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Rent a car in Samui: prices, rentals, conditions

Koh Samui Car Hire — Prices & Rental Conditions

The car rental business in Thailand is a modest part of a huge tourism industry. The country is rather big, there is something to see and where to go. Public transport in most localities is absent.


Tuk-tuki are represented everywhere, but with constant use it is expensive. At long distances ply buses and trains, which again can not reach all places. In these conditions, the car remains the most convenient option.

Rental Features

It’s easy to rent a car on the island. This is a standard service that is provided by network rental companies already at the airport. They are hopes, authoritative, their work is time tested. But their prices are higher.

The declared value of networkers and small-medium-sized firms may be the same. But with the latter there is always the possibility of bargaining, while the former do not depart from the price list. Small rental companies sometimes even ask themselves how much you are willing to rent a car from.

If the rental period will be a week-month, then they without a superfluous word give a discount of up to 50%.

Network distributors and even medium-sized offices do not “love” cash, and some even refuse to debit cards. Small offices approach customers more loyally: they take cash, sometimes they do not require leaving a deposit. True, you can face the fact that the car will not be insured. But if you drive carefully, this may not be an obstacle to renting, which will cost you half the price.

Often the car can be hired, bypassing any company. For example, from the same owner of the hotel or bungalow in which you live. Or his friend. Anyway, it makes sense to be interested in local car rental issues. The private owner does not pay tax, so his rent is always cheaper.

The fraudulent properties of Thais are often exaggerated, but in order not to run into trouble that can lead you to deportation, deal only with people who cause you to trust.

It is clear that the owner of a bungalow as a person who runs his own business is not averse to making an extra 10 thousand baht. In this case, there is no need to deceive him. What can not be said, for example, about a person with whom you met in the market or in a bar.

Car rental

The rolling office on Samui can be found even on the smallest street. There are many of them and it is impossible to list them all.

Here are the contacts of one company for renting a car on Samui:

Address: 42/15 Moo.4 Bophut

Telephone: +66 061 991 20 52. For all questions you can also write to our chat.

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