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Lipetsk: attractions and uniqueness

City of Peter: Lipetsk and its attractions

The city of Lipetsk is an absolutely extraordinary city. Maybe the whole thing is in the history of its creation, because Peter I himself had a hand in the construction of the city, and maybe in the fact that Lipetsk combines several areas at once: it is widely developed in industry and cultural life. Every year the city grows, develops and attracts more and more tourists who want to see its sights.

Briefly from the story

The city of Lipetsk is called the city of Peter I. It may seem strange to some, because St. Petersburg is primarily associated with such an important historical figure. In fact, citizens of Lipchane worship Peter the Great as the creator of their city, hence the second name of Lipetsk.

1703 is considered the year of the founding of the city. It was at this time that Peter I issued a decree according to which ironworks were built on the Lipovka River, or rather, at the place of its confluence with the Voronezh River. These plants provided an invaluable service to the Russian army and navy, especially during the Northern War. Over time, the plants have grown to the country’s second largest place in the iron-melting industry.

Next to them, gradually, residential houses were built, which soon formed a whole village. After 70 years, by decree of Catherine II, it became the county town of the Tambov province and was named Lipetsk. The city grew and developed, but in 1806 it was almost completely destroyed by fire. New Lipetsk was built according to the General Plan, it had wide streets, stone and brick houses. The appearance of the city has seriously changed.

In the early twentieth century, Lipetsk began to revive: at this time railway construction was developing, and ore deposits near the city became again in demand. In addition, the resort activity was actively developed, which was started in the XIX century.

A major milestone in the history of the settlement was the opening of 2 metallurgical plants — “Free Falcon” (1902) and the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant (1931). Thanks to the creation of these enterprises, Lipetsk became the industrial center of the country and is known for its industry to this day even outside the Russian Federation.

The population of Lipetsk for 2016 is more than half a million people. The city rightfully occupies the place of the capital of the Lipetsk region: there is a huge number of important social, cultural and industrial facilities. It is not surprising that every year more and more people strive to get to Lipetsk to see the most interesting places and get acquainted with the three hundred year history of the city.

Cathedral Square

Those who have already visited the southern city of Petra and saw its sights, confidently advise: be sure to visit the Cathedral Square, even if you arrive in Lipetsk just a day. Indeed, the central square of the city is admirable. Here is a unique architectural ensemble, which includes monuments of Russian culture and history. It includes:

  • House of Soviets. The building was built in 1958. Previously, it housed the party governing bodies, and today it is an administrative object. The House of Soviets is a vivid example of classical Soviet architecture. It still has stucco — the coat of arms of the RSFSR, banners and ears of corn;
  • Nativity Cathedral. One of the oldest buildings in Lipetsk: the beginning of construction of this object belongs to the end of the XVIII — beginning of the XIX century. The temple has a rich history: it experienced a fire, was closed during the years of Soviet power, was under threat of destruction, but was saved by a city architect. The status of the main cathedral of the city temple received in 1991. Today, on its territory, in addition to the main temple building, there is also a refectory and a high bell tower, which can be seen far beyond the square. Among the especially valuable shrines of the temple is the icon of the Mother of God, the Passionate Lipetskaya, and the relics of the Kiev-Pechersk miracle-workers;
  • monument to V.I. Lenin. The sculpture is located in front of the House of Soviets. Authorship belongs to the sculptor L. E. Kerbel;
  • parochial school. At the moment, the school, which is an architectural monument of the city of Lipetsk, is not functioning.

In addition to the central architectural ensemble at the Cathedral Square, you can find a monument in honor of the founder of the city — Peter I. By the way, another name for this place is connected with the name of the emperor — Peter the Great Square. The opening of the monument was timed to the 300th anniversary of the Russian fleet. This is the majestic and stately figure of the sovereign of bronze, appearing before the residents and guests of Lipetsk on a high pedestal. The monument to Peter on Cathedral Square is a relatively new sculpture (installed in 1996). Nevertheless, she had long been fond of not only Lipchik citizens, but also tourists from other cities, so they tend to be at the sight at the very beginning of their trip to Lipetsk.

