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Listvyanka: attractions of the village on Lake Baikal

The best sights of Listvyanka

The settlement of Listvyanka on Baikal (at the head of the Angara River, on the shore of the Larch Bay) is, at first glance, small and inconspicuous. But in fact, it can be considered a tourist center: every day people from different parts of the country come here to see numerous sights, both natural and cultural. At the same time, the village is attractive not only in summer, but also in winter. More about his beauty will tell below.

Memo for the tourist

The following places of interest are worth seeing in Listvyanka and beyond:

  • Pribaikalsky National Park, in which one should especially emphasize the Sagan-Zab cliff with rock paintings, the source of the Angara with the Shaman-stone in its middle and the Sand Bay;
  • Chersky Stone: this is the name of the mountain, which offers a splendid panoramic view of Lake Baikal and the source of the Angara;
  • Taltsy ethnographic complex;
  • Museum of Lake Baikal;
  • the first in the world nerpinary;
  • St. Nicholas Church;
  • vacuum telescope;
  • sled dog center;
  • diving center and much more.

Every visitor can arrange a vacation to your liking. And we will tell you more about the most interesting places in this region.

Wonders of nature

The main attraction of these places is the national park located on the shores of the legendary lake. First of all, it is known for numerous plants of the Baikal region and Siberia as a whole, among them there are many listed in the Red Book. Since the park is partly located on the mountains, there are many viewing platforms in it, from where it is good to admire Baikal and the surrounding villages.

It is in these places begins the Angara River. Its source is the widest and largest in the world, and the water in it does not freeze even in extreme frosts, because warmer jets from the depths constantly flow here. Here a lot of waterfowl spend the winter.

The Sagan-Zaba cliff, covered with ancient rock paintings, has been declared a monument not only of nature, but also of history. His drawings cover the period from the II millennium BC. until the first millennium AD and depict different animals, birds, tribes, among them there are hieroglyphs. Interestingly, all the people depicted have small horns, which gives researchers reason to assume that they are spirits or shamans.

Another memorable object in the Pribaikalsky Park is the Shaman Stone, a piece of granite rock in the middle of the source of the Angara River. According to legend, the old Baikal threw him into his daughter Angara, when she ran off to her beloved Yenisei. Among the indigenous peoples of this area, the stone was considered sacred, and important negotiations and magical rituals were held there. Now tourists carry him to the boat, and they are happy to climb on the legendary rock and throw coins into the water as a promise to return here.

It is very interesting in the reserve and a place like Sandy Bay with an unusual landscape, similar to the alien. The so-called stilted trees standing on the roots attract the most attention. They rise above the ground at 3 meters. Winds from under them blew sandy soil, however, they are quite stable. In the Pribaikalsky National Park, you can spend a whole day, and not even one.

Another miracle of nature in Listvyanka is the Chersky Stone, a high mountain, from which you can see Baikal with the Angara flowing out of it, the village with the pier, and the mountains. On the observation deck there is a gazebo and a cafe, so there is an opportunity to have a snack, admiring the beauty. You can climb the mountain on a special asphalt road or on a cable lift (equipped with comfortable chairs). In winter, the ski slope is open here.

Great pleasure for tourists will take and walk from Listvyanka to Big Kotov along a mountain path. First you need to go along the slopes of the mountain, closer to the top (it is better not to go down the paths between the rocks, so as not to get lost), and then the road leads to a pebble beach. This trip will take almost a whole day and will provide an opportunity to admire the panoramic views and breathe the fresh air.

Cultural holidays

There are many cultural sights in Listvyanka and its surroundings that also attract many tourists. Among them, it is worth highlighting the Museum of Lake Baikal, the entire exposition of which is devoted only to this water body. There are no other similar ones in Russia.

Exhibitions of the Baikal Museum (each in a separate room):

  • Geology, landscape and inhabitants of the lake: all this is presented in photographs and maps.
  • Aquariums with Baikal fish and seals.
  • Dive to the bottom in the virtual bathyscaphe. Visitors get into the analogue of the submarine, and the virtual immersion begins: the announcer reads how deep the bathyscaphe is now, and the passing inhabitants of the lake can be seen in the porthole (monitors are shown in the windows, which show video of underwater video).
  • Exposure with microscopes in which you can see the smallest creatures inhabiting Baikal.
  • The screen on which the life of the Baikal seal in one of the rookeries on the Ushkany islands is transmitted via a web-camera.

Those who come for one day are advised to visit this museum and national park.

Another very interesting object to visit is the Taltsy ethnographic complex, 20 km from Listvyanka. The Siberian village of the XVII-XIX centuries is recreated here:

  • farmsteads (different expositions in different courtyards);
  • government;
  • Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God;
  • parochial school.

In this museum you can not only look at the situation of previous times, but also ride horses on horseback or in a sleigh, from a hill on cowhide or old sleds, and also take part in master classes in Siberian handicrafts (making products from birch bark, clay etc.).

Believers and tourists just lovers of antiquity will be interested in St. Nicholas Church — a two-story wooden building. This is the only Orthodox church in the village. The first tier is quadrangular, the second is octagonal, and this is a rather rare construction for churches. Services are held in the temple; among the icons there are many works of the 18th century.

Listvyanka boasts a solar vacuum telescope, one of the largest in the country. He stands on the mountain. It is convenient to observe the Sun and the phenomena occurring on it through a telescope, especially since it is rarely cloudy and foggy here. There is also an astrophysical laboratory next to it, in which various lectures on space bodies are held. Fans of astronomy will learn a lot of interesting things here.


The village has a lot of entertainment establishments for every taste. Animal lovers should visit the Nerpinary. Trained Baikal seals here play football and basketball, play musical instruments, dance and even draw pictures. Also, the true joy of communicating with animals will give a visit to the center sled dogs. There you can simply admire adult animals and puppies, take a picture with them, and also take part in the following walks:

  • a trip in a sleigh pulled by dogs (the instructor controls the cart, the duration of the event is different, to choose from; in addition, you can try to command the dogs yourself);
  • skiing with dogs (one or two huskies on a leash pulls a skier);
  • cross with a dog in the woods;
  • ordinary walk.

In Listvyanka there is an opportunity to go diving — dive into Baikal. It is noteworthy that the center operates year round. In summer, tourists can watch colonies of sponges, numerous algae, grottoes and other elements of a kind of underwater landscape. In winter, visibility under the water becomes even better, you can notice the various ice formations and hummocks. Submarine travel leaves no one indifferent.

Also in the summer you can ride through the woods on quad bikes, across the Larch Bay on a boat or to the village of Big Koty, Sand Bay, Baikal port on a pleasure boat. In winter, it will be possible to go skiing and snowboarding, on a boat on a hovercraft or a snowmobile along the same bay. Also in February-March in the center of Listvyanka there is an exhibition of ice figures.

For gourmets, there are numerous cafes and restaurants where they cook delicious Siberian dishes, including Baikal fish.

It is possible to list the sights for which the small settlement Listvyanka is famous on Lake Baikal, for a long time. It is better to just come here and see everything with your own eyes.

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