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Madrid: the sights of the Spanish capital

Madrid: great sights that amaze and inspire

Residents of Madrid claim that their city can be exchanged only for heaven. But only under the condition that from there it will be possible to admire its views! Indeed, the capital of Spain is a real gem of its country. Hordes of tourists from different parts of the world are striving to get here — be it giant New York or small Kyrgyz Osh.

Many of the sights of Madrid are known even to those who have never been to these places. But we want to remind them again, because you can talk about such beauty forever!

Kings lived here!

Madrid is located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. Currently, it is the third most populous in Europe. And many of its places, monuments and palaces are on the UNESCO World Heritage lists.

Thus, to come to Madrid and not to see the sights is to make a huge mistake. And the first thing we recommend to pay attention to is the Royal Palace, built and decorated in the best Baroque traditions.

Officially, it is considered the residence of the royal family. However, its representatives do not live here for a long time. The palace is used for special state ceremonies, and at this time the national flag flies over it. At the usual time, the banner is lowered, and many of the halls are open to tourists.

Royal residence impresses with its scale! It accommodates more than 2.5 thousand rooms with the richest decoration, and the total area reaches 100 thousand square meters.

Visitors to the palace can freely admire the paintings written by great artists. Among them — Caravaggio, Goya, Velasquez. In addition, there are collections of antique weapons and violins, which were made by Stradivari himself, as well as many magnificent sculptures. These works of art are the cultural heritage of which all of Spain is proud, from the luxurious Barcelona to the small Montagut-i-Osh.

Many catholic cathedrals and one Egyptian temple

The Spaniards are a very religious nation. It is not surprising that there is a huge number of temples and cathedrals of extraordinary beauty. Before proceeding to the descriptions of traditional Catholic buildings, we turn our attention to the most unusual object. This is the temple of Debod, which is located in a park near the Royal Palace. It was built in honor of the Egyptian goddess Isis in the 4th century BC! Yes, yes, this is not a typo. The fact is that before the shrine was in its historic homeland. But because of the construction of the dam, some of the historical monuments were in danger, and they had to be “scattered” in different countries. So the temple Debod was in Spain!

And now we will go through the traditional Catholic cathedrals of Madrid. The main ones are in close proximity to the Royal Palace, which we described above. But among them the Almudena Cathedral stands out for its beauty. Its walls are made in white-bluish-blue tones and as if rushing into the sky. A dome with a height of 75 meters is decorated in the neo-baroque style.

On the territory of the cathedral there is an observation deck where tourists gather to admire the gorgeous views of Madrid. But mosaic stained-glass windows create a special beauty: on a sunny day, colored glassy glasses begin to sparkle and sparkle so that it captures the spirit!

Among the environs of the city, the San Andres Temple, one of the oldest churches in Madrid, hid. The first mentions of it are rooted in 1202. The building is made in baroque style, and the dome is decorated with cherubs. But the most interesting thing is the legend that Espinel himself is buried in the San Andrés temple. For those who do not know: this is a musician and a poet who is called the “father” of a guitar!

In addition, we recommend the following Catholic sights:

  • Church of St. Nicholas;
  • St. Michael’s Basilica;
  • Cathedral of Saint Isidro;
  • Deserts of St. Anthony of Florida.

City of countless museums

Unlike small cities (such as Montagut-i-Osh and some others), Madrid is the real center of museums. Among them are both very old and modern buildings. Bypass all in one day, of course, will not succeed. But to see the most interesting places is a matter of honor of every tourist!

  • Monastery Museum of Las Descalzas

Once there lived the nuns of the Order of the Holy Poor Clara. This was the paradox: the monastery was the richest, and the order was a beggar … But today there is a huge exhibition complex, which includes the royal palace, several churches and, in fact, the museum itself.

It is known to the whole world, as over 5 thousand great canvases and 500 sculptures are exhibited here. In particular, art lovers will be able to see the originals of Bosch, Rubens and Velasquez. It is characteristic that most of these art objects were collected by Spanish kings. And they, as you know, can not refuse the taste!

It is named after the ruling queen and is distinguished by its modern, even avant-garde architecture. A special «highlight» brings a huge glass elevator, which is displayed on the street and is adjacent to the facade of the building. And in the halls of this little futuristic building you can see the canvases of Dali and Picasso.

  • National Museum of Natural Sciences

A collection of meteorites, samples of volcanic rocks, more than 6 million exhibits of the animal and plant world … What is there not only! If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit it: kids will be able to look at unprecedented animals and birds that no longer live on our planet.

By the way, there are many specific museums in Madrid. Maybe they are not included in the compulsory excursion program … But will delight every tourist with a good sense of humor! One of these objects is the Hamon Museum. It was opened in 1978 and today attracts the attention of gourmet meat-eaters. Indeed, in its walls, you can try and even buy delicious dried ham, as well as cheeses and sweets.

Confronting people and bulls continues

We say «Spain» — we mean «bullfight.» This association is firmly settled in the minds of tourists, and for good reason! After all, bullfighting is a spectacle that will never be forgotten. In Madrid, it is equipped with a magnificent Las Ventas Arena. It is built in a magnificent non-Mauritanian style and impresses with its magnificence. Bullfighting is held here from May to October and constantly gathers crowds of spectators.

If you are ready for strong, ambiguous impressions — welcome to Las Ventas! Its surroundings are also worthy of attention. Here is a sculpture, which depicts the death of one of the matadors. This is about Jose Cubero Yiyo. He was a graduate of a local school and fell in battle with a bull in 1985.

In addition, the building of the arenas has the Museum of Bullfighting. Many interesting exhibits are kept here, one of the most memorable is the costume of the matador soaked in blood!

Greenhouse waiting and something else

In Madrid, even the train station is the brightest attraction! This is the oldest railway station Atocha. Firstly, the building itself looks majestic, and its antique clocks still show the correct time. Secondly, the waiting room is very different from everything you’ve ever seen!

The fact is that from the inside it is a real botanical garden. It grows more than 7 thousand species of plants, mostly tropical. Moreover, they occupy the entire space of the station, up to the glass roof of the roof. In addition, there are palm trees and ferns, sculptures, paths, lined with mosaics, and even a real pond with turtles! In general, this is not a station, but a real greenhouse, which has no analogues in the world. After all, neither huge Moscow nor small Osh can boast of such a landmark.

… On the territory of the Spanish capital, there are many unusual monuments and sculpture compositions. But perhaps the most popular is called «The Bear and the Strawberry Tree.» The sculpture was installed in the middle of the 20th century on the site of the destroyed fountain. In fact, this statue copies the emblem of the city. True, no one knows why the bear and the strawberry tree became its symbol many centuries ago …

Another important place where many tourists are trying to get is the “zero kilometer”. It is located on the most beautiful square of Puerta del Sol and serves as a starting point, which is used in the calculation of distances. According to belief, if you stand on this place and make a wish, it will surely come true!

Madrid, however, like other Spanish cities (Barcelona, ​​Seville, Montagut-i-Osh and others), is very popular among tourists. We have listed its main attractions. But each person will find here something new and original. The main thing is to open up in front of the Spanish capital and let it into your heart!

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