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Phuket Temples: Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim

Phuket Temples: review, photo, description, reviews

Phuket — the largest islands of Thailand, whose centuries-old history is captured, above all, in its temples. You can visit Buddhist Thai and Chinese temples with a touch of Taoism, Christian churches and Muslim mosques.


Such a variety of religious buildings associated with the history of the island. The prosperity of Phuket was secured by the mining of tin and rubber. Chinese workers from the southern provinces and residents of neighboring countries were invited as hired workers.

In addition, the island was located on one of the main world trade routes from India to China.

All this contributed to the resettlement of residents of other countries who have retained their cultural characteristics, in particular, religious. There are a lot of temples in Phuket. It is worth considering that each village has its own, and the opportunity to build a new temple, a true Buddhist perceives as an honorable sacred mission.

It is very unusual to see in Thailand a traditional Orthodox Christian Church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity. It stands in the middle of an exotic rain forest. The shrine was built on the donations of Orthodox parishioners and solemnly opened in 2011.

Every day, in the morning and in the evening, worship services are held in it. And on weekends and on Christian holidays, the Divine solemn Liturgy is held at 9 am

When visiting the temple, give up the black color in clothes — light colors are taken here.

Not far from the well-known sculpture “Heroes of Phuket”, there is a colorful Chinese temple, a representative of the most ancient Taoist culture, Ta Paya Ta Rua. The building of the temple was built in the best Chinese traditions. It is decorated with carved sculptures of dragons and fancy Chinese wall paintings. The unusual combination of bright green, gold, yellow and blue colors fascinates the eye.

The most famous ancient Chinese temples are: Bang Neow Shrine and Jui Tui Temple, Sapam shrine Temple, Hok Nguan Kung Shrine Temple, Samkong Temple, Kiew Tien Keng Shrine, Jao Mae Kuan Im Shrine Temple.

The majority of Phuket residents are Thai Thais who profess Buddhism, and therefore here you will find about 40 large and small Thai Buddhist temples — Wats.

Wat Chalong Temple

Wat Chalong Temple — the most famous and most visited temple complex of the island. It is built in the mountains that surround Chalong Bay, 10 km from the nearest city of Patong.

Wat Chalong is a significant temple complex, which consists of individual temple buildings and other various functional buildings. The highest Buddhist stupa (chedi) in Thailand was also erected there, a particle of dust and the bones of the Buddha are kept in it.

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Wat Mai Luang Pu Supha Temple

Another temple in Chalong, which became famous for its creator Luang Pu Supha, the oldest monk in modern Thai history. He devoted almost one hundred years of his life to studying the teachings of the Buddha, and built about 40 monasteries and temples throughout the kingdom.

In Phuket, you can visit the three temples erected by the famous monk.

Wat Suwan Kukha is a “cave temple” located in a karst cave measuring 20 meters by 40 meters. He became famous for his 15-meter statue of the reclining Buddha. In addition, tourists are offered to explore three more caves: bright, dark and crystal.

If you are relaxing in the south of Thailand, then it will be easy to get to Suwang Kuha, because it is located next to the road that connects Khao Lak, Krabi and Phuket.

In the city of Phuket, tourists can visit about ten Buddhist temple complexes. The most famous wat is Wat Khao Rang, which is located on the hill of Khao Rang.

Its main attractions are the golden statue of the Buddha, in traditional execution and a bright emerald staircase. It is decorated with pictures of colorful giant snakes (nag) and will lead you to the top of the hill. It has a beautiful observation deck. Tourists have the opportunity to admire the panoramic views of the city, coastal island line, the sea and nearby islands.

Temple Buddha Mongol

In translation it means «central temple», which corresponds to its location — the center of Phuket Town.

On the territory of Vata is a chapel, a monastic dormitory and a yellow stupa. The temple complex is available to tourists from 7 am to 5 pm daily.

Wat kajonrangsan

The temple is located on Ranong Road, near the main and largest market in Phuket.

Built in European style, and only multiple stupas create the entourage of a traditional Buddhist temple. When the temple school is open, so from 7 to 8 in the morning it becomes unusually noisy and crowded — this kids are in a hurry to classes.

