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Resorts in Bulgaria: where better to go with children, company

All resorts in Bulgaria: where better to go for you

Bulgaria is quite a popular resort on the Black Sea coast, where you can relax in comfort in the summer without exorbitant financial expenses. It combines the familiar climate and high level of service.

Where better to relax in Bulgaria? The answer to this question depends on the composition in which you are going to go. Local resorts can be divided into the most suitable for:

  • young people;
  • romantic getaway;
  • family holiday with young children.

From this criterion depends largely on where you can relax better.

Why Bulgaria?

Despite the wide variety of modern tours, this direction does not lose its popularity. The advantages of choosing a holiday in this sunny country:

  • relatively short flight (on average 2.5-3 hours from Moscow);
  • comfortable temperature during the beach season;
  • the absence of stringent requirements for obtaining a visa;
  • Excellent understanding of the Russian language in the country;
  • variety of leisure activities.

Due to this number of advantages, the choice of a country for rest leaves no doubt. It remains only to understand: what is the difference between Bulgarian resorts and where it is better to go to your company

Balchik — the perfect choice for a quiet holiday

This small Bulgarian town, located in the northern part of the country, will be a great place to have a good time and rest from the bustle of big cities. Cozy cafes, where you will be offered delicious dishes, wild beaches, hidden from the scorching sun under the rocks — just such an image of the country will appear before you at this resort.

There is no huge variety of hotels here, but you can rent a whole house or even a villa right on the sea coast. Of the sights here you will find the largest botanical garden throughout the Balkans and the small palace of Queen Mary.

  • lack of large crowds;
  • low cost of rental housing;
  • cozy and quiet atmosphere.
  • lack of a wide range of entertainment;
  • the quality of the beaches is inferior to fashionable resorts.

Here it is worth going to rest for those who prefer a quiet pastime active.

Albena — rest in the fashionable resort

Such popularity of the city due to its good location. It is located near the evergreen hills on a clean, cozy beach. The resort offers all the possibilities for a fun holiday for the whole family.

Little tourists can have a great time in the amusement park and water park. And for more adult guests there is a whole complex of entertainment facilities. Here you can go diving, surfing, ride yachts and go on interesting excursions.

  • large selection of entertainment;
  • beautiful nature;
  • cleanest beach

This is a good choice where to rest in Bulgaria for those traveling with a large company and seeking active recreation.

Golden Sands — famous resort

The popularity of Golden Sands resort is associated with a large selection of exciting excursions, nightly entertainment and a comfortable beach holiday. Here is the most comfortable temperature in the summer and the longest beach, surrounded by greenery.

Waterpark, a huge number of pools for every taste, night clubs — here everyone will find something to do. And for lovers of outdoor activities, you can try yourself in:

  • sailing;
  • surfing;
  • water skiing and motorbikes, as well as many other attractions that are popular at sea.

Here it is best to forget about the serene sunbathing under the sun and enjoy all the possibilities of a modern resort.

  • great beaches;
  • large selection of entertainment.
  • a huge crowd of people in the peak season.

Because of the popularity of the resort, it is worth choosing it if you decide to relax in Bulgaria in September, when the number of people on the beach will not be so huge.

St. Constantine and Elena — the oldest resort

This is the place where the rest in Bulgaria is the most non-commercial. There are almost no modern hotels, and rest houses are mostly owned by the state.

They go here to drink the healing water from mineral springs and enjoy more spa treatments. Especially like to go to Bulgaria to this resort, the elderly.


  • low prices;
  • lack of large crowds on the beach.
  • no entertainment, both night and for children;
  • the quality of the beaches is inferior to other resorts.

This place is a good choice for those who want to retire.

Varna: cultural recreation

This city is located in the northern part of the country. It has a large coastline and a large number of attractions. Here you can go not only to the traditional water park, but also to the planetarium, visit one of the museums and visit the hot springs. Monasteries and Seaside Park are the most visited places by tourists. And in the beach part you will find a huge number of restaurants, nightclubs and bars.

  • active city life;
  • large selection of entertainment;
  • the possibility of low-cost rental housing.
  • insufficiently clean beaches;
  • a large crowd of tourists.

This resort is an excellent choice, if you are interested in Bulgaria and what to see in the country, except for the sea, you also care.

Elenite — a unique resort

An interesting feature of this place is the fact that the windows of each building face south. From the north are Balkan slopes. Due to this location, here is a unique microclimate: even on the hottest day, the air is fresh enough, and because of the shallow shore, the water warms up perfectly. Swimming here is not only comfortable, but also safe.

You can find several nightclubs, small restaurants and even places for sports activities in Elenita, but mostly quiet and measured life reigns here.

  • lack of large crowds;
  • beautiful nature;
  • favorable microclimate.
  • There are no attractions.

Thanks to its quiet rhythm, this place is a great choice for a holiday in Bulgaria in August, when the tourist season is in full swing.

Sveti Vlas — a new resort

This place is perfect for those who want to enjoy the whole vacation on the beach, leisurely walking and enjoying nature. The resort is just developing, so there is not a lot of entertainment.

  • clean air;
  • beaches not loaded even in high season
  • no choice of entertainment and attractions.

Sunny Beach — a tourist center

Here most of the tourists, and therefore a huge selection of entertainment for every taste. In Sunny Beach you will find a lot of institutions and the opportunity to do all kinds of beach sports.

At the resort you can meet tourists who speak all languages ​​of the world.

  • a large number of entertainment;
  • availability of places for children’s activities;
  • good transport accessibility.
  • no attractions;
  • The highest prices in the country.

Sozopol — resort of contrasts

This is a great choice for those who want not only to relax on the beach, but also to go on excursions. Old and New Town — the parts into which the resort is divided — a harmonious combination of contrasts. Here you can visit the most interesting places while relaxing on comfortable beaches.

  • beauty of the city;
  • a small number of tourists;
  • low prices.

It is worth to go here for those who want to know Bulgaria closer.

Sinemorets — the southernmost resort

This is a small village located near the Turkish border, where you can fully enjoy a measured rest. Nearby is the Silistar Reserve and Strandzha National Park, a walk through which will leave unforgettable impressions.

  • least of all tourists;
  • pure water and beautiful nature;
  • the ability to easily get to Turkey.
  • difficult to reach;
  • no public transport;
  • little entertainment.

Knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the resorts in Bulgaria, you can easily make the right choice so that the rest here will leave only pleasant memories.

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