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Latex pillows from Thailand: how much they cost, where to buy

Latex pillows from Thailand

Nowadays latex pillows are becoming more and more popular. And this is not for nothing, since they have a number of indisputable advantages over other similar products. The main ones are impeccable antibacterial properties and high hypoallergenic.

Latex pillows from Thailand are among the best products in the world.

This is due to the fact that the Thai industry puts into practice 40 years of experience and innovative production technologies, at which each stage of manufacturing is strictly controlled.

Latex pillows: the main stages of production

  • cleaning (the process of cleaning and removal of excess moisture is carried out);
  • foaming (temperature and viscosity are monitored);
  • washing (with fresh water all reagents that were used during foaming are washed off);
  • Drying (when this final action is performed, the latex is cured and the remaining moisture is removed).

Why choose latex pillows from Thailand

Products of this country are endowed with unique properties that promote healthy sleep, and, consequently, rest. That is why experts recommend using a latex pillow for children — an opportunity to gain new strength and energy. For a child’s body, this is the laying of the most important and reliable foundation for effective learning and maintaining an active way of life in all its manifestations.

  • they do not creak or rustle, nor do they electrify or attract dust;
  • high-quality and environmentally friendly products (this ensures maximum comfort for the human body during rest);
  • the special composition of the pillows eliminates the possible reproduction of bacteria, fungi, mold and mites;
  • reduce the activity of inflammatory processes of allergic diseases;
  • easy to maintain and use, and also have a long service life;
  • The unique structure allows you to keep warm in a perfect manner and does not form dents.

How much is a latex pillow

The cost of the product is influenced by many different factors, such as size, thickness, and other factors. The prices of latex pillows have a fairly wide range, which can amount to several thousand rubles.

Despite the higher cost than similar products, most consumers prefer it latex pillows. In addition to a long service life, which reaches about 10 years, they have a pronounced orthopedic effect, which is quite important indicators in the modern pace of life.

Having received a sufficient charge of strength and energy after sleep, a person is able to more effectively and efficiently carry out his daily activities, to achieve the goals set before him.

Latex pillow from Thailand continues to gain popularity among consumers from many countries, since no material has such an impressive list of positive quality and properties. Healthy sleep is an opportunity for a pleasant and healthy rest, which is so important to modern man, regardless of his age.

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