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Noginsk: the sights of the town in the Moscow region

Noginsk and its attractions

Noginsk — a city in the Moscow region, which is surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers and forests. Clean and comfortable, it always leaves the warmest memories of its guests. Despite the fact that Noginsk is not a resort city and does not accept tens of thousands of tourists every year, everyone who has ever been here tends to plunge into its unique atmosphere. And the locals are justly proud of its rich history. In Noginsk attractions can be found on every corner. Among them are not only monuments of culture and history, but also the amazing beauty of nature.

Fountain Square

This is the most beautiful and visited place in Noginsk. Its opening marked the 222th anniversary of the city. Since then, the area has become a favorite place of citizens. Here you can see a lot of fountains, which are combined in pools and cascades. Through them are pedestrian bridges with beautiful openwork railings.

It becomes even more beautiful here in the evening when the lights are lit in all the fountains, and the square is lit up with the lights of hundreds of light bulbs. In addition, here you can rent a carriage and hold an original photo session.

Fairy tale alley

Arriving in Noginsk, you can not only see the usual sights, but also get into a real fairy tale. Heroes from favorite cartoons walk around the alleys of Central Park, with whom you can easily sit on a bench and take a photo. A visit to this place will leave wonderful impressions not only among the little guests, but also among adults, who will be able to return to their happy childhood for a while.

Bridge of lovers

So secretly called a pedestrian bridge built on the river Klyazma. This small bridge is important for Noginsk. This is the most romantic place in the city; they make dates there and swear eternal love. In addition, a walk through it and a railing decoration with a lock is an obligatory tradition of a wedding ceremony in Noginsk.

Art Gallery Airship

If you are a fan of modern art, this is the place where you should definitely go. In the gallery you can enjoy the creativity of modern talents of Moscow. Expositions at the exhibition are changing, and not far from the Airship you will find an excellent shop for artists and many workshops for free creativity. In addition, workshops and lectures are often held here, where they teach various techniques.

Local Lore Museum

Created back in 1927, the museum is now located in a building that has been awarded the title of an architectural monument of the 20th century. The compositions are located in the halls:

  • geology and archeology;
  • stories;
  • nature;
  • Great Patriotic War.

In each of them you will see unique things telling about a certain epoch of the development of Noginsk.

At the end of the 20th century, the museum had a branch called Post Station Bogorodsk. It is located in another building, which is located nearby.

Monuments of nature

Despite the fact that Noginsk is an administrative center and an industrial city, it carefully treats nature and protects natural monuments.

  • Glukhovsky Park of Culture and Recreation was founded in the XIX century and is now considered a zone of high environmental comfort. In addition to being very beautiful and well-kept, the park is interesting for scientists. After all, here you can find plants that are not typical for the area of ​​Noginsk:
  • oak;
  • tui;
  • larch;
  • Manchurian nut;
  • Tatar Maple.

After a leisurely walk, you can relax by the clean pond and enjoy one of the cultural events that are regularly held here.

  • Dendrological park Volkhonka located in the suburbs. This is a natural monument, founded by a representative of the Volkonsky family, who built their estate on its territory. There are more than a hundred species of rare plants growing here that are of great interest to science. But even if you are not fond of botany, a walk through this beautiful park will allow you to have a great rest from the city rush and noise.

Religious buildings

The churches and cathedrals of Noginsk are the pride of the city, and everyone who comes here should definitely visit these sights.

  • The Epiphany Cathedral is the main church in the Bogorodsk piety of the Moscow Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church. The architecture of the building is impressive. The cross-domed form, a bell tower with four tiers, a facade decorated with gables and pilasters can be seen here. Inside the cathedral is also amazing. You will see a beautiful iconostasis and chandelier under the church dome, the number of tiers of which reaches 7. Here are especially revered shrines, including the Inexhaustible Chalice with the image of the Virgin and the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.
  • The Church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin has a rich history. Built in 1710 in the form of a wooden chapel, the temple was rebuilt many times and changed its names. In its present form, restored and re-painted, the church appeared only in 1911. It became the storage place of many valuable icons and shrines.
  • The Church of Constantine Bogorodsky erected at the beginning of the XXI century. Fancy architecture combines elements of the temples of ancient Russia with modern. Named in honor of the martyr, who fought for the right to worship during the Soviet era.
  • The Matrona Church of Moscow is the most modern structure, in whose architecture elements of the old Russian style slip. The church was named after the great healer and seer.
  • The temple of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God is the second largest in Noginsk. Built in the XIX century. He suffered greatly during the revolution, but has now been almost completely restored.

A visit to each of these temples will give not only the pleasure of beautiful architecture, but also bring peace to the soul of your guest.

Monuments and Sculptures

In addition to religious buildings in Noginsk there are many interesting things that you can see in a few days. A walk through the quiet streets will lead you to the unique monuments of the city.

  • The monument to Patriarch Pimen, erected in 2010, marked the centenary of the birth of the great cleric. Pimen headed the Russian Orthodox Church in 1977 and held this position until the end of 1990. During the Second World War, he was in the ranks of the Red Army, and after the war ended he turned to the church.
  • Lenin monument. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the very first monument in honor of the great leader. It was made and installed the next day after Lenin’s death, thereby initiating the emergence of monuments throughout the territory of the Soviet Union.
  • Monument to sailor Zheleznyaku is a bust of a navigator on a pedestal, covered with gilding. The composition is perfectly complemented by an anchor installed in front of the monument itself.
  • The sculptural composition «Good Angel of the World» is located in Noginsk Park. This is a common project of Patrons of the Century, which united many cities of Russia. Therefore, the composition has a certain similarity with other similar works. It is also one of the most visited tourist sites.

Photos on the background of these famous monuments are a must-have “souvenir” from Noginsk.

Thus, a trip to this cozy city is an opportunity to walk along the quiet streets, enjoy their warmth, and also see many unique places with a rich history.

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