In it you can see more than a thousand exhibits. These are church and ship bell podderzhnye. There are Chinese, Buddhist wind bells, and Italian campaigns.

  • Museum of samovars in the city of Kasimov

This is the second such exposition in Russia. The first, of course, is in Tula.

In four rooms samovars of all colors, sizes and shapes are placed. There are resembling an egg and a ball, a pear, an acorn.

One of the entertainment is the traditional Russian tea ceremony, which is conducted by the museum staff. There is also a cafe where tasty food and water are served with a wonderful drink from a samovar.

Ryazan region is rich in natural beauty and historical sights. Its center is one of the most ancient Russian cities, lovers of art, spirituality, history, and those who are used to active leisure, and families with small children will find here entertainment and impressions. The impressions you get from Ryazan boulevards and temples, antiquities and interactive museums of Kasimov, the indescribable beauty of Konstantinov, amazing monasteries and palaces will stay with you all your life and fill you with pride in your amazing country, which has such picturesque corners.

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