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Kindergartens in Pattaya: features, prices, choice of preschool institutions

Kindergartens in Pattaya: how to choose, prices, reviews

Temporary or permanent relocation to Thailand makes the issue of education and upbringing of children relevant. Where to attach your child in another country, providing the most comfortable conditions of stay, an adequate level of development and obtaining the necessary education?

Compassionate parents will not be left alone with their problem; in Thailand, the level of education services provided is extremely high, so finding kindergartens or elementary schools in Pattaya will not be difficult. Throughout the country, especially in resort areas, where tourists most often live, you can always find a suitable institution for a full-fledged education and upbringing of a child.

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Conventionally, all kindergartens in the country can be divided into certain categories:

  • Thai gardens. Designed to teach both local and visiting children, in the educational process here are used the traditional foundations and rules of the country;

  • Sadiki of the international sample. Suitable for almost any child, regardless of the country from which he came, classes are more often held in English;
  • Russian kindergartens. The classes are conducted by teachers from Russia, the Thai staff, the language of instruction, respectively, is also Russian, however, there are lessons in mathematics and learning a foreign language that help other children to adapt to living in a foreign country.

If you ever made out a child in a Russian kindergarten, you probably remember this “fascinating quest” in the fight against the bureaucratic machine, collecting all sorts of references, queues, difficulties and obstacles. Getting into any kindergarten working in Thailand is much easier. A visit to the kindergarten can be daily, a certain number of times during the week or only on selected days agreed in advance with the parents.

Visits are paid monthly, the rate fixed without hidden payments and transfers to various funds (who happened to come across Russian kindergartens will understand what this is about). The new school year starts here not in September, which is usual for us, but in May, respectively, the end of classes falls in March, that is, the holidays, if they are scheduled, will be held in April (the hottest summer month in Thailand).

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] Also for this period falls the traditional celebration of the Thai New Year. One more vacation for kids is provided in the middle of October. [/ Quote]

Some of the gardens for children here are called schools, but do not get confused in terms, in essence, they are precisely preschool institutions.

What are the features of kindergartens in Pattaya

The initial age of the child’s entry into the garden depends on the specially developed program available at the establishment. In the category of babies you can give children aged 1.5 years, most often this stay is calculated only until noon. In some kindergartens, children can be given from the age of two, in others this figure will start from 3 years.

In Thailand, the average age to begin attending preschool is 2 years. When you register a child in the kindergarten, it is not necessary to provide information on previous vaccinations. You can take the baby to the kindergarten and take him back by yourself or by paying for the bus service, at the appointed time coming to your place of residence.

Practically every kindergarten located in Pattaya and intended for Russian children offers food to choose from. That is, you can bring food by yourself or order the preparation of an individual menu. The local cuisine is distinguished by a wide variety of dishes; in the gardens, children are fed very tasty, they prepare food that does not include spices.

How much is a visit to the garden in Pattaya

The price of a child’s visit to a kindergarten, where Thai women work as nannies, will amount to 3-4 thousand baht per month. In international kindergartens, where the teacher works with the knowledge of the English language, with assistants from Thailand or the Philippines, the price will increase approximately by half. Separate waste will be the mandatory purchase of two sets of uniforms, sportswear, food and transportation costs.

Principles of training and education of children

  1. The size of the group depends on the age of the children, respectively, the younger the children, the smaller they will be in the same group. The average number is about 20 people, whereas two-year-olds are usually no more than 10 children.
  2. In kindergartens with a training program, a day consists of short classes, 30-40 minutes each. They teach the simplest language skills in English and Thai, as well as math, drawing.
  3. After each class, a walk in the fresh air is provided, followed by lunch and sleep. The duration of daytime sleep is about one and a half hours; after it is over, children are engaged in reading, drawing and thematic games.
  4. The lunch ends with this cycle, ending with a general ruler and charging. That is, a physical warm-up in kindergartens in Pattaya is carried out twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon.
  5. In some educational institutions there is a swimming pool where swimming lessons are held for kids. For such purposes, a special instructor is involved, which implies an additional fee; swimming training can be general or individually.

There are also kindergartens, with the lack of large television screens for learning, constructions and lessons. Every parent has the right to decide which educational program he will choose for his child. Any child is surrounded by a proper level of care, he will be fed, his ass will be drowned, he will be lulled to sleep, and his teeth will be brushed.

In Thailand, the organization of processes for the upbringing and education of children of preschool age is at a sufficiently high organizational level; children will receive due attention and control. The babies are watched with a certain rigor, however, such a concept as screams and physical punishment are absent in principle.

