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Rains in pattaya

Rains in pattaya

Pattaya is a popular holiday destination for many Russians, especially during the cold season. This resort city, located in the south-eastern part of Thailand on the shores of the Gulf of Siam, besides attractions and entertainment attracts guests with very warm weather and high temperature of sea water (+ 26 + 28 ° C) throughout the year.

Pattaya climate

Pattaya is located in the warm belt of the planet in the subequatorial climate zone, which completely excludes even short periods of cold weather. The absolute minimum temperature here exceeds + 15 ° C, and the maximum values ​​are adjusted to + 40 ° C. However, most of the time, stable high temperatures are maintained — the average temperature by months ranges from + 26 ° C in January and December to + 30 ° C in April.

The subequatorial climate is distinguished by the presence of two seasons — dry and wet. This is due to the arrival in the summer period of moisture-rich equatorial air masses, and in the winter very dry tropical ones. As a result, the rainy season in Pattaya is stretched from May to the end of October, and then the amount of precipitation begins to decrease markedly, which signals the onset of a dry period.

Dry season

The period with the minimum rainfall falls on three calendar winter months. They add up to more than ten times less precipitation than in the “wet” October. It is at this time in Pattaya that the high season begins, when the weather pleases with an abundance of sun, as well as high air and water temperatures.

Rainy season in Pattaya

The rainy season in the resort town begins in May, when the amount and frequency of precipitation increase significantly. Cloudy days are often observed, lead clouds often appear in the sky. At the same time, the relative humidity of the air increases, averaging around 90%. Livni go 4-6 days a week, suddenly starting and suddenly ending.

The wettest months of the year in Pattaya:

  • October — 242.6 mm;
  • September — 217.1 mm;
  • May — 154.6 mm;
  • June — 104.9 mm.

The average number of days with precipitation in each of these months ranges from 16 in May to 21 in October. The annual rainfall in Pattaya is 1133.8 mm.

It is customary to distinguish two maximum precipitation — the first in May and the main in September and October. In the time interval between them, the amount of rain decreases by 2-3 times. All this does not affect the temperature, which even in the rainy period continues to storm the thirty-degree mark.

Rains in Pattaya are seriously different from the rainfall, habitual to the inhabitants of the middle belt. There are practically no drizzle that can ruin the weather for several days. Precipitations are storm showers, they fall out briefly, often at night and are accompanied by thunderstorms.

High above the horizon, the sun quickly dries the surface of the earth and surrounding objects, so within a couple of hours there are no visible traces of the former weather. Precipitation always brings a refreshing cool that allows you to breathe freely.

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