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Renting an apartment in Pattaya: tips on choosing housing and condo options

Renting an apartment in Pattaya: tips on choosing housing and condo options

Finding an apartment is a problem faced by tourists traveling on their own, as well as those who decide to settle in Pattaya. A large selection of condominiums with low prices appears at the end of the season. At this time, searching for a suitable option takes only a day.

Many Russian-speaking agencies offer assistance in finding housing, but it is much cheaper and safer to rent from owners.

Condo requirements in Pattaya

Typically, the apartment has the following requirements:

  • Low fees for renting housing (about 15 thousand baht);
  • Deposit amount;
  • Compliance with the cost of utilities real prices (an average of 5 baht per unit of electricity);
  • Internet access;
  • Clean, availability of necessary furniture;
  • The kitchen, where there is an opportunity to cook;
  • The presence of the pool — an alternative to the dirty sea;
  • The central part of the area Jomtiem.

Finding accommodation in Jomtien is not difficult: most of the buildings located there are hotels, condos or guesthouses. In the condo you like you can go and find out the cost of rent. To communicate with local people do not require deep knowledge of English. Basic level will be quite enough. In addition, many Aborigines know it even worse, so you may have to be explained by signs.

What you need to learn from the owner before making a deal

  • Amount of rent per month. By bargaining, you can reduce it by two thousand.
  • The amount of the security deposit. It should not exceed the monthly rental price. It should also clarify how the money will be returned. It is safer to get the amount during the eviction.
  • The cost of utilities. As a rule, they are paid separately. The optimal price for one unit of electricity is 4 baht, acceptable — not more than 8 baht.
  • The presence of the Internet. Renting an apartment for a long time, you may have to spend it yourself. Sometimes it is required to additionally pay for the services of an Internet provider. On average, their cost is 500 baht.
  • The possibility of concluding a contract for one month. Of course, it is more profitable to rent a house for a long time, but if there is a desire to leave earlier, it will not be possible to return the deposit.

Condominium in Pattaya, you can choose on the sites Booking.com or Airbnb.com. With their help, it is easy to book your favorite option, get acquainted with the reviews and ask the owner the questions of interest.

New Jomtien Condos

Amazon Residence

Residential complex with a huge pool, palm trees, numerous bridges, artificial caves and crocodiles. Located twenty minutes walk to the beach. Another way to get to the sea is the shuttle bass departing from the condo. Nearby there is a market, a supermarket, several cafes. On the territory there is parking, gym, five pools with mini-jungle. The staff speaks Russian and English. The apartments are cozy, with unusual finishes, air conditioning, kitchen and balcony.

Atlantis Condo

Residential complex of impressive size, located within walking distance from the beach. Nearby are cafes, shops, market. On the territory of the condominium there are swimming pools, water park, waterfalls, a ship to which you can climb, a restaurant, a laundry. The staff at the reception speak Russian. The apartment is equipped with everything you need: there is a washing machine, iron, stove, refrigerator, microwave. Ideal for family holidays. However, the cost of apartments is quite high, in addition, it is necessary to book accommodation in advance.

Seven seas

Condo with a magnificent territory, divided into thematic zones. The most recognizable of them is with Easter island idols. Guests can take a dip in the pool, visit the sauna, fitness center, solarium, water park, use the hot tub, play billiards. The condo has a massage parlor and an ATM. Apartments with designer interiors have a kitchen, washer and dryer. Suitable for owners of their own transport or for tourists who rented a bike, as walking to the beach is problematic due to the lack of sidewalks.

Grande caribbean

A huge complex of an average price category with swimming pools, slides, jacuzzi, sauna, small cinema, comfortable gym and children’s room, suitable for family holidays. Nearby are supermarkets, across the road — the market. You can get to the beach by tuk-tuk.

From the apartments on the upper floors overlooking the sea. Paths on the territory pass through imitated caves. The apartments on the ground floor have their own access to the pool. Apartments with high quality furniture and decoration and excellent sound insulation. There is a separate washing machine, a kitchen with a toaster and a microwave.

Aqua condo

The complex, located in the heart of Jomtien, near the sea and the night market. It has apartments of various layouts. Two swimming pools, one of which is located on the roof, a fitness center, a yoga room. The kitchen has everything you need, including a variety of dishes. The downside of the apartment is the location of the wardrobe in the bathroom. Utilities and the Internet are charged separately. Rental prices are quite high, as the condo is located in a great location.

Dusit Grang Condo View

Condominium, from which a magnificent view. Free Wi-Fi is available. There is a restaurant and garden. You can use the swimming pool, hot tub and thermal bath. The spacious apartments have a washing machine and a balcony.

Paradise park

Condominium with a cozy courtyard. Low price, acceptable location, the ability to rent an apartment for any period — the advantages of this option. You can reach the sea in twenty minutes. During the day a shuttle bass runs to the beach. Not far from the complex is a small market.

Most of the territory is occupied by a swimming pool with clear water. Furniture, appliances and toilet can not be called new, but they are in good condition. Apartments are suitable for tourists who come for a week or two. Being in them for a longer time is uncomfortable. Tuk-tuks in this area do not go, so in the evening you will have to go on foot or by private transport.

A popular condo with a clean pool and large apartments. There are dishes, linens and other necessary household items. But the interior is modest, old furniture. There are always free apartments with a relatively low cost of rent. Next to the condo is a market, shops, road. The beach is located twenty minutes away.

The gallery

Condo with the best location — two minutes to the sea. Nearby there is a market where ready food is sold, and shops. The territory is well guarded, in the corridors it is perfectly clean and there are no insects. The highlight of the condo is the rooftop pool with a panoramic view of the city and the sea.