In Thailand, children attend kindergartens at the discretion of their parents, the school starts from the age of six, until that time they can be both at home and under the supervision of watchful kindergarten teachers.

How to choose kindergartens in Pattaya

There are a large number of institutions for preschool education of children in the territory of Thai resorts, which allows parents to choose the most suitable institution for their children. The most popular kindergartens are the following institutions:

    Kindergarten «Lukomorye». The school is located in the picturesque suburb of Pattaya, the size of the room makes it possible to simultaneously stay in it forty children. A full-fledged children’s development center, providing the opportunity to bring kids to the kindergarten and back to the place of residence. The center conducts lessons of English and German, there is an experienced Thai teacher, children learn it at will, such lessons do not imply an additional fee.

Excellent nature, lots of greenery, fresh air, picturesque view of the adjacent lake. A Russian-speaking nurse works with the smallest; a Thai teacher is involved for older children.
The kindergarten’s schedule includes a six-day visit from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Sunday is the day off. The cost of the package of services for a child’s monthly stay in the kindergarten, including meals, learning languages ​​and moving, is 15 thousand baht. The kindergarten is securely fenced with a special net that prevents small animals and reptiles from entering the grounds, and insects are regularly destroyed in playgrounds.
The choice of food between Thai or Russian cuisine. On the territory of the institution there is a fire and security alarm system. In the near future, a camp for teens will be organized on the basis of a kindergarten with an emphasis on the development of sports skills and a good level of knowledge of foreign languages;

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  • Kindergarten Semitsvetik in Pattaya. This institution actively cooperates with the Russian ballet school and the Beginning personality development center. The fact that practically all children of pre-school age at the Russian Embassy in Thailand are studying in this kindergarten indicates the high status of the institution.
    Today, the kindergarten is the only institution that received a state license. Located «Seven-color» in a quiet place, far from the city noise, lots of greenery and perfectly clean air. Address kindergarten Thappraya road, Soi 15. On the territory there are well-equipped playgrounds, including swings and slides, ensuring the overall physical development of the child.
    The founder of the kindergarten is a famous teacher Irina Novikova. There are no vacations in the work of the children’s center; there are only a small number of holiday non-working days during a calendar year. For those wishing parents, a free excursion can be held where they can see for themselves the conditions of their stay there, recreation and leisure activities;

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  • Kindergarten «Buratino». Good location for people living near the Jomtien area. The garden is located in close proximity to the sea. Bright sun, sea breeze and the supervision of an experienced specialist contributes to the improvement and hardening of children.

    The children’s center is recommended for visiting children with a low level of immunity; for treatment, they use local beekeeping products that have a positive effect on the entire body. A full three meals a day, the choice of menus, practicing educational games and activities;

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  • Kindergarten «Phoenix». The garden is located in the southern suburbs of the city in the immediate vicinity of the Sukhumvit highway. Here you can give up the education of children aged one year. In each group there are from 15 to 25 kids. In the garden, they teach language knowledge, which allows them to fully master their conversational skills before entering school. Modern methods of working with the younger generation are used, developing self-discipline, self-confidence and obtaining maximum knowledge about the world around them;

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  • Garden International School (GIS). First of all, it should be noted the good location of the school, it is on the way from Pattaya to Rayongom, in close proximity to the sea. The center trains children from 3 to 18 years old, the British study plan is practiced. After graduation, graduates receive a decent education, fully complying with IGCSE standards, can pass exams on the spot and get a bachelor’s degree. Representatives of 35 different nationalities study here, children live separately by gender. For young children, there is a separate building, various programs of stay and schooling;

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    School Easter Seaboard (ISE) receiving children aged 3 years. The institution is accredited by WASC USA. After graduation, children receive adequate training and the opportunity to enter the prestigious universities of the world. Education received is quoted worldwide. The school begins to teach children from the age of three, offering them a variety of programs to develop individual personality traits. The school is attended by children from 24 countries of the world, about 33o in total.

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Unprecedented security measures, ideal conditions for the full creative development of the child’s personality. The training center constantly develops and improves the educational process, your child will grow up a harmonious and comprehensively developed personality.

In kindergarten, the foundations of the future personality are laid; it is up to 5 years old that the child forms adaptation skills in society, character and habits. Timely investments in the development of the child will in the future get the desired result, which will be expressed in obtaining good education in the future, achieving success in their careers or business.

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