Lipetsk fountains

Lipetsk is known, among other things, as a city of fountains. It is for this reason that summer is the best time to visit the center of the Lipetsk region. However, you can go there already in May: every year on the first May day, 14 beautiful fountains of the city begin their work.

The magnificent «dancing» fountain can be seen on the Cathedral Square. The scale and design of this structure is really impressive: it consists of 1000 jets, the highest of which reaches 9 m. In the fountain bowl, 130 fixtures are placed under the water, which illuminate the fountain in different ways at night. In the evenings, on the square, you can watch a stunner: jets of water, illuminated from below with a bright light, as if “dancing” to the beat of the music sounding here. By the way, not a single city in Central Russia has yet been able to repeat this.

Water cascades that are located on both sides of the stairs leading from the square to the Komsomolsk pond, the so-called Petrovsky descent, look just as beautiful. In the evenings, the water jets are also lit from below. And even on the pond itself there are also fountains: several dozen jets are beating right from under the water, creating an amazing background for the monument in honor of the 300th anniversary of the city, made in the form of a ship.

Visit the park complexes of Lipetsk, and here you will again find wonderful water features. In the Lower Park it is a fountain with a bronze symbol of the city — a lime tree. In the daytime, it does not seem so unusual, but in the evenings, when the lighting is turned on, the fountain looks very impressive: the lighting is installed in such a way that the bronze tree begins to seem soaring in the air. In Victory Park you will see the original «dry» fountain. It seems that the water here beats right out of the ground, because the structure has no bowl. In fact, thanks to an interesting technical solution, the communications of the fountain are located in the ground, and a decorative plate is installed above them. Through the holes in it and there are rapid water streams up to 2 meters high, and this happens to the accompaniment of great music.

The evening show of the Lipetsk fountains is a fascinating spectacle that will not leave anyone indifferent. Be sure to visit these places with children, they will be very pleased.

City monuments

The picture of cultural and historical life will not be complete if you do not see some of the sights of the city. There are many interesting monuments in Lipetsk devoted to important events in the life of a settlement.

One of such monuments is a triangular obelisk, installed as a tribute to the memory of Great Peter. It was erected on Petrovsky Descent in 1839, and in 2000 the monument was completely restored. For many years, this obelisk is considered one of the symbols of Lipetsk.

Not forgotten in the city about ordinary people who also once participated in the development of the city and made an invaluable contribution to its development. The monument to E. Wagner in honor of the founders of the city is located on Plekhanov Square. In the creation of the sculptor there are images of representatives of different estates of the era of Peter I — a blacksmith, caster, master of shipbuilding, an official, an engineer. At the very top of the monument you can see the figure of the guardian angel. At the base of the column are bas-reliefs of Peter the Great and Catherine II — people whose decrees became crucial for the life of the city. Although the sculpture was installed relatively recently — in 2008 — it quickly became one of the main sights of Lipetsk.

The monument to the 300th anniversary of Lipetsk, which has already been mentioned earlier, is also a new urban sculpture. It is located near the Komsomolsk pond. This is a stela of 12 m high, made in the form of a ship of the Peter epoch.

If you plan to get to the Lower Park to enjoy the beauty of the fountains, do not be lazy to walk to the place where the monument is located, dedicated to the birth of the metallurgical industry in Lipetsk. It is located at the very entrance to the park, if you move from the side of Petrovsky descent. The sculpture is made in the form of three guns mounted on a pedestal.

It will be no less interesting to see the sights connected with the architectural heritage of the city. These are buildings that retain the features characteristic of the construction of the XIX-XX centuries. On Lenin Street you can see the house of General Gubin, the house of the chemist Vyazhlinsky, on Zegel Street — the manor house and buildings of schools of the beginning of the 20th century, the former flour mill and the Puppet Theater, built in 1950. And this is only a small part of architectural monuments. In Lipetsk, even those places that were associated with the resort activities of the beginning of the XIX century have been preserved. So, on Petrovsky passage today you can see the buildings of the former resort hotel and mineral baths.

Each of the Lipetsk monuments of history, architecture and urban planning is unique. Over the long-term life of the city, a huge number of attractions have appeared on its territory, which people of Lipchane can be proud of. The city is constantly developing and improving, and there is always something to see, so you can return to it again and again.

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