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Podolsk: sights of centuries

Podolsk and its sights — the unquenchable pulse of the former and modern Russia!

Unique architectural buildings, scenic spots open to all who come to the city of Podolsk, Moscow region. Its history goes into the distant past, when the order of Catherine II to confer the status of a town on the village of Podol opened a new milestone in the development of the glorious Russian town. The appearance of the empress, when she signed the Decree, is immortalized by a bronze statue. The picturesque square at the station square was adorned with a sculpture that embodied the undying image of a wise, controversial nature.

A walk through the historical places of the Moscow region, rich in its architectural heritage, will leave an indelible impression on people, while the locals enjoy the landscapes of these places every day. Of course, people who have visited the region of Podolsk at least once will want to visit it again. It is difficult to embrace all the historical wealth, enjoy the special spirit of estates, temples, monuments, immortalized by talented architects, artists, sculptors, because this place is filled with events of the past.

Princely places

A special attraction is the village of Dubrovitsy. The picturesque bank of the Pakhra River in the Podolsk District is adorned with the old estate of Prince Golitsyn — Dubrovitsa estate. The manor of one of the few managed to survive after the revolutionary events of 1917. Having passed a difficult path of historical changes, she managed to keep her original appearance. Now the estate Dubrovitsy restored and is under state protection. The gallery of unique buildings, sculptures, buildings of the Podolsk district, having a museum historical value, is an architectural ensemble of ancient masters.

Znamenskaya church

The picturesque panorama of Podolsk opens from a distance overlooking the mysterious church of Russian architecture, majestically towering on the hill of the estate Dubrovitsy. The temple, decorated with majestic domes and luxurious sculptures, has no analogues. The place on the beautiful bank of the Pakhra River, where unique historical buildings are immortalized, is mentioned in 1627.

No less valuable architectural heritage is the estate of Dubrovitsy itself, where Prince Golitsyn once lived. His descendants built a brick house in the 18th century. It was rebuilt more than once, and the Baroque style gradually shifted to flawless classicism. In front of the main entrance of the museum visitors are greeted by proud and stately lions. Preserved until now and carefully guarded equestrian courtyard, other old buildings.

The current cathedral began to be erected at the end of the 17th century, combining the experience of French and domestic artists and architects. The church in the village of Dubrovitsy was erected as a sign of reconciliation with Peter I, Prince Golitsyn. The place was not chosen by chance. On a high hill was built a modest church of wood, which was decided to move from the place of Dubrovitsy and set in the area Lemeshevo.

For the construction of the temple was chosen white stone. Lightweight durable material perfectly yielded to jewelry processing skillful hands of ancient masters. For 9 years, the cathedral was erected, skillfully honing every, even the smallest detail of the architectural ensemble. Already 1704 was marked by the fact that the church in Dubrovitsa was consecrated by the Metropolitan of Ryazan. The prince’s desire to invite Peter I on the day of the opening of the church was not crowned with success. According to some testimonies, the king was far beyond the boundaries of the Moscow region, while others were obstructed by the consecration of the temple in Dubrovica, Patriarch Adrian, to whom elements of European style were alien.

With the arrival of the French many Orthodox churches suffered, but the church of the village of Dubrovitsy survived from the hands of uninvited guests. The beauty of the building was so dazzling that, probably, not a single soldier of the French army dared to raise his weapon at a deity embodied by a rare architectural ensemble.

The role of the Church of the Sign of the Sign is invaluable, not only in its magnificent decoration. The ministers are engaged in charitable activities, they help children and people with disabilities. Free excursions are also conducted, and the Podolsk hospital receives donated goods necessary for sick people.

There is a Sunday school at the church. Children from all over the region can study here, get acquainted with the history of Orthodoxy in Russia. Here are organized classes on the mastery of church singing, visual arts, and other creative crafts. Pupils, together with their parents, visit sites of the historical heritage of the Podolsk district, get acquainted with the history of the emergence of famous places. In the church rites of baptism and weddings are held. The Znamenskaya Church of Dubrovitsy is located not far from the district center, which can be reached by any kind of transport.

