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Laos Tours

Laos Tours

Laos is a country that can be identified by the two most common characteristics, namely: a huge number of elephants and the most sparsely populated territory in all of Southeast Asia. Laos borders with countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand and Cambodia.

It should be said that lately Laos has become very popular among domestic tourists, as the number of people is not very large, and nature can not leave anyone indifferent. It is noteworthy that, until recently, Laos was completely closed to tourists, and quiet and measured everyday life of local residents flowed in it.

Laos Sightseeing Tours

Sightseeing tours in Laos — is a separate story, which includes an abundance of different types of activities, ranging from safaris with wild animals and ending with surfing. It should be emphasized that elephants are a definite symbol of Laos, because of what they are honored and respected here. With the help of elephants, local residents plow their fields, carry heavy loads and earn pocket money, offering tourists to ride them. Every year in the territory of Laos, the world-famous festival of elephants also takes place, which is why all tourists try to get there in this period of time.

Every tourist who was lucky enough to visit at least once in the territory of Laos is unlikely to be able to forget its unusual and fascinating wildlife. Laos can offer you a varied pastime, namely:

  1. walks in dense impassable jungle,
  2. rises and descents on high cliffs,
  3. descents on the rapids of a mountain river,
  4. excursions to the waterfalls.

Such walks, descents and ascents will be not only useful for physical health, but also for psychological. Agree, when we find ourselves alone with untouched nature, then thoughts appear in the head clean and good. For tourists who love to enrich themselves spiritually while traveling, Laos has daily religious processions of Lao monks.

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Where is the best time to relax in Laos?

Almost all tours from Laos to Moscow by default include a visit to its capital, Vientiane, which is conveniently located on the banks of the Mekong River. The size of the capital is considered one and the smallest in the world, but even such a size does not prevent annually captivating crowds of tourists.

The main attraction of the capital is the sacred temple of Thu Luang, which looks like a huge pyramid, at the tip of which is an arrow with a base in the form of a lotus. In addition to the main attraction, Vientiane is surprised by its various kinds of multi-tiered roofs of numerous pagodas that local tourists love to take photos with.

Travelers who give their preference to the most calm and peaceful rest can visit Luang Prabang. This city was previously the capital of Laos, although it itself was quite recently officially allowed to visit tourists. On the territory of the former capital of the “country of elephants” is the royal monastery Wat Xieng Thong and the ancient “city of golden temples”, because of which the city is officially recognized as the cultural heritage of the whole world.

Laos climate

In order for the impressions about the rest to be as good as possible, you should choose the right time for the trip. According to statistics, the period from June to October is considered the most unfavorable for tourists, since this is the peak of the rainy season. On the other hand, at this time, tickets will be purchased at the lowest possible prices. The cost of hotels, restaurants and everything else during the rainy season also falls. The most expensive and favorable time for trips is April, since in addition to the weather in Laos, they also celebrate the New Year. Because of the biggest holiday of the year, prices are almost doubled, because the demand for a ticket is growing rapidly.

In fact, it does not matter what period you get — rainy, during which the green of the Lao jungle fascinates you, or April, when the whole country vigorously celebrates the New Year, you will still be satisfied with your trip.

How to find tours in Laos?

It is very important to know that finding a ticket to the territory of Laos is rather troublesome, as domestic tour operators do not like this route very much. Due to the fact that the country has no access to the sea or some bay, it is quite difficult to lure tourists there. However, having traveled to Laos at least once, you will never again prefer the stuffy beaches filled with people to this pure and untouched nature. It is thanks to the subtropical flora that you feel as if you are in the Garden of Eden, which blooms more and more every minute.

All trips to the territory of Laos are created so that the tourist was constantly busy exploring nature and never missed. The tours include expeditions to the beauty of local wildlife and parks, among forests and waterfalls, mountains and caves. In addition, each tour in Laos involves a tour of the best cultural attractions of the country, namely:

  1. Buddhist temples and monasteries,
  2. pagodas
  3. Buddha statues.

However, the predominance of living and untouched nature in no way suggests that there is no civilization in Laos. Having visited the capital of the country — Vientiane, you will see all the beauty of skyscrapers and the largest shopping centers. The main advantage for tourists traveling to Laos is the availability of prices for accommodation and food. However, the flight will be quite expensive, almost half of the total budget for the rest itself.

If you look at last minute trips, then you can find a visit to two countries at once, Laos and one of its neighbors. So, for example, about $ 2,000 will cost a trip for 17 days, which includes a tour of Laos and Vietnam. The main thing is the desire, but to find a tour will turn out anyway, since Laos is only gaining popularity among domestic tourists.

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