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Kamchatka: attractions that are worthy of attention

Natural sights of Kamchatka

For the majority of our compatriots, Kamchatka and rest are incompatible things. This opinion is typical for people who do not know anything about this amazing corner. Their information is limited only by the fact that it is somewhere in the north, very far.

In fact, it is a land that has been preserved in its original form without influence from the person. An important feature of the peninsula is the presence of more than 3 hundred volcanoes, of which 36 are active. Many of the local natural attractions are included in the UNESCO heritage list.

There are no sandy beaches, warm sea waves and hot sun in Kamchatka, the rest here is completely different. It is difficult to forget the unique natural monuments that have not suffered at all due to the development of civilization. In addition to volcanoes, the region is rich in unique natural parks that deserve special attention.

Popular sights of Kamchatka

Every tourist who came here should see:

  • Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve;
  • Klyuchevsky Nature Park;
  • Natural Park «Blue Lakes»;
  • Commander Islands.

Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve

The park is considered the largest and most famous. It is located on the coast of the Kamchatka and Kronotsky bays. In this place you can see all the local landscapes:

  • middle mountains covered with forests and shrubs;
  • tundra lowlands;
  • mountains of volcanic origin, covered by glaciers.

Here is the world-famous Valley of Geysers — a natural landmark, which is under heavy guard. For this reason, unorganized tourists will be quite problematic to get here.

For the convenience of movement in the valley are equipped with footpaths paved with wooden planks.

The most interesting natural monuments on the territory of the reserve are:

  • The Tyushevsky glacier, which stretches for 8 km and enters the Kronotsky glacial junction;
  • The majestic ridge of 16 active and dormant volcanoes that frame the picturesque Kronotsky lake, which depth reaches 140 m;
  • Kronotskaya Sopka is a mountain that is the second highest in the whole peninsula;
  • hot keys and springs;
  • deciduous forest, spruce forests and a grove of graceful fir, which has no analogues in the world.

There are about 37 species of animals, 212 birds, and about 600 species of plants in the reserve. Among the representatives of the fauna it is worth noting brown bears, reindeer, foxes, sables, bighorn sheep, white-shouldered eagles, gyrfalcons, peregrine falcons and many others.

In the Kronotsky Reserve there is a mysterious and mysterious Death Valley. According to local residents, there is a mortal danger for every living creature behind a beautiful landscape. Indeed, animal corpses are often found in the vicinity of the valley. Until now, scientists have not been able to explain this phenomenon.

Klyuchevsky Nature Reserve

This park is the youngest and one of the most attractive in Kamchatka. Its territory is sometimes called the «edge of fire and ice.» Here are 47 glaciers and 12 active volcanoes. In Kamchatka, the sights of the reserve are locals and tourists seeking to preserve in their original form and admire the unique landscapes of natural origin.

Local landscapes are represented by frozen volcanic lava. Many species of animals and birds inhabit the park:

  • black-capped marmots;
  • lynx;
  • wolverines;
  • elk;
  • and, of course, the king of protected areas — the Kamchatka bear.

In the reserve nest wood grouse, wild geese and ducks, swans. The flora of the park is represented by four hundred different plants.

Among the natural monuments of the Klyuchevsky Reserve, Polyana edelweiss, Mutton Rocks, Basalt log, Stone Ambon and others are of particular value.

These places are attractive not only for researchers, but also for climbers, tourists who are not indifferent to the unique natural sights.

Here you can get closer to the craters of volcanoes, see the still-frozen lava flows, walk along the surface of the largest glaciers on the whole peninsula.

«Blue Lakes»

This natural park is located near the city of Elizovo. Its name speaks for itself. There are many lakes with clear clear water and ice. The sun’s rays, falling into reservoirs, are reflected, painting the shores in shades of blue and purple. The lakes are located at different heights, they are all interconnected by a streamlet, which then turns into the Half River.

Tourist routes with a length of 15 km pass through a beautiful scenic area, hunting trails. There is a ski base, which has everything you need for outdoor activities. The final destination is a high mountain ridge. From here there is a great view of the rocky peaks of the mountains, charming lakes, glacier circuses.

Commander Islands

The corner of virgin nature consists of 4 islands located in the Bering Sea. This monument is located 200 km from the Kamchatka Territory. Strong earthquakes occur quite often on the islands, since they are located at the junction of the lithospheric plates.

Commander Islands will surely please all lovers of peace and quiet. Here you can not see a large cluster of tourists, hear the noise characteristic of popular resorts. What attracts scientists, famous photographers and lovers of solitude here?

The Commander Islands are a unique world where civilization has hardly reached. There is no developed tourist infrastructure. Travelers will be able to stay in small hotels, which are located on the territory of the islands. Here you can see rare animals — sea lions, fur seals, orcas.

In the Kamchatka region attractions are amazing and unique. Many unique natural monuments are preserved in their original form, therefore they are of interest to researchers and tourists. Rest on the peninsula will appeal to people who know how to appreciate the natural beauty, the diversity of wildlife, peaceful contemplative pastime.

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