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Money in Vietnam: currency, exchange rate, exchange points

Dongs — the currency of Vietnam

Before traveling to Vietnam, one of the most important issues must be solved: monetary. Many tourists have difficulty with which currency to go to Vietnam, and how much money they should have in order to have enough for lodging, food, sightseeing, small trips around the country, if any, as well as for necessary purchases and souvenirs. For the traveler, perhaps, this is the most burning moment, because, on the one hand, there is a risk to take too little and stay “out of work”, failing to fully enjoy the holiday in Vietnam, and on the other — to save for too long a vacation, finding out that this is not particularly required.

What money to take with you?

The officially accepted currency of Vietnam is dongs. The course is constantly changing, so the actual data is best checked through an online converter just before the trip.

It should be borne in mind that dongs are the local currency, and in the tourism sector there are dollars in the course: you can pay for excursions, souvenirs, pay the bill in a cafe, and so on. Therefore, if we talk about what currency is in demand in Vietnam, this is definitely a dong and a dollar.

Vietnamese dongs

About dongs should be told in more detail. There are banknotes in denominations ranging from 500 to 500,000 dongs, as well as coins whose value varies from 100 to 5,000 dongs. In general, there are also smaller paper money and coins, but they, as a rule, are not in circulation, especially in big cities. By the way, 10 thousandth bills and superior ones are made of plastic instead of paper: this is due to high humidity, due to which money needs a higher durability.

It’s easy to get confused with unaccustomed dongs, so don’t be in a hurry when calculating to avoid possible mistakes. Quite often, the locals take advantage of the inexperience of the visitors and give them a ten-dollar denomination less than they need. Naturally, not everyone will notice such a trick. In addition, some bills are very similar to each other. Dongs have a very low purchasing power (for example, a cup of espresso in a cafe will cost about 12 thousand dong), so you will have to get used to such impressive numbers while on holiday in Vietnam.

Where to change money?

What currency to take to Vietnam, easy to figure out. Much more interesting is the situation with how and where to exchange money, if the need arose.
At popular resorts there is no particular difference, you pay with dongs or dollars, and in non-tourist places it is more convenient to use Vietnamese money to calculate. If you go on vacation not to a popular tourist resort, but to a small town, local banks may not provide you with the opportunity to exchange rubles, so you should not take the Russian currency with you, in large tourist centers, on the contrary, this problem will not arise.

Currency exchange in Vietnam can be carried out not only in banks, but also in special booths-exchangers: in places where there are many tourists, they are enough. There is quite a favorable exchange rate of Vietnam, but there is a risk of fraud — as mentioned above, you can try to give a smaller amount than you need, hoping that you do not understand the local banknotes. Such a trick really often works with tourists.

You can also use an ATM, the main thing is that the device has the Plus System logo — this means that it accepts cards from foreign banks. The commission in each of them is calculated individually.

In addition to the official exchange offices, there are others, for example, if you wish, you can change money in a jewelry shop or in a store.

The course there will be different from the official, perhaps even in a big way, but beginners are not recommended to resort to financial transactions in such places, as they risk to be deceived.

By the way, non-cash payments are also practiced here, although it is not profitable because of the commission if you use a Russian bank card. Therefore, it is better not to be lazy and look for the currency exchange option that suits you.

Experienced travelers strongly recommend spending all the dongs before you board the plane and go home, as you are unlikely to manage to exchange them back for dollars or rubles with profit, especially if you suddenly decide to do it at the border. If you are not sure that you will spend the entire planned amount, it is better not to change the whole currency at once. And if you still have extra dongs — buy more souvenirs or spend them for lunch in a good restaurant!

How much money do you need for a holiday in Vietnam?

The answer to this question is purely individual: you can relax quite a budget, spending 15-20 dollars a day per person, and you can add another 10-15 dollars to this amount so that leisure can pass on a large scale and without much savings. If a tourist has wider financial opportunities, here he will be able to deny himself practically nothing, because Vietnam is a relatively inexpensive country that is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. The main expenses of travelers are food, accommodation, alcohol, excursions and shopping. If you roughly calculate the cost of daily visits to cafes and restaurants (at least twice a day), massage treatments, taxi rides and other current expenses, we get about $ 450.

To this amount you need to add the money that you spend on excursions (an average of 100-150 dollars), and somewhere around 100 dollars for all sorts of souvenirs. Thus, it will turn out 700 dollars for 10-12 days (this does not include the amount for staying at the hotel, since most often tourists pay in advance). Of course, this is an approximate figure, and your budget may differ both upwards and downwards.

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