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Lake Garda: the sights of the beautiful pond in Italy

Popular sights of Lake Garda

Garda is an incredibly beautiful lake, which is a favorite place for Italians to relax. The luxury resort attracts numerous celebrities, as well as tourists from all over the world.

The lake is the largest in Italy and is located in one of its most picturesque places. Here an unforgettable atmosphere reigns, filled with the energy of warm days, mild pleasant climate and crystal clear water. When viewing landscapes it seems that they were created by the hands of a talented painter, they are so beautiful and unique.

On Lake Garda there are well-equipped beaches, as well as everything necessary for outdoor activities: mountaineering, windsurfing, diving. Excursions and visits to local attractions are also popular with tourists.

Interesting places of Lake Garda

From all sides the lake is surrounded by small resort towns and villages. In addition, in the vicinity there are many interesting sights:

  • the castle of Malcesine;
  • central embankment;
  • Scaligers Fortress;
  • thermal springs;
  • amusement park «Gardaland»;
  • thermal park.

Malcesine Castle

Located majestic and beautiful castle Malcesine in the same city, on the northeast shore of the lake. The design is an old medieval fortress, which was built on the site of a more ancient structure. During its existence, the castle changed owners many times: francs, Venetians, French, etc. For more than a century, it belonged to the powerful family of Scaligers. In those days, the castle was their residence.

He gained worldwide fame in the 19th century after the publication of Goethe’s work “Italian Journeys”. The poet placed in the book and drawings of the building, made during his stay here. At the present time there is a bust of Goethe in the castle. There is a small museum dedicated to the writer. There is also another museum in Malcesine, whose expositions tell about the history of Lake Garda and its surroundings.

Recently, the castle has been very popular as a territory for weddings. The presence of a mild warm climate makes this place suitable for a visit at any time of the year. The most comfortable conditions are observed in the autumn and spring periods. It is at this time that couples in love are trying to come here to celebrate their wedding in the romantic setting of a medieval castle.

The building is surrounded by powerful battlements. Next to the fortress is an amphitheater, which is well preserved. Music concerts are held here quite often. The most beautiful views of the lake are opened from the balcony, located on the main tower with a height of 24 meters.

Central embankment

Located on the east coast, the embankment is considered to be the unique place of Lake Garda and the landmark of the city of Malcesine. It is this territory for the incredible beauty is called not only as the local «pearl». From here, tourists go on boat trips, here you can surf or swim in the clean waves.

Around the lake there are many resort towns, but Malcesine is the most popular. There are many hotels, cafes, entertainment centers. A special microclimate, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, is characteristic of this place. In the city grow olive trees, cypresses, oleanders.

From Malcesine you can go to Monte Boldo. The most convenient way to do this is with a lift. The booths of this device are slowly turning, allowing you to fully enjoy the opening panorama.

Fortress Scaligers

This impregnable monumental fortress has the second name «Sirmione Castle» and is located in the eponymous city. The construction of the structure belongs to the XII — XIII centuries. The fortress was intended to defend against enemies advancing from Milan. After the construction of the fortress of Rocca, the castle lost its importance and for a long time served as a repository. Only at the beginning of the last century the building became the property of Italy.

Today, the castle is open to the public, although its interior situation has hardly survived. Outside, it resembles a magical structure, which, it would seem, can only exist on the pages of fairy tales. The majestic castle is surrounded by a defensive moat in which wild ducks and swans now swim. Tourists can visit the courtyard, guard towers, ramparts.

Thermal springs

For people who want to spend a relaxing holiday in calm and peaceful conditions that are combined with pleasant water procedures, there are thermal springs. They are located near Lake Garda.

The residents learned about the presence of these healing places quite by chance while searching for water to irrigate the park area. At a depth of more than 160 meters were discovered thermal springs. For their convenient use, a special lake was created, which receives therapeutic moisture. Baths with hydromassage function, numerous fountains are equipped here, comfortable temperature is maintained.

The artificial healing lake is surrounded by a picturesque park in which century-old cedars and lindens grow. In their shadows you can sit on the bench and enjoy the contemplation of the beautiful landscapes.

This amusement park is considered one of the most popular not only in Italy, but also throughout Europe. It is located on the east side of Lake Garda. Every year, several million visitors come to Gardaland, among them both children and adults who want to have fun and experience new bright emotions. The park has 6 main attractions and about 30 small ones.

At the entrance guests are greeted by the “Blue Tornado”, whose height is more than 33 meters. The attraction is an inverted roller coaster and offers to go on an exciting “flight” with sharp falls and steep coups. Popular are «Magical Mountain», «Escape from Atlantis», «Raptor» and other attractions.

Thermal Park

The park is located at a distance of several kilometers from Verona. The territory is surrounded by wonderful vineyards, well-kept gardens, olive trees. The entrance to the park complex is made in neo-gothic style. Hot springs located here have unique healing properties.

The temperature of mineral waters is equal to the temperature of the human body. Their composition is characterized by the content of salts, magnesium and calcium. Bathing in the baths with such a liquid is useful for people suffering from rheumatism, diseases of the joints, the musculoskeletal system. Procedures have a positive effect on problem skin. On the territory of the Thermal Park there is a large number of drinking water fountains. Visitors will be able to swim in the thermal pool, take a therapeutic bath, visit the karst cold and hot caves.

There are amazing lake Garda to see! This and numerous picturesque cities, and majestic medieval castles, and unique natural beauty. The resort can not only relax well, but also get rid of various diseases.

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