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Phuket Fantasy Show: Cost, Schedule

Show Fantasy in Phuket: prices, reviews, photos

According to the legends of the Siam kingdom, on the island of Phuket, near Kamala, lived Prince Aiyar. He saved his beloved from evil demons and helped him in this fight a white elephant.


This is the story of an old Thai legend, which is the basis of the show.

A grandiose spectacle involving elephants, tigers, buffaloes, birds is difficult to compare with something specific. Circus, ballet, music and gun shots … Acrobats and clowns …

The show runs daily from 17:30 to 23:30 (except Thursday) since 1998, in the park Phuket Fantasia.

It is the end point of a small journey. But let’s start first …

How to get there

The park is located on the west coast of the island, in the area of ​​Kamala Beach. Phuket Town can be reached by public transport. You can also get either on your own transport, or order a transfer from the park — the most convenient way.

A minibus picks you up from the hotel and delivers to the park. Cost 300 baht with Phuket Town.

The Festival Village, the Golden Palace and the Stone Palace of the Elephants are the three components of the Park. Entertainment begins as soon as you step on its territory, on Fantasy street.

Stone Palace Elephants.

In the Festival Village you will find a «sea of ​​fantasy». Elephants will be everywhere and you can ride on them. But for a fee — 900-1000 baht for 3-5 minutes of skiing. You can also feed the elephants. A bucket of bananas will cost 100-120 baht. Multicolored carps swim in the pond. You can visit the reptile cage, watch the white tigers.

A lot of attractions, craft shops and an abundance of small shops where you can buy national objects of creativity. The park is considered one of the main attractions of the island. This is an opportunity to touch the culture and traditions of Thailand.

In the Park I have my own rules of visiting, there are not many of them:

  1. You cannot come with your drinks and food;
  2. You can not make food and drinks from the restaurant;
  3. You can take pictures only in the Park and the Golden Palace;
  4. It is strictly forbidden to take photographs in the Stone Palace;
  5. For smoking there is a place at the entrance to the restaurant;
  6. You can not go in bathing suits and without shirts.

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