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Krabi Airport: description, how to get, scheme, map

Krabi Airport: how to get, flight schedule

Phuket and Samui are in the lead as places of mass and low-cost vacation in Thailand. Every year, 10-12 million people rest on these islands, which is about 60% of the total tourist flow.


The province of Krabi significantly lags behind the leaders, in addition to these islands, passing forward and the central region of Thailand. Krabi is visited by 1.5 million tourists annually. The capacity of the airport is 3 million people per year.

Krabi Airport — General Information

Krabi Airport (KBV) is an international category, but its purpose is local. It is small, with no frills inside: there are no expensive shops and duty-free shops.

Terminals for passengers — 2. Both terminals are four-story. Services and facilities are located on the ground floor. Here is the luggage arriving.

The second floor is given under the halls of arrivals.

On the third — check-in of passengers for departure is carried out, waiting rooms for departing are organized. All rooms are equipped with information boards.

The fourth floor is administrative. Parking is located at each terminal.

For the departure and reception of aircraft equipped with 1 asphalt runway length of 3 km. The airport can serve various types of aircraft, including the 330th Airbus.

Airlines and flights at Krabi Airport

Local flights are performed by major national carriers of Thailand:

  • Thai Airways International
  • Bangkok Airways

Within the country can be reached by flights of famous low-cost airlines:

  • Thai Air Asia
  • Thai Lion Air

Flights within Thailand are in the following destinations:

International flights occupy most of the Krabi airport timetables. There are no direct flights. Most of the flights are joined in Bangkok. Part of the route (on the Bangkok-Krabi segment) is performed by Thai airlines.

Bangkok Airways is the airline partner of most carriers. In second place — Thai Airways. Aeroflot is one of the few airlines that operates flights to Krabi with a transfer in Bangkok on its own, without the help of Thai carriers.

How to get from the airport

Krabi Airport on the map is located remotely from the settlements and resort areas (given by road):

  • distance to Krabi town — 12 km;
  • distance to Ao Nang — 28 km.


Travel time, min.

By bus

By car

Table 2. Fares from Krabi Airport.


Fare, baht

By bus

By taxi (per car)

Talad Kao Station

If you wish, you can take a taxi to any place, including Suratthani and Phuket Town, located at a decent distance. A trip to them will cost 2500 baht per car.

How to get to the airport from the nearest resorts

Buses from the beaches of the Ao Nang coast to the airport take the following route:

  • Nopparat Thara Beach;
  • Krabi resort;
  • Pra Nang beach;
  • a stop near McDonald’s in Ao Nang;
  • Krabi Town (stop at Chaofa Road);
  • Krabi airport.

The frequency of the buses — hourly, starting at 6.00 from the beach Nopparat Thara.

In addition, the bus to the airport can be reached at Krabi Town stations:

  • central terminal — Krabi bus terminal;
  • Talad Kao Station in the north of Krabi Town — Talad Kao.

Holidaymakers on the islands of Phi Phi, Lanta, as well as in the eastern part of Railay, should get on a ferry or boat to the pier in Krabi town. Holidaymakers on the coasts of Ao Ton Sai and the western part of Reilly float across the sea to Ao Nang Pier. Next, to get to the airport, you need to follow the described bus route.

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