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Novorossiysk: the sights of the seaside city

Port city of Novorossiysk: main attractions

This southern port city of our country is one of the oldest cultural centers, industrial and transport hubs of Russia. It is located on the shores of the deep and picturesque Tsemessky bay, which is of strategic importance. She often played a very important role in the wars entered into by the Russian fleet. The northeast of the city is in contact with the Markotkh Range of the Caucasus Mountains.

Novorossiysk is the title of the hero city. It is divided into two zones — industrial and cultural. The first is the port, station, factories and warehouses, and the second has everything for comfortable rest and entertainment for both citizens and visitors.

Leafing through the pages of history …

  • The first village appeared on the territory of Tsemesskaya Bay approximately in the V century BC. It was Bata — the ancient Greek port — actively traded, but was destroyed by the Alans.
  • The settlement passed from one militant people to another: Adygs, Khazars, Mongols owned them alternately. Tatars entrenched here in the heyday of the Golden Horde.
  • For a long time, the Turks were the masters of the area, but the success of the Russian fleet in the 18th century was not in vain: in the third decade of the 19th century, the Tsemessky bay became ours.
  • The Anglo-French squadron razed the settlement to the ground during the Crimean War, but it soon reappears and becomes the center of the district.
  • In 1918, the ships of the Russian fleet were flooded in the bay, and in 1937 raised and reconstructed.
  • The heroic defense of the Lesser Land, the liberation of the city from the fascists, and the resilience of the inhabitants of the city played an enormous role during the battles in the Caucasus in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.

Today we can carefully and closely inspect Novorossiysk, the sights of the city, its surroundings, take a walk along the seaside promenade with the children, look at the museum exposition and admire the sculptures. Tsemess Bay is especially good in summer, in the vicinity of which there are wonderful beaches.

Memorial to the defenders of the city «Small Earth»

This complex, large and complex in its architecture, tells in detail and figuratively the heroic liberation of the city from fascists by the Soviet marines. An alley leads to the memorial site, shaded by 225 poplars — by analogy with the number of days of defense of the Lesser Land.

The memorial itself is like a deck of a warship. Part of it is right in the sea, the other — on the shore. Relief images of the city’s defenders, names carved into granite, and the whole solemn atmosphere make the construction stand out among other attractions in Novorossiysk.

Around the memorial, the trenches, trenches, observation posts and fortifications remaining from the time of the war have been preserved. It will be useful to come here with a school child so that he can see the conditions in which the defense of the city took place.

House-Museum of Ostrovsky

On the outskirts of the Eastern district of the city is a house that belonged to Nikolai Ostrovsky’s father-in-law — Porfiry Matsyuk. Here he lived for a while, met his love — Raisa Matsyuk, worked here and was bedridden with a joint disease.

Nowadays, experts, researchers of the house-museum carefully and carefully collected things, photographs and documents related to the life of the writer.

This is the most extensive and most professional gallery in the South of Russia containing works of art — entertainment for true connoisseurs of various types of art. Here are collected paintings, graphics and jewelry, applied masterpieces. The collection of Soviet canvases and the works of artists living in the Krasnodar Territory deserves special attention.

The works exhibited in the gallery, not only can be viewed, but also purchased. Also, artists provide services for the development of interiors, wall paintings, creating reproductions of famous masterpieces.

Tourists love to buy souvenirs, gifts, memorabilia, including handmade jewelry with natural stones.

Cement History Museum

Speaking about what to see in Novorossiysk, one cannot overlook this original and one-of-a-kind museum. It is located on the territory of the enterprise “Novoroscement” and presents to the visitor the history of the development and manufacture of “gray gold”, starting from the XIX century. In the halls you can see a fascinating cement panel from various plants in Russia, materials and equipment, photos and information about famous working dynasties.

The photographs presented in the exposition are unique, especially that part of them that tells about the terrible years of the Great Patriotic War.

An exhibition dedicated to the famous writer Gladkov has been created on the territory of the museum. He lived here for a long time, right in the factory, and created the novel Cement, which became the property of world literature.

The cruiser «Mikhail Kutuzov»

This masterpiece of the national military shipbuilding industry today forever anchored in the port of Novorossiysk near the river station. It is a museum, a trip to which is a favorite entertainment for both residents and guests of the city. Even if you come here for one day, it is necessary to visit the cruiser.

«Mikhail Kutuzov» the first of the ships belonging to the Black Sea Fleet, began to perform combat missions in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Egypt and Syria.

There is an opportunity to see the cruiser museum in almost any of the working days, but you will only be able to visit the deck and several of its superstructures. The rest is secret and closed to visitors. However, what is allowed to see up close is admirable.

Novorossiysk Historical Museum-Reserve

What else is interesting Novorossiysk and what to see if you are tired of the standard resort entertainment? We recommend to visit the historical museum-reserve. He will tell you in detail, thoroughly and visually about the peculiarities of the area and the people who lived here, their way of life, lifestyle, beliefs, work and leisure. Great attention is paid to the twentieth century, especially the years 1941-1945.

«Giver of water»

The sea embankment named Serebryakov — the famous admiral — includes many attractions of Novorossiysk. Even if you come for 1 day, it’s not impossible to walk here. Sculptures to the founders and defenders of the city, various dolphins, sea horses and many other wonders await the tourist on this seaside boardwalk. But the monument “Giving water” is always remembered especially.

The girl stretches her palms forward, pigeons coo at her head and hands, peacefully the fountain rumbles. The history of the sculpture is this: in the city for a long time there were huge problems with drinking water. Women gathered on the pier with buckets and cans and waited for a special vessel, which brought life-giving moisture. When the authorities managed to solve this problem, they immortalized this event in stone.

Monument «Exodus»

Among the huge number of interesting places in Novorossiysk, this monument is of particular importance. He depicts a scene from the film “Two Comrades Were Served” and tells of the terrible tragedy of the times of the Civil War. The white officer leads his horse, which later sails after his master, who leaves the homeland on a ship. The warrior will have to shoot the animal.

The remains of the White Army, pressed by the red ones, swam forever, there were many, much more than seats on ships. The monument was erected in 2013 and is intended to remind us of the heavy share of those who left the sea.

From the monument offers a magnificent view of the Black Sea.

Lenin Park

This is the central and most famous green zone, which is one of the main attractions in Novorossiysk. Here is a sea of ​​entertainment for children and adults: the Ferris wheel, which offers magnificent views of the city and surroundings, attractions, cafes, restaurants, fountains and landscaped shady paths for walking.

It is impossible to bypass the attention of the monument to the Novorossiysk partisans, which are honored by the guests of the city and its inhabitants, coming here to stand for some time in silence.

In the pack named after Lenin is the only planetarium in the region. He was named in honor of the first cosmonaut — Yuri Gagarin.

Holy Assumption Cathedral

This majestic temple is considered by the inhabitants of Novorossiysk to be the main one; it has more than 200 years of history In Soviet times, the cathedral was closed, allowed believers to pray here in 1942. Soon the bombing almost destroyed the building. He was restored by the whole world, with the money of the people. That is why the Holy Dormition Cathedral is so dear to the citizens. Services are performed daily.

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