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Normandy: the sights of the city of castles, cathedrals, museums

Normandy: the unique sights of the French province

Normandy — French province, fanned by romance of centuries. Here is an amazingly beautiful sky, changing its shade from pale blue to grayish haze. Under it are emerald valleys and steep cliffs — beautiful nature has become a source of inspiration for many artists. But not only for the sake of it is worth visiting the region. If the destination of your journey is Normandy, the sights that you can see here will remain in your heart for a long time. Where to go first?

Mont Saint-Michel — the eighth wonder of the world

That is how the romantic French proudly call this magnificent castle. This is the most popular attraction in the country after the Eiffel Tower and Versailles. Tourists come here to briefly travel back to the past, to feel the atmosphere of past greatness.

However, it is not recommended to walk around the castle alone, especially with regard to the time of tides. The water is able to rise so quickly that you can not reach the shelter. Therefore, during a visit to the castle should observe all security measures and monitor the water level.

Mont Saint Michel is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Rouen Cathedral — a monument of architecture

This temple is included in the list of what you need to see, arriving in the province. The majestic cathedral was built over seven centuries and organically combines the Gothic style with the Romanesque. Many artists found inspiration in a bizarre game of shadow and light on the facade of the cathedral, thanks to which they wrote really beautiful works. The famous French author, founder of Impressionism Claude Monet wrote here more than three dozen paintings.

Three entrances to the temple deserve great attention, each of which is dedicated to a separate saint:

  • John the Baptist;
  • The Virgin;
  • St. Etienne.

In addition, there is a sarcophagus, in which the heart of the famous King Richard the Lionheart is buried.

Palace of Justice — a monument to the French Gothic

Rising to the beginning of the XVI century, the palace was completely renovated several times. Now it is a real fairy castle in which justice is administered.

In addition to exploring all the halls, one can not but pay attention to the “High House”, the former Jewish Sinonogue. Currently, there are two museums and the richest library where you can find books of various periods.

The Norman Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

The bridge is located in the northwestern part of France. This elegant design invariably leads to admiration. From here, an amazing panorama opens, which all artists invariably want to capture on their canvases. In addition, this is one of the most famous places in Normandy, which can often be seen on postcards and calendars. However, the opportunity to enjoy a stunning view can not be compared with the most realistic photos.

Old Market Square Vieux-Marche

It was here that the great Joan of Arc, the great martyr of France, was executed. The place of reprisal can be recognized by a small cross, around which a small neat flower garden is broken. On the square they honor the memory of the saint. In the center is the cathedral, named after her. The roof is made in the form of flames that took the life of Joan of Arc, while giving it an immortal memory in the hearts of the people.

In the south side there is a museum named after the great martyr. All expositions located in the dungeon are associated with a brave girl.

In addition, there is a large covered market on the square. Visiting him will be a great way to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Garden of Miremenil Castle

It was here that the famous French writer Guy de Maupassant was born. The four-century history of the castle makes his visit especially interesting.

A garden garden planted around it is a great place for a leisurely walk. There are beds with vegetables and flower beds with beautiful flowers, which invariably delights all visitors.

Abbey of normandy

There are many monasteries, whose history goes back centuries.

  • La Trappes Abbey is a secluded place surrounded by picturesque lakes, forests and rivers. His fame is associated with the godfather of the famous French Cardinal Richelieu — Armand Jean le Boutille de Rance. He became the initiator of the church reform, which brought him fame.
  • Abbey of Le Beck — the center of intellectual clergy in the Middle Ages. It was here that the school functioned, where many famous people of that era were educated. It still works, but it will not prevent you from coming here with an excursion group.
  • Abbey of St. Stephen, whose fame is associated with its founder, William the Conqueror. Severe Viking, who decided to marry his own cousin, intended in this way to atone for his sin. Now it is a real monument of architecture, which is a must see, once in Normandy.
  • Abbey of Saint-Georges-de-Baucherville is a favorite place for connoisseurs of park-garden design and Romanesque architecture. The church itself, as well as the garden, broken around it, will allow you to fully enjoy a visit to this attraction, giving you moments of rest from the bustle of big cities.
  • Fontenel Abbey is the oldest monastery founded in 649. Now it is a national monument of France, a popular place for tourists. You can explore the abbey and get acquainted with its ancient history as part of an excursion that is conducted by one of the brothers. It should be borne in mind that you can not go into all rooms. Most of them are used by brothers, and access to them is prohibited.

All the monasteries of Normandy survived the Centenary War, were restored and now are valuable monuments not only of architecture, but also of the history of the country.

Castles of Normandy

The halo of romance of this region is complemented by a large number of ancient castles preserved on its territory.

  • Baumenil — the castle, visiting which, you can fully experience the atmosphere of royal France. Its first fortification dates back to the 13th century. Now it is an opportunity to visit the most interesting excursion and see the real royal castle.
  • Chateau Gaillard — the castle, built by Richard Lionheart himself. Despite the fact that only ruins have survived to our days, even by them one can imagine how severely the palace looked before.
  • Chateau de Caen — the castle founded by William the Conqueror, is included in the list of the largest fortresses of the Middle Ages in the Western part of Europe. A walk through it will take you to the times of great wars and battles, when defensive positions played a decisive role in the outcome of the battle.

Museums of Normandy

Local museums will help to get acquainted with the province and learn its history.

  • The Museum of Iron Products of Sec-de-Tournel, located in the building of the church Saint-Laurent, built in the XV century. Here you will see a unique collection of antique wrought products.
  • The Museum of Ceramics will allow you to see all the stages of production development. The exhibits of the museum consist of unique products made by skilled hands of local craftsmen.
  • Art Museum, where you can see the elements of sculpture, objects of decorative art, drawings and paintings. The period of creation of works begins with the Renaissance and comes to our days. Here you can even see Russian icons of the period of the XV-XIX centuries.

The number of attractions that you can see in Normandy is huge. In addition to the most popular ones that have been described, every tourist will be able to discover here many amazing places that will beckon him to return to this land for a long time.

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