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Naples: attractions of millennia in a city of contrasts

The city of contrasts Naples and its attractions

Italy is a country with an ancient history, and tourists will always find something to see in Naples, the third largest Italian city. He was loved by Russian writers and artists who lived there for a long time and left the most pleasant memories of him. In this ancient city poverty and luxury live together. Naples is considered the poorest city, where garbage wars between public utilities and residents are constantly taking place. Tourists pay attention to the mountains of garbage that have disfigured the historic center of the city.

Italy calls Naples its largest industrial center. There are metallurgical plants, oil refining industry. The city is located on the shores of the Gulf, there is a seaport through which local and international transport of passengers and goods. A large port city has its own shipyards.

An international airport every day receives tourists who want to see the sights of a large Italian city in which several million people live.

Here any traveler can find his place by staying overnight in a hotel or hostel. For those who decide to live in Naples for more than one day, there are many small restaurants where you can taste delicious pizza, eat a traditional Italian lunch. Public transport works fine and you can get to any of the city’s attractions.

What is interesting city

Naples is a large ancient city founded by the ancient Greeks in the 8th century BC. It has a rich historical past, the traces of which are easily visible in the modern look of the city. Its narrow streets are densely built up with historic buildings.

Residents of stone houses, located close to each other, dry linen on the ropes attached to the walls of opposite buildings. Seeing such pictures of the life of the Neapolitans, you understand that this is real Italy.

Anyone who came to Naples should definitely visit the subway. Metro stations were decorated by 10 different artists. Each of the masters created their own unique station, striking the original decision. The metro of Naples has become a museum of modern art, where each station represents a separate direction. It hosts exhibitions that are interesting to many people.

At various times, this city was owned by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, whose presence was reflected in its appearance. He was the capital of the Duchy of Neapolitan, and then the Sicilian kingdom. In the historic part of the city preserved royal apartments, ancient fortresses and castles.

To explore all the main attractions of this huge city, it will take more than one day. If time is limited, you need to choose from a huge list of several objects that would be interesting to inspect necessarily, and go on a tour of the city.

What is interesting city center

The historical center attracts a large number of tourists. As part of an organized group in one day you can see all the main attractions of the city. Tours start from Piazza del Plebiscite and end with a tour of medieval castles.

People who love church culture will be interested in choosing a program that will include an examination of the city’s important chapels. In total in Naples there are about 500 ancient temples, and only the most interesting of them recommend to visit the guide. Inspection of the chapel can take one tourist day.

The city is a chaotic building with narrow streets leading to the main square, where the royal palace stands. It belongs to local attractions. Its construction began 500 years ago and lasted about 60 years. The building of the palace during this time was rebuilt several times. Tourists can explore the buildings of the XVIII century, the facades of which are decorated with sculptures of Neapolitan kings. Near the Garden Gate, you can see sculptures of horses from the Anichkov Bridge, once donated by the Russian emperor to the Neapolitan king. The palace is open to organized visits. In its walls are exhibited works of artists who worked in the Middle Ages, when Italy was divided into small principalities.

In the waterfront area, where you can enjoy a picturesque view of the bay, you can admire the Giant’s Fountain. It was arranged at the beginning of the XVII century, and changed several addresses, until the city authorities found him a worthy place. This majestic building, about 11 meters high, decorated with marble emblems, symbolizing the royal power over the city. The fountain is decorated with various figures of mythical heroes.

In the center of the city is the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Here is a huge collection of ancient artifacts. 40 showrooms are difficult to get around and inspect in one day. The exhibits on display in the Neapolitan Museum are so valuable that it makes it one of the main centers demonstrating the development of the culture of the human community.

In its 15 halls are collected the world’s most famous antique sculptures. The second floor of the museum contains a large number of ancient frescoes that Italy is proud of. During the excavations of Pompeii, the temple of Isis was discovered, the furnishings of which were transferred to the museum, where it was recreated in its original form with the use of the objects found.

The museum has expositions where jewels, coins and medals, found by archaeologists during the excavations of other ancient cities covered with volcanic ash, are on display. Of particular interest to tourists is the secret room, which tells about the joys of the inhabitants of the city of Pompeii.

What is interesting on its outskirts

Examination of the medieval fortresses and castles can be devoted to another day in Naples. The castle of Sant Elmo is located on the top of a large hill and attracts travelers with its grandeur and beauty. The castle can be easily reached by using the lift. Seasoned travelers recommend a visit to this place to enjoy the views of the surroundings that open from the walls of the fortress.

The elite area is built up with many beautiful houses, and a walk will be informative and interesting.

Castell del Ovo, located on a small island connected to the city by a narrow embankment, is interesting for its history. Presumably, it was built where the first settlement was located. Then the monks lived here, who built the first walls. After several centuries, he was strengthened and made a prison. For some time the royal court was located in the fortress. Inspection of this part of the city can take a whole day.

It is pleasant to wander through the ancient fortress, the walls of which remember several kings. On the waterfront, you can explore aquariums, where exotic fish swim the southern seas. Nearby there is a large park where ancient sculptures are placed, there are many fountains, souvenir shops and restaurants for tourists.

Italy is a country where illustrations of school history books come to life. The main attraction of Naples is Mount Vesuvius, which is still smoking and can start its eruption at any time. The current fire-breathing mountain has several times pulled out a large amount of lava, burying careless Italians under it. Despite the fact that at the foot of this famous mountain there is an open-air museum Pompeii, reminding that carelessness can cost life, the slopes of the volcano are populated by people. There is the city of Torre Annunziata, whose inhabitants cultivate fruit-bearing gardens on the slopes of Vesuvius.

Tourists can independently climb on Vesuvius, paying for the inspection of the place, which Italy is proud of. Upstairs there is a fenced observation deck, allowing you to look into the mouth of the volcano. Tired tourists can rest on the benches before descending.

After exploring Vesuvius, many go on the same day to look at the ancient Roman city, buried under volcanic lava before the birth of Christ. In some places of ancient Pompeii buildings are fully preserved. There are houses of rich people, in which you can see fragments of mosaic on the floor and murals on the walls. Their age is more than two thousand years.

On the territory of the city destroyed by an earthquake there are many interesting places that attract the attention of tourists from many countries. The most unusual and valuable sights found on the territory of this city can be seen in the National Archaeological Museum, located in the center of Naples.

Those travelers who have another day left can visit Herculaneum, located in the vicinity of Naples. This city was also flooded with mud-boiling stream, which was erupted by Vesuvius, but was not destroyed by an earthquake. Here you can see the preserved sights. These include household items, papyrus, helping to understand how the ancient people lived on this fertile, but dangerous land.

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