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Kovrov: the sights of the ancient Russian city

Sights of the city of Kovrov: a harmonious tandem of past and present

Mysterious and beautiful city is worthy of attention of tourists. It is located near the ancient city of Vladimir. Traveling along the Golden Ring of Russia, many Russian and foreign tourists who are not indifferent to the great historical heritage, definitely watch the sights of Kovrov. The history of the city itself and the entire Vladimir region was shaped by the grand dukes and the inflexible Russian people. The city is fraught with an amazing combination of antiquity and industrial power.

The city of Kovrov, located on the banks of the Klyazma River in the Vladimir region, is surrounded by many settlements. There are many places with a rich historical past. Nearby are the cities of Lyubets, Small and Big Vsegodichi.

In the spring of 1858, the construction of a railway began quite near the town of Kovrov (half a mile). Since then, a large railway junction connects Moscow with Nizhny Novgorod.

The city of Kovrov is famous for its unique and unique buildings, picturesque places, monuments, museums.

Transfiguration Cathedral

Towering on a high hill at the foot of the Klyazma River, the majestic temple is a kind of guide for travelers around the Vladimir region: it can be seen a few kilometers away. For more than 100 years, the cathedral adorns the area, it has a unique appeal, blending harmoniously into the natural landscape. The bell tower was destroyed in the 1930s, the church fence was dismantled, and the building was used by prisoners to live in it. Now architects and restorers, using old sketches, are trying to restore the old look of the temple, a lot has already been done, but much remains to be recreated.

Klyazma town

The modern settlement is preceded by a story where it is said that Yury Dolgoruky in 1152 laid the foundation city under the name Starodub-on-Klyazma. The defensive structure was supposed to protect the city of Vladimir from enemy attacks.

In the Time of Troubles, the resulting principality was completely destroyed, all the buildings were burned. Its revival began many centuries later with the construction of the Church of the Intercession, in which the height of the bell tower is 40 meters.

This settlement gave the world the grand princely family of Starodubsky, the valiant liberator from the Polish barbarians, Dmitry Pozharsky. For more than two centuries the estate was owned by the Volkonsky princes.

Degtyarev Museum

A neat spacious house on a street in the city of Kovrov is an object of historical cultural heritage. Sometime here, in the city, V. A. Degtyarev lived and created his outstanding rifle guns. As a doctor of technical sciences, having numerous government awards, he became famous as a gunsmith. It is interesting that the weapon designed by its models (rifles, machine guns) was equipped with an army for more than 40 years. The house-museum stores authentic household items:

Personal items, furniture, wall photos of the hereditary armorer are carefully kept here. There is a garden around the museum, the gunsmith was keen on floriculture.

Hare Museum

To create such an unusual museum suggested the symbol of the city — the Kovrov coat of arms, where two bunnies are depicted. By the way, the city’s enterprises also use hare symbolism. The museum exists quite recently (a little more than 10 years), but during this time a unique and numerous collection of exhibits has been collected, attracting the attention of children and adults.

The collected items are the main characters of the performances, which are arranged by the museum staff. Young visitors are given the opportunity to play with the animals.

Most of the exhibits of the unique museum (and there are about 700) were donated by the guests of the establishment. The pride of the museum is hares made by skilled craftsmen from Moscow, Kovrov and other cities. The Kochetkov family generously endowed the museum with its unique touching collection of animals (more than 100 wonderful toys).

Historical Memorial Museum

For many decades, the cultural center of the city has delighted visitors with its exhibits. Museum staff spend creative evenings, art exhibitions, including mobile. The local museum is considered a large and at the same time developing center of local history throughout the Vladimir region. Here they spend interesting historical excursions for children and teenagers from all over the Vladimir region. The main museum has local branches.

One of the expositions presents unique exhibits of relict plants, animals, paleontological finds, and also here are the items found by archaeologists in the Kovrov district.

Another exposition is the life and life of the county town with its ancient churches, merchant houses, advertising of past years, an abundance of shops. Looking into one of them, you can see and understand how the modest women took their clients, how important officials arranged their cabinets, or how artisan workers worked. Old postcards and photos telling how the houses and streets of the ancient city looked like.

Fire Tower

The pride of the city of Kovrov is another attraction — its tallest building of the beginning of the XX century, assembled from refractory bricks. The fire chronicle of the city begins with the fact that in February 1904 a team of brave warriors was created, in service of which were:

  • fire engine;
  • several hand pumps;
  • 13 barrels filled with water;
  • 3 stairs;
  • discharge and receiving sleeves;
  • 4 fire barrels.

Kalancha has long been functioning only as an architectural monument, tours with elevation to the level of the observation deck are not conducted for the safety of visitors. Constructions are outdated long ago, they can collapse at any time. And it offers a breathtaking view of the picturesque surroundings of the city.

Mountain width

The legendary hill, which is a favorite place for recreation of citizens. There is a tradition that it harbors innumerable treasures, but none of the many attempts by treasure hunters has been successful. Now the tradition of annual motocross competitions has been revived.

Previously, competitions were held regularly, and these were the days of a big holiday for local residents, and the winners received a new motorcycle from the plant. Dyagtereva.

Old-timers say that being boys, they went through the entire city to look at a spectacular sight. The whole country from the central newspapers knew about the Kovrov motor show, what can we say about the local press.

Clay toys

Even in antiquity, Kovrov became famous for the deposit and extraction of unique clay on its territory. Previously, it made dishes, toys, whistles. Products made of blue and red clay were a popular item. Over time, fishing was forgotten, and for a long time it was not remembered. Now the art of the old masters of Kovrov is being revived, the clay craft is represented by the Kovrov clay toy factory, and the officials support the initiative of the townspeople, which is the historical link between generations and times. Clay toys — bright and original, like many centuries ago — have already glorified their city Kovrov and local craftsmen all over the world.

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