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New World, Crimea: Landmarks of the landscape

The resort village of Novy Svet (Crimea) and its attractions

The urban settlement of Novy Svet, located in the southeast of the Crimea peninsula, not far from the Sudak urban district, has a rich history. This is a beautiful place in the Crimea, which is constantly visited by numerous tourists. On the territory of the New World there is a large number of departmental sanatoriums, recreation centers, where they constantly receive holidaymakers.

Locals are very proud of the history of the village of New World and show local attractions to tourists. They offer a variety of entertainment through travel agencies, and travelers choose where to go to see interesting places.

Features of the mountain landscape of the sea coast

The unique nature in the Crimea is diverse and rich. In the south of the peninsula, relict plants have been preserved, growing back in the Cenozoic era. Ancient junipers and Stankevich pines grow in the environs of the New World. Here grow unique plants that could not be destroyed by an ancient glacier, which stopped its movement around this place.

The sights of the village of New World include ancient coral reefs covered with vegetation. They form on the coast of the peninsula of Crimea low mountains of bizarre shape, resembling the outlines of various animals. Local heights hide many grottoes, caves, ponds, forming coves on the coast with exotic names.

Mountain formations surprise travelers with incredibly beautiful landscapes. Anyone who is not afraid of heights and loves a strong wind, can climb to the top of a hill and see a landscape of extraordinary beauty from a bird’s eye view. On the way to the destination, travelers find rare plants, large birds and various representatives of the local fauna.

On the territory of the village there is Mount Falcon. This is the largest coral reef on the peninsula of Crimea. If you climb to its top, where the observation deck is equipped, you can see Sudak, the ancient Genoese fortress and all the bays of the village of Novy Svet.

At this local landmark there is the Nastasiinsky spring, the water of which was used in ancient times. Near the reservoir you can find the remains of an ancient road connecting two Byzantine monasteries, the ruins of which can still be distinguished by an experienced archaeologist. The road is reinforced by hand-made retaining walls. Along it you can see the pipes — this is the water supply system, which delivered water for irrigating the vineyards in the XIX century.

Mount Eagle, located on the territory of the New World, bounding the Blue Bay on the one hand, hides many kilometers of adits in its depths. This mountain belongs to the protected area, and the entrance to it is prohibited. Many tourists neglect the ban and get to the observation deck to look at the top of the Blue Bay and Cape Kapchik, located on the other side of the bay. Here the village of Novy Svet is clearly visible, the noise of cars is heard perfectly, the voices of people talking loudly.

The sights of the village of New World includes Cape Kapchik. There is a hiking trail along it, which allows you to make long mountain walks. The cape goes far into the sea, dividing two picturesque bays, which are united by a through passage formed inside an ancient formation. The passage was called the Through Grotto, and tourists love to see this miracle of nature. This cave, formed during the earthquake, was refined at the end of the XIX century. The local winemaker, Prince Golitsyn, equipped the entrance to it, installed doors, set up stairs for convenient descent to the water.

The entrance to the cave is blocked by a wrought-iron lattice. Visitors can only see the grotto outside, because finding people inside is life threatening. The long passage was inhabited by a huge colony of bats, and in the cave there are landslides. Cavers claim that inside this amazing cape there are seven more caves and a salt lake.

Where do tourists have fun

Tourists who have examined all the environs of the New World can find entertainment on the territory of the village. They visit the park areas adjacent to the boarding houses located in the district. All holiday homes have well-kept areas planted with shrubs and flowers of extraordinary beauty. Access there is open to all comers.

Guides show in the form of attractions Pop grotto, in which Prince Golitsyn spent musical evenings. There are good acoustics in its walls, and the voice of the singer was well audible, which was important at the time of chamber singing. In the grotto, visitors are shown stone arches that once served as vaults.

Those who want to learn about the life of Golitsyn can visit the history museum located in its manor. This man spent a lot of time and effort to create beautiful places for recreation in this area.

The picturesque bays of Crimea with grottoes and sandy beaches attract a large number of tourists. The sights of the village of New World are colored coves. Green Bay, so named for the emerald color of water, once served as a port for merchant ships. This part of the village is most landscaped for a comfortable rest by the water. The beach has rental stations for catamarans and other accessories for outdoor activities at sea. Here you can book a walk around the bay, sunbathe and swim.

The beach line passes into a beautifully decorated embankment, arranged in the New World for holidaymakers. This part of the coast is built up with restaurants, cafes and souvenir stalls. The territory of the embankment is equipped with recreation areas, flower beds with exotic plants that grow only in the south of the Crimea peninsula.

For lovers of scuba diving and relaxing holiday suitable Bay Blue.

In the people she is called robber. There are many grottoes here, and at the bottom there are several sunken ships. Legends mention this place as a haven for pirates.

Filmmakers love this bay. On its shore many famous films were shot, the scene of which takes place on the Crimean peninsula or the seashore of a conventional country.

Blue Bay has a second name. They call her Tsar, because the last Russian tsar rested in this place. It is closed for swimming, because the edge of the shore is very narrow, and there is always the danger of a collapse.

What else can be seen

The sights of the New World are not limited to this. These include the ancient ruins of a fortress and a monastery. Their remains are almost erased from the face of the earth by time, but with a detailed examination, you can see the approximate location of the buildings.

Not far from the village there is an ancient road with a narrow passage in the mountains, which has the name Iron Gate. Here, the ancient inhabitants defended their village from the invasion of enemies. The tops of nearby mountains allow you to inspect in detail the surroundings and sights of the New World, which was once important for people on patrol.

For all who are bored with being in the resort village, you can visit Sudak for entertainment. There, tourists visiting the Genoese fortress. This is the main attraction of the city. The city was built up after the Crimea joined the Russian Empire, and there are many architectural monuments of the classical era, which is also interesting to see for general development.

By the sights of the city can be attributed, and places for entertainment vacationers. The city has a huge water park, which is called the best on the peninsula of Crimea. Numerous sandy beaches, well-equipped areas for sunbathing, outdoor activities, attract crowds during the bathing season.

Buses depart from the village of Novy Svet to any large city located on the peninsula of Crimea. For tourists, vacationers in the boarding house, offer a large number of excursions, allowing you to explore all the attractions that are available throughout the Crimean peninsula.

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