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Kungur: the sights of the town in the Perm region

Popular sights of Kungur

Kungur is an old merchant town located in the Middle Urals. He is known throughout the Perm region. The city is significantly different from other Ural settlements, because it arose not as a result of mining, but as a trading corner.

It was built in the middle of the XVII century, received its name from the Kungurka River. The city developed very quickly due to its convenient location at the crossroads of trade routes. Many local merchants were selling tea, which is why it was often called the tea capital.

Since 1970, Kungur received the status of the historic city of Russia. There are many interesting sights: museums, natural monuments, architectural values.

Especially interesting for tourists will be the 2 largest museums of Kungur:

  • Museum of the history of merchants;
  • Museum of local lore.

Museum of the history of merchants

Colorful expositions tell about the rich trade and business history of the city. In these places in the XVIII century, the Siberian Route passed — one of the most important trade routes. This transport highway is dedicated to one of the expositions, giving an idea of ​​the goods that were brought and exported by the merchants.

In the museum you can see other interesting exhibitions:

  • the creation of shoes by master tanners;
  • tea trade;
  • famous ceramics made by Kungur potters;
  • cooking bread;
  • merchant life.

Among the valuable exhibits you can see medals received at Russian and foreign exhibitions, items that have come to the museum from merchant houses, a sign from a representative of the Kungur Trade Deputation, and much more.

The famous Holy Doors, which once belonged to the Cathedral of the Annunciation, are stored here. Now they have become a kind of reminder of the past wealth and well-being of the city, of the luxurious decoration of temples.

Museum expositions are located in the building of the former Gostiny Dvor. The exhibition hall is located in the basement and is designed in exactly the same way as the tea room of the 20th century. In this hall there are often a variety of exhibitions, theatrical performances and costumed events. The museum of merchants not only tells about the history of trade and business, but also reflects the peculiarities of the development of the city and all of Russia.

Local Lore Museum

This museum is one of the oldest cultural institutions in the entire Perm region. Among the exhibits there are unique things that have survived, despite the fact that the expositions wandered from place to place about 30 times. Employees were able to literally bit by bit assemble a rich collection consisting of several thousand historical values.

The expositions help to trace the history of the development and formation of the cultural traditions of the peoples inhabiting the Perm Territory. Here are tools, ancient weapons for hunting, a variety of household supplies, samples of national clothing, souvenirs, created by the hands of the Ural masters.

Among the exhibits there are very valuable samples: an ancient drawing of the famous Ice Cave, which was created by an unknown master, coins from silver of the 4th century, the times of Khozrey, the Sassanian king, and others. Numerous documents of the City Duma, photographs, revision tales, and memories make it possible to trace the path of formation and the level of development of the “merchant republic”.

Professionally designed departments of the museum tell about the time when the city was founded, about archaeological finds, about the socio-economic development of Kungur. In the department of nature you can get acquainted with unique photographs, documents, books, which are devoted to the study of caves. In addition, there are also valuable minerals found during the research.

Ancient temples

All the cathedrals built in Kungur are over a hundred years old, therefore they are of architectural and cultural value. The whole Perm region is famous for:

  • Transfiguration Church;
  • Tikhvin Church;
  • Assumption Church.

Transfiguration Church

This temple is crowned with a “baptismal” five-domed head, which distinguishes it from all other local churches. The two-story construction is made of stone and belongs to the Moscow Baroque style. Construction and interior decoration was carried out with the funds of the richest local merchants.

After the establishment of the Soviet government, the church was plundered and for a long time was empty. Later there were educational institutions. And since 1994, the newly restored church began to perform its main function.

Tikhvin Church

The temple was built in a very good place — at the top of the mountain, which is located on the picturesque bank of the Sylva. The church is an architectural monument. Cornice with «zhuchkovym» frieze passes through the temple chetveriku. Exactly the same patterns with curls can be seen on the trim. Once in the cathedral was the miraculous icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin, according to legend, it was she who defended Kungur from the attack of the troops of Yemelyan Pugachev.

Today the cathedral is valid. Inside you can see the majestic decorations, wood carving with gold, 42 ancient icons.

Assumption Church

The construction of the temple was carried out on the spot where the old wooden church, which had the same name, had burned down before. This cathedral was considered the largest and luxuriously decorated in the city. The architecture is a sample of the Ural baroque.

The parish was once very rich, the church was famous for its unique salaries of icons. During Soviet times, the temple was closed. After that, various public institutions were located in its premises. Since 2015, the restoration of the relics.

Natural Monuments

The most popular attractions that beckon numerous tourists in Kungur are, of course, famous caves:

  • Kungur Ice Cave;
  • Babinogorsk cave.

Kungur cave

This is a unique monument created by nature itself. Charming lakes with incredibly clear water, unique grottoes, unique shapes and sizes of stalagmites and stalactites — all this awaits travelers underground, inside a cave.

Scientists have proven that the age of this natural attraction is at least 10,000 years old. The length of the cave is 5.7 km. Existing excursion routes stretch for almost 2 km.

On the territory of the ice cave there are more than 70 beautiful lakes. Some of them are very deep. In the reservoirs live small frogs and water crayfish. Daily there are one and a half hour excursions that allow you to fully explore all the delights of this place.

The best time to visit the natural attractions of Kungur will be February — April. It was during this period that the ice «decorations» acquired the most impressive and original shapes and sizes.

In the entrance grottoes minus temperature always prevails, up to -20 in winter and up to -2 — 3 degrees in summer. The Diamond grotto, where the most attractive needle-shaped ice formations appear, is especially popular.

In addition to the usual excursions, specially designed programs are carried out in the cave, including the search for the hidden treasures of Ermak, a light show, and a trip to Santa Claus.

Frozen patterns, unique shapes, stopped waterfalls, incredible shapes — all this can be seen by visiting Kungur. At the entrance, tourists are offered to purchase a variety of souvenirs made of mineral rocks.

Babinogorsk cave

This is another unique place in the city, where underground labyrinths of passages and halls of impressive size are located. Babinogorsk cave is located near Kungur at the base of the mountain called Babina. The entrance is represented by a wide three-meter well, which now has a staircase for easy descent.

In winter, the ceiling of this cave is covered with original ice patterns that resemble vintage lace. There is an interesting large cave with numerous ice stalagmites and a picturesque lake in the middle. In addition to the contemplation of the frozen forms, you can wander through the maze, which is the intersection of the moves of different levels. The maze is small, so getting lost in it is quite difficult.

Kungur is one of the most interesting cities of the Perm region, which is definitely worth a visit to enjoy its measured atmosphere and unforgettable natural attractions.

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