In the Moscow region, all the attractions can not be visited in a short period of time, because each place has its own unique history. Guides with spiritual warmth, attention to the visitors are fascinating to tell about the historical events of a particular place.

Filippov Manor

The town of Sportbaza, located in the Podolsky district, is famous for its attraction — a manor built by a famous entrepreneur at the beginning of the 20th century, who owned a bakery business and a chain of stores. The estate is designed by a famous architect. The building consists of separate parts, differing in height, but harmoniously combined. The house has a large terrace, and upstairs there is a tower, with a unique view of the surroundings. Only a few fragments of the former park remained around the house, only one reservoir survived. Currently, the estate is located medical center.

Manor Vorobyevo

The buildings were built in the XVIII century in the classical style. Opposite was built a small church, and around all the magnificence was equipped with a park area. The house was constantly changing owners, one of the most famous was the famous historian Tatishchev. The central bunk column building is connected by galleries with its side buildings. Since Soviet times, the estate Vorobevo Podolsky district was involved in the rest of the local citizens, their guests. During the Patriotic War of 1941-1945. it housed a hospital, and now it houses a rest house called Forest Glades.

Manor «Ivanovo»

The very first mention of the cozy town of Podolsk can be fixed since 1627. Possession Golovin repeatedly passed to other noble persons. Before the October Revolution, the rich industrialists of Bakhrushin became the last owners of the estate. With the advent of the power of the Bolsheviks in the building housed the Council of Deputies. The status of an architectural monument of the estate was assigned in 1960, and since 1970 it was started to be restored. Now the building is organized regional museum of the city of Podolsk. Today, the manor has lost its former glory, a greenhouse has been launched, the park zone has not been admired by its magnificence for many years. But there is a hope that the authorities will someday find the means to restore the look of a unique place to the end.

Monument sewing machine

Sights of the city of Podolsk amaze with their unusual monuments. The bronze monument, mounted on a red granite pedestal, erected in honor of the famous brand «Singer», is an exceptional world-famous masterpiece. The monument personifies the sewing machine, “painting” the historical canvas of the city. It shows all the sights of Podolsk. Its height is more than 3 meters, here you can see the temples, the sculpture of Empress Catherine, to see other objects of antiquity.

Park Talalikhina

In the XIX century, the governor of the city of Moscow Zakrevsky, wanting to build a cozy, comfortable resting place for citizens, created a park area with cozy shady alleys, gazebos, attractions. The park has become a favorite place not only for residents of the Podolsk district, but also for all citizens of the Moscow region, as well as guests from other areas. Today’s park is one of the main attractions of Podolsk. In the last century, a summer theater was erected here, where creative teams from the Podolsk district and from the entire Moscow region performed.

The modern park of the city of Podolsk — with its blooming flower beds, lawns, alleys — attracts tourists from other regions and residents of neighboring cities. Walking paths are covered with fine-grained, safe asphalt, along which children and adults freely ride bicycles and roller skates. The city authorities are careful to ensure that guests, residents of Podolsk were pleased to spend their free time.

People not only from the nearby area, but also guests of the capital, tourists from different cities of Russia and other countries come to enjoy the delightful attractions. The attraction of the park is in its overview wheel, which offers people a wide panorama of a picturesque amazing city.


A unique modern building located in the center of Podolsk. On an area of ​​2000 square meters. m easily accommodated exposure, brought from other regional centers, as well as remote areas. The hall is considered to be one of the few venues where a large-scale project has been implemented for the participation of major museums and studios. It is equipped with the latest technology, modern lighting and sound equipment has no analogues in other Russian cities.

A unique and unusual exhibition of living butterflies from around the world is periodically displayed in the Podolsk exhibition hall. Here are exhibits from Asia, Africa, America, and other, the most mysterious corners of the planet. Competent guides in detail and fascinatingly tell interesting stories about their origin, convey to the audience mysterious legends about this or that species of butterflies. Butterflies are allowed to touch hands. Zoologists, botanists, children, their parents will be delighted with flying exotic objects!

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