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Rent a car and motorbike in Pattaya

Rent a car and motorbike in Pattaya

Rent a car in Pattaya prices

Rental prices for motorbikes in Pattaya

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To rent a car or motorbike, you must provide a valid driver’s license of international standard of the relevant category and international passport. The tenant must be over 18 years old.

When renting a car or motorbike for more than 7 days or more, you can get a GPS navigator and a child car seat.

The rent does not include fines, additional servants and the cost of fuel.

For regular customers and long-term rental contracts, we provide special conditions and discounts.


The minimum rental period for a motorbike is 2 days, a car is 2 days!

Prices for car rental or motorbike are per day (24 hours).

In case of delayed return:

— for 2-3 hours — an additional charge of ½ days;

— more than 3 hours — additional payment for the cost of the day.

When changing the lease term specified in the contract, you must notify the lessor in advance.

When returning the vehicle of a previously agreed period, the rent for unused days is not refundable.

The rental price per month is based on 30 days.


Payment of rent occurs in advance, while receiving a car or motorbike.

The Lessee also makes an insurance deposit, the amount of which depends on the brand of the selected vehicle.

The insurance deposit for economy class cars is 5,000 THB and 7,000 THB for luxury cars.

The security deposit for a motorbike is from 2000 to 3000 THB, depending on the model.

The security deposit is made at the time of signing the contract and is returned to you, when the conditions of the contract are fulfilled, at the time of returning the vehicle to the lessor.

Payment for rent is made in cash.


All cars are insured under mandatory conditions (CTPL is an incomplete analogue of the Russian OSAGO) and voluntary liability insurance (1-st Class Insurance is the equivalent of an international CDW or Russian CASCO) for rental cars.

Insurance is included in the rental price.

The tenant shall indemnify for damages within the limits of the franchise (deposit), in the event of an accident due to his fault, or when the perpetrator has not been established *.

If the accident occurred due to the fault of a third party, the deposit (deductible) is returned in full.

In the case of the purchase of an additional option — “Super CDW” — the Lessee is exempt from the payment of the franchise in case of an accident.

The cost of an additional option — 210 baht per day, but not more than 3,150 baht per month.

Insurance includes:

— Expenses in case of an accident / car theft;

— Life and health insurance to third parties, the tenant and his passengers;

— Insurance of movable and immovable property of a third party.

* The responsibility of the Lessee in cases of damage or theft of a rented car is limited to the size of the unconditional deductible. In case of violation of the insurance conditions, the Lessee shall be fully financially liable for the damage caused to the company, including the full cost of the refurbishment and spare parts, as well as the compensation of claims by third parties.


All motorbikes are insured under compulsory insurance (CTPL is an incomplete analogue of the Russian OSAGO). This type of insurance includes liability to third parties for causing harm to their health in the amount of not more than 15.000 THB. This insurance is valid only if you have a national “A” category national or international driver’s license.

In the event of an accident, as well as damage to the motorbike for other reasons, the Lessee bears full financial responsibility for the damage caused to the company, including the full cost of the refurbishment and spare parts, as well as the compensation of claims by third parties.


Refueling car / motobike

The rented vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel with which it was transferred to the tenant, otherwise the calculation will be made at the rates of the Company.

Mileage limit

When renting a car for less than 7 days, the mileage limit is 220 km / day. The cost of additional kilometers is charged at the rate of 1 baht / km.

Restriction of run on motorbikes is not installed.

The tenant has no right to:

— transfer its rights and obligations to third parties;

— rent a car in the subsequent lease;

— enter into contracts of carriage with third parties, in which car is used;

— use the vehicle for towing any vehicles, for driving with a trailer, off-road or unpaved roads, as well as beaches;

— take part in sports competitions;

— use the car for driving instruction, for the commercial transportation of passengers (including taxis) and cargo;

— To leave the borders of the Kingdom of Thailand, on a rented car.

Smoking in the car

Smoking in cars rented from us is strictly prohibited! Penalty for smoking in cars 3500 THB (the cost of a full dry cleaning salon). If a damaged coating (leather / fabric) is detected in the cabin, upon delivery of the car, the penalty may be increased.

Attention! Immersing a car or motorbike in seawater, as well as washing the car / motobike with seawater is MUCHLY FORBIDDEN. If, when returning to the vehicle, traces of seawater exposure (metal oxidation) are found, you will have to pay the cost of replacing damaged parts.

In the event of an accident or mechanical failure, you must immediately inform the representative of the rental company. The rental company must authorize the repair or replacement of the car. If you are involved in an accident, you must inform the representative of the rental company. Please keep copies of all documents that you had to fill out during the registration of the accident.

Car delivery

Delivery is carried out from 10.30 to 16.00.

Delivery of the car on the territory of Pattaya is free, when renting for 7 or more days.

When renting for a period of 3 to 6 days, the cost of delivery within Pattaya is 200 THB one way.

For delivery outside Pattaya, check the cost of the service with the manager. Delivery to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) — 1,500 baht one way.

In other cases, delivery is carried out by prior arrangement.

Motobike delivery

Delivery is carried out from 10.30 to 16.00.

Motorbike delivery within the Jomtien Pattaya district is free when renting for 14 or more days. Delivery of the Jomtien area, when renting for up to 14 days, as well as in other areas paid.

Rates for delivery of motorbikes:

— Hua-Yai (Russian settlement area) — 500 THB;

— The area of ​​the hotel «Ambassador» — 400 THB;

— Najomtien district — 350 THB;

— East Pattaya (behind Sukhumvit) — from 300 to 500 THB;

— Naklua district (north of Pattaya) — 350 THB;

— Central Pattaya — 250 THB;

— Pratumnak district — 250 THB;

— Jomtien district — 200 THB (when renting for up to 14 days).

In other cases, delivery is carried out by prior arrangement.

Child seat and GPS navigation

We offer a child seat and a GPS navigator (in Russian) at an additional cost of 100 THB per day when renting a car for up to 7 days and free of charge when renting a car for a period of 7 days or more (car seat is available upon prior request).

We reserve the right to refuse to lease to customers who, in our opinion, may be sources of increased risk.

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