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Museum Rodin in Paris: the harmony of works of sculpture and painting

Rodin Museum — a unique collection of works of the master

Paris is the world capital of the arts. Hundreds of tourists are eager to see the wealth of world culture stored in museum collections. The project legkopolezno.ru invites you to walk through the Rodin Museum in Paris!

The house-museum of the great sculptor Auguste Rodin in Paris was opened in 1919. The exhibition is located in the mansion of the creator himself — according to the will, the building was transferred to state ownership, on condition that it became a museum of sculptures and paintings by famous artists.

The museum building is also a historical value — built in the XVIII century for an influential French financier. Rodin became the savior of this building — it was planned to be demolished during the First World War. Through the efforts of the sculptor, the palace of Bironov was saved and reincarnated into a treasury of works of art.

The Paris Rodin Museum is located in the center of the French capital. It is hard to believe that several centuries ago this area was an unsightly suburb. Now it is an architectural and park ensemble.

Rodin Museum in Paris — the harmony of nature and art

More than 100 years ago great cultural figures stayed in this house: writers, sculptors, painters, poets. Today you can walk through the halls full of the most valuable works of art.

Famous works of Rodin “The Thinker”, “Ugolino” and other sculptures coexist with the paintings of Auguste Renoir and Vincent Van Gogh — paintings from the personal collection of the great sculptor. 16 rooms are set aside for the exposition: the sculptor’s masterpieces are located on the first floor, and a collection of paintings and engravings on the second floor.

In the rose garden of the Rodin Museum placed the most mysterious and majestic work — «Gates of Hell.» This is a complex of bas-reliefs on which Rodin worked all his life.

Would you like to gain strength and relax? You can visit a comfortable summer cafe in the fresh air. This museum was created for a full-fledged rest and good time: you can enjoy the beauty of the man-made lake and the priceless art that will live forever in the Rodin Museum.

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