There is a small gym, sauna, water bath, washing machines. The main disadvantages are: poor Internet access, dirty water in the pool, slippery steps next to it. Apartments in the condo are small, many of them without balconies, but clean and comfortable. A relatively inexpensive and noteworthy option.

Laguna Beach Resort

Condominium six minutes from the beach. The territory is equipped with a children’s corner, gym, parking. There is a jacuzzi and a wave pool. From the condo every hour there is a transfer. The apartments are clean and quiet, rented at reasonable prices. Few dishes and towels, no clothes dryer. You can not rent an apartment at the reception, you need to call the owner on the phone number located on the balcony, but housing prices are quite attractive.

Lumpini park beach

Condo with a good location: it is located in the southern part of the district, across the road from the beach. Tuk-tuki walk near the residential complex. Initially it was assumed that residents of the capital would come there for a vacation period. However, many Russian families now live in the condo.

The complex has an impressive protected area with gazebos, sun beds, a library, two swimming pools. It has everything you need for a long stay, including washing machines, a gym and a water heater. Most apartments are not equipped with a refrigerator and stove. One-bedroom options are compact, but clean and with new furniture. Cons condo: no Internet, stove with one ring, a small balcony, the amount of the deposit is equal to the rent for three months.

Triogems Condominium

Economical option with new apartments in close proximity to the beach. On the territory there is a swimming pool. You can rent a bike.

Venetian Resort

Condo stylized Italian Riviera. Gondolas, towers, numerous bridges will not leave guests indifferent. You can use the sauna, hot tub and gym. The disadvantages of this option are the lack of a kitchen in many apartments and not the most convenient location of the complex, so it is suitable only for owners of their own vehicles.

View Talay Condo Jomtien

Condo with a good location and cozy apartments. However, the lease is concluded for at least three months and the Internet is charged separately.

Condos of Central Pattaya

The base condo pattaya

Condo with rooftop pool, several lounge areas, free Wi-Fi, gym, clean and comfortable apartments. The convenient location allows easy access to any area of ​​the city.

Unixx Condo Pattaya

Condo, located in the heart of the city. The spacious apartments are equipped with panoramic windows, which offer a great view. There is a small sauna, gym, viewing platforms, swimming pools, a climbing wall. On the fifth floor there is a room with washing machines, dryers and water sockets.

There is a free shuttle service to the main shopping centers of the city, and you can get to the beach by tuk-tuk. The kitchen has a stove and necessary utensils. This is a quiet place where couples with children and independent tourists live. The cost of renting an apartment is higher than the average for Pattaya.

City center residence

Newly built condo with a nice pool, gym, new apartments with designer interiors. However, the complex is not the best location. The beach can only be reached by taxi or by tuk-tuk.

Residential complexes on Pratumnak

Water park condo

The advantages of a condo is a good location and large apartments. Among the disadvantages are the lack of territory for walking. No picturesque lawns, ships and bridges. On the roof there are areas with sun beds. Located near the parking lot, the lower pool is tiled with sharp edges, therefore it is absolutely not suitable for swimming.

In the condo there is a jacuzzi, gym. From the windows a wonderful view. Finishing made with quality materials, despite the low cost of rent. There are two souls, free internet. From the condo you can walk to the beach in 15 minutes. An important minus is that there is no railing on the balconies, the handrail and the glass are not fixed.

New Nordic Condo Pattaya

Quality condos located five minutes walk from the beach. In the complexes live mainly Russians and Europeans. In the condominium there are apartments for every taste: studios, as well as options with one or two bedrooms.

Ocean Pearl Apartment

Compact condo where pets are allowed. The apartment has a cozy atmosphere. The apartments have a glass balcony of impressive size, a well-equipped kitchen, a washing machine.

The cliff residence

The complex has a private beach, sauna, fitness center and swimming pool. Apartments are finished with quality materials. Read more about Cliff.

Condo with spacious clean modern duplex apartments, a gym, sauna and parking.

Garden Tropical Siam Condo

Residential complex with a small clean pool. The condo is located in the central part of the district, next to the Russian street and the night market. Not far from it there are shops, massage parlors, cafes.

Treetops condo

Condo is located in a quiet place. On the tuk-tuk you can reach the beach and the central part of the city within 5 minutes. Bright and clean apartments with a pleasant interior.

Condominiums on Wongamate

Serenity Condo Wongamat

Condominium, located near the Temple of Truth. Apartments with low rental cost and comfortable conditions.

Other condominium options

Art on the hill

Condominium, located ten minutes walk from the beach. There is no organized area. The courtyard is decorated with plants. The complex offers clean modern apartments with an electric stove and a small refrigerator, but many household trifles are absent. The cost is relatively high, not corresponding to the proposed conditions.

BB House Beach Residence

Three-storey house in which rooms are rented, located a ten minute walk from the beach. An unusual combination of colors in the interior. The territory is not very well maintained. The majority of residents are locals. A good budget option, where you can spend a couple of weeks.

Jomtien Beach Condominium

One of the popular options. Apartments have a unique layout: the kitchen is located next to the bed. The interior is made in white. The balcony has a great view. Having bargained with the hostess, it is possible to lower the rent a little. But judging by the reviews of guests, the deposit is rarely returned.

Jomtien Beach Paradise Condominium

Old condo in need of repair. Its only virtue is a gorgeous view that opens from the window.

In Pattaya, a huge number of housing options, among which every tourist and a local resident will be able to find one that corresponds to the wishes and financial possibilities. However, sometimes the search for an apartment is delayed for several days, so it would be good to book a hotel or hostel for a couple of nights.

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