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Nice: sights of the French province

About the sights of Nice

Nice is one of the most popular resorts of the Cote d’Azur, of which France can be justly proud. It was founded in the V century. BC. the Greeks, and the name comes from the name of the goddess of victory Nike (in French read «nitsya»).

In this city and its environs are concentrated the most diverse attractions of different eras: ancient, medieval, modern. To see historical monuments, museums, walking areas, almost every day, tourists from all over the world come here. We will try to tell about how to make a route around the city in this article.

Rest for every taste

Nice’s most popular attractions:

  • Cimiez quarter, where the ruins of ancient Roman buildings;
  • Castle Hill — a park with medieval ruins;
  • Old city;
  • English Embankment;
  • the Cathedral of St. Nicholas;
  • art Museum;
  • the Matisse Museum;
  • Chagall Museum;
  • Hotel Negresco.

Also here you can soak up the beautiful beaches.

In the vicinity of Nice there is also something to see:

  • Cannes Film Festival;
  • the medieval village of Saint-Paul de Vence;
  • Avignon;
  • resort village Villneuve-Lübe and much more.

A reminder of ancient times

The Simieu Quarter was once a separate settlement, but then became part of Nice. Its attractions are mainly associated with the ancient era. The most interesting object for tourists is the Roman hill, which houses the ruins of the ancient city of Cemenelum. Long archaeological excavations have opened here Roman baths, an amphitheater and even residential buildings. Every day, both tourists and locals visit these places. The ancient arena often hosts various festivals and concerts. Not far from the hill there is an archaeological museum where you can see even more artifacts found here.

Cimieu is also famous for the luxury Regina Palace Hotel, which was built specifically for visits by the English Queen Victoria in the 19th century. True, visitors are not led there, they can only be admired outside.

Castle Hill is another important object, loved by tourists. These are remnants of medieval Nice. Despite the name, the castle is not preserved here. The main local attractions are the ruins of the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Tower of Bellanda. The cathedral was built in the XI-XII centuries. and was rebuilt many times, so its ruins include different foundations “nested” into each other. The Bellanda Tower (XVth century), on the contrary, was restored. It is quite wide and high, and on its top there is an observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of the city and the sea. Also on its terrace is a memorial plaque, reminiscent of the stay here of the composer Hector Berlioz. The mountain boasts a beautiful park, from which there is also a gorgeous view.

Another interesting area associated with the past of Nice is the Old Town, its historical center. Here sights are found everywhere.

The most notable of them are:

  • The building of the former (old) Senate of the XVII century. the buildings;
  • Palace of Justice;
  • 2 clock towers, built in the XVIII century. (one in the northern part of the city, the other in the eastern), the remains of the Dominican and Franciscan monasteries;
  • the medieval fort of Mont Alban (XVI century);
  • Naval arsenal;
  • marble cross, installed in the XVI century. in honor of the fact that France has made peace with Spain.

Also, the area is replete with old churches and other buildings, and its streets are narrow and twisted. Type of building preserved almost from the Middle Ages.

Relatively new

Sights that appeared later are also attractive for visitors. Very popular is the city promenade called English (Promenade des Anglais). This is a favorite place for walks, both tourists and locals. Beautiful seascape, fresh air, palm trees, under which you can hide from the sun, numerous cafes and shops — thanks to all this, you can walk along the embankment almost all day. English, it is called because in the XIX century. the land was actively bought by the British and built luxury villas.

Also on the waterfront are the most elite hotels of Nice — Negresco, Royal, Veltmeister and many others. In terms of sophistication and popularity among them, the first leads. This is a luxurious five-story building with a noticeable round tower on the corner.

Each room in it is exclusive in design, and each floor is decorated in the style of a separate era: Louis XV, Empire, etc. Also inside the hotel is decorated with a dome, which was created by Gustave Eiffel, a crystal chandelier with a diameter of 2 meters and a carpet of 400 square meters. Since this is one of the most elite hotels in the world, accommodation in it is especially expensive, and most tourists are not available.

For many visitors from Russia, the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas will be interesting. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. and is a classic Russian five-headed church, which looks quite unusual against the backdrop of palm trees and the sea. Of the shrines here, the main attraction is the icon of St. Nicholas.

Nice is famous for a large number of museums. The most famous of them are:

  • The Museum of Fine Arts, which displays paintings by more than 6,000 French artists of different directions, as well as sculptures and glass and ceramics. It reflects almost all creative France — from the XVII century. until xx. The building of the museum itself is also of historical value: it is a mansion of the XVII century, built in the neo-Renaissance style.
  • Matisse Museum. Located in a mansion where Henri Matisse stayed and wrote most of his famous paintings. The museum includes 18 rooms, the works of the artist there are grouped according to a thematic principle. These are not just pictures with similar content. Next to each of them are sketches that help to understand how the plan was formed. In addition to the paintings, the museum exhibits sculptures and paper collages of Matisse, as well as his favorite interior items.
  • Chagall Museum. Here in three halls exhibited works of the artist on a religious theme. The exhibition is called «The Bible Message of Marc Chagall.» It includes 17 canvases on the theme of the Old Testament, gouache drawings telling about the creation of the world, stained glass windows and a mosaic panel depicting the ascension of the prophet Elijah. Pictures posted himself Chagall. In the first hall there are paintings on the theme of Being and Exodus (12 paintings in blue), in the second — illustrations for the Song of Songs (5 paintings in red), and in the third — all additional drawings. The panel is exposed in the open.

Out of city

In the vicinity of Nice, too, there are noteworthy sights, so you should choose at least one day to see them.

Of these, the most famous town is Cannes. He became famous thanks to the annual film festival, but even without this event it is quite interesting here. The following places are most popular among tourists:

  • Avenue of Stars: track with handprints of famous actors and directors;
  • Palace of Festivals and Congresses, where the famous festival;
  • La Croisette;
  • Alley of Freedom named after Charles de Gaulle is a favorite walking place of citizens and visitors.

Also interesting for tourists is the town of Avignon, where the medieval palace of the Pope of Rome is located. Here you can walk around the squares (Palace, Clock and Pi) and admire the old buildings, see the remains of the Saint-Benezet Bridge (destroyed by floods), visit numerous museums, treat yourself to Provence cuisine in the cafe. But the papal palace, built in the 14th century, is still the most popular. and well restored at the beginning of the 20th century. Now it houses a national museum, a theater festival is held.

The village of Saint-Paul de Vence is located at the top of a mountain overlooking the sea. The stones at its base are laid in the shape of flowers. The village itself has preserved medieval buildings, replete with beautiful statues and fountains, various works of art are sold right on the streets here.

In Villneuve-Luba, you can visit the resorts with thalassotherapy, a culinary museum, an art gallery, admire the medieval castle and walk along the shore of the bay with the romantic name “Angels Coast”.

Nice and its environs — a province quite remote from the capital. However, numerous attractions and warm sunny climate made it the most popular resort in the world.

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