Temple of the Big Buddha

The statue of the Big Buddha rises on the top of the hill Nakkerd, at an altitude of 400 meters.

The statue was erected in honor of King Rama IX, its height is 45 meters, and its diameter is 25 meters. At the base of the Big Buddha is a temple, at the entrance to which you can see pieces of white marble, which is covered with the entire base of a large statue. On these plates are written messages and good wishes addressed to the great teacher.

The construction of the temple, begun in 2002, continues to this day and is conducted on the voluntary donations of believers. You can also make your own contribution to its construction by purchasing, for example, roof tiles. On it you can write your name or secret desire.

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Temple Suvan Kiri Ket

Temple Suvan Kiri Ket — the only temple located in the Karon Beach area.

It was built in 1895, and you can see it only on the days of major holidays, the rest of the time the temple is closed for visits. And in the park surrounding the temple, you can walk around the clock.

At the entrance to the main building, you will see two emerald-colored kites, and the interior walls and entrance doors are decorated with murals telling about the life of the Buddha. In the building a little smaller, you can see a black statue of Buddha, made of sapphire, as guards there are images of the heroes of the ancient Indian epic Ramayana.

Wat Phra Thong Temple (Wat Phra Thong)

It is located in the Thalang area, which is located north of the city of Phuket.

Fame brought to the temple an unusual statue of the Buddha, made of gold and as if protruding from the ground. The temple is considered by the locals the most ancient on the island.

Wat Lipon (Wat Lipon)

This temple is also built in Thalang. You will get an indelible impression of the temple, while still outside, from the sight of the huge statue of the Sleeping Buddha. Its length is 29 meters. The statue is set on top of the main building of the temple complex.

Next to the Sleeping Buddha, you will see nine more, smaller in size Buddhas facing the entrance doors of the temple.

Temple Kosit Wihan (Wat Kosit Wihan)

Wat Kosit Vihan is one of the famous and revered in Phuket. He is about 140 years old.

In the center of the Buddhist complex you will see its main building, the ubosot, where most of the ceremonies are held. Here you will see the statue of the Laughing Buddha, made of gold. Behind the ritual buildings is the Technological College. The temple donated part of its territory for the development of education on the island.

It is located on a hill near Wichit Songkran road. The temple is conditionally divided into three tiers.

On the upper level ritual buildings are located, on the second — monastic cells, and on the lower — a grove of coconut palms. The Katu temple gained its fame thanks to the statue of the legendary Buddhist monk Lung Por May Reab located here. Aboriginal people are sure of its holiness.

In the past, for a long time, the building of the temple was used as an educational center. There were read programs for culture, rehabilitation and building a successful career.

The rules of conduct in the temples and prices

Most of the temple complexes of Phuket are located at a considerable distance from the main tourist centers. To get to them, you will have to use a rented transport (a car will cost you from 800 baht, a motorbike — from 150 baht per day) or the services of numerous excursion bureaus. You can take a taxi or a tuk-tuk, but you will have to pay from 300 baht to 400 baht for the road in one direction.

It is worth knowing that sightseeing tours will cost you from 600 baht per person, but the price may vary depending on the planned activities. Sightseeing tours often include a mandatory view of the Wat Chalong complex (Wat Chalong), the statues of the Big Buddha (Phuket Big Buddha) and the main temples of the main city of the island — Phuket Town. But it’s still better to look at it yourself without haste. Plus, it will save you money.

Preparing for a visit to a Buddhist temple, you should familiarize yourself with some of the rules:

  • First, at the entrance to a Buddhist temple, you need to take off your shoes beyond the threshold. It is forbidden to get on the threshold, it is necessary to cross it.
  • Secondly, a visit to the temple requires compliance with the dress code — closed clothes. Your knees and shoulders should be covered. If necessary, at the entrance it will be possible to take a shawl on bail.
  • Thirdly, donations in the temples are not mandatory, it all depends on your desire.
  • Fourth, women cannot touch or speak to monks, donations should be passed to them through men.
  • And, fifthly, observe the behavior of Buddhists in the temple and try your behavior not to infringe upon their religious feelings.

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