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Ivanovo: the sights of the textile city

What sights to see in the city of Ivanovo?

Those who want to see interesting places, no longer need to look for them abroad, because in Russia there are attractions that are not in the whole world. A vivid example is Ivanovo — it is a city-museum, in which there are about 4 hundred monuments of architecture and history — all under the protection of the state. In Ivanovo, there are monuments belonging to the era of constructivism, revolutionary monuments, buildings of textile factories of the XIX century and many other attractions. Once in Ivanovo for at least one day, you can have time to look as much as you can’t see in your whole life, but you can hardly get around all the sights of the unique city museum.

Historical values

The city of Ivanovo has another name — the textile capital of Russia. Since the times of Ancient Rus, the city became famous for its textiles, thanks to the weaving craft the city flourished. These days in Ivanovo there is not one museum, in each of which the history of the city is preserved.

Ivanovo Regional Art Museum

For those who enjoy art or history, be sure to visit this unique museum. It contains not only artistic canvases, but also other samples of Russian art, such as: porcelain, various sculptures and historical photographs. In addition, the museum has samples of ancient art and ancient Russia. The art museum is the owner of more than 40 thousand exhibits.

Museum of Ivanovo Calico

The city of Ivanovo is famous not only for its brides, but also for textile manufactures. Visiting the museum, you can learn the history of the development of the production of textiles from its very beginning to the present. Museum of Ivanovo Calico has its own idea: to present Ivanovo textile not as a craft, but as an art. At the exhibition you can see how the patterns and patterns on calico have changed for many years and what characteristic features they had. Many will be interested to see the exposition of the native inhabitant of the city of Ivanovo — Vyacheslav Zaitsev, who is famous throughout the world.

Squares and parks

All squares and parks of the city of Ivanovo are unique places. Each of the squares has its own sights, museums, historical architectural structures. Each square of the city has its own zest, and none of them is like the other.

Pushkin’s square

If you are lucky to get to the amazing beautiful city of Russia, Ivanovo, at least for one day, then you should definitely visit Pushkin Square. It is on this square that you will be able to see very interesting sights of the city in one day. It is also worth noting that this is the main place in the city where various contests, concerts, folk festivals are held. The Square houses the Temple of the Holy Trinity, the Palace of Arts and much more. Also next to it are the boulevard and Lenin Avenue, which also have their own history and attractions. But the most interesting attraction is the fountain — it is a favorite place of pastime not only for city residents, but also for tourists. It is worth noting that in the summer in the evening a special illumination for the fountain is turned on, and it begins to «sing.»

Art Park of the city of Ivanovo — this is not quite a historical place, but for the city — the same attraction. This is a place where you can go not only to relax, but also to see unusual monuments. The whole territory of the park is landscaped. Paths and sidewalks are lined with paving stones, green lawns and flower-growing flowerbeds are everywhere, benches are set for rest. The park has a monument to Arkady Severny, born in Ivanovo. Arkady Severny was a famous author of many songs.

The park has a bronze dachshund statue. In the city of Ivanovo is considered, if you run your hand over her ears or nose, she will bring good luck.

Revolution square

On the Revolution Square there are many administrative buildings of the city. It is considered one of the legendary sights of the city, where tourists can buy various souvenirs, magnets. Once on this square, be sure to get a painting from the tapestry, it will be a good gift for relatives or an unusual decoration for the house. On the square there is also a small square where you can relax, admiring the amazing beauty of flower beds. You can also visit the temple-chapel of the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God. The square is named after the revolutionary events of 1905. On the square is a huge monument in honor of faraway events. When approaching the square, the monument begins to be viewed from afar. The monument itself is the figure of two workers, one of whom is already wounded, but the other, picking up a banner from a comrade, is moving forward. This place is considered a cult for the newlyweds, they after the wedding will certainly visit it.

Architectural monuments

In the city of Ivanovo, you can not only visit museums, theaters, but also places where architectural sights have survived to this day. Ivanovo is famous for its ancient buildings, which glorify the city for more than one century. In Ivanovo, preserved buildings of the XVII century, and post-revolutionary — this is a real open-air museum.

House ship

This is the most unusual, but residential building of the city of Ivanovo, consists of two buildings. The city after the revolution became the center of textiles, units of European manufacturers could compete with it. It was in the city of Ivanovo that there was a cluster of working class, which gave support to the Bolsheviks. It was the revolutionary spirit that led the architects of the time to introduce something new and not like other structures into the architecture. All buildings resemble a ship. Its central wall is rounded to the end by two rows of balconies. The balconies themselves are reinforced with strong, metal handrails in height — almost like on a ship. The house itself consists of 5 floors, but from one edge a tower is built, which has eight floors. It was she who gives the house a ship view, this tower looks like a viewing platform. But that is not all. The entire first floor of the building is glazed — this creates an imitation of the water on which the vessel is located. The most interesting thing about this building is that it is still residential, and at the same time there has never been a major overhaul in it. When visiting the city of Ivanovo, you should definitely see this landmark.

The house-ship in Ivanovo is a real museum of architecture, which has never been reconstructed or repaired.

Schudrovskaya tent

This building is considered a truly historic structure, it was built in the XVII century. It was built in the very center of Ivanovo, near the Revolution Square. Schudrovskaya tent is considered one of the first stone buildings of the city. Today, this architectural landmark looks like it was recently built. This building, which became a symbol of the city, was built as an orderly hut.

It consists of two rooms, which vary in size — one of them is spacious and the second is smaller. In the largest room were previously stored notebooks, in which were recorded the rent that was collected from the peasants. A small room was intended for the clerk princes. If you get the opportunity to visit the city of Ivanovo, then you should definitely see this architectural structure, which has survived to this day.

Where to go with the child

If you live or come to the city of Ivanovo for the winter or summer holidays with children, you should not miss the moment and visit the most interesting places of the city that will be interesting for children. But remember, not all attractions and museums may be of interest to children. For them, in the city of Ivanovo, you can find more exciting entertainment.

If the city is only one day with children, do not miss the moment to visit the zoo. This will not take you much time, and you will have time to visit other sights of the city, but the children will have very vivid and unforgettable impressions of the zoo. In the Ivanovo Zoo there are more than 150 species of various animals — about 800 specimens.

Together with the children you can see:

  • Reptiles (turtles, unusual dark and tiger pythons, snakes and sandy stranger).
  • A variety of birds, a highlight of the collection is a pair of black swans.
  • A lot of feline animals — leopard, tiger or cougar.

In addition, the zoo is still a huge number of animals — from rodents to bears.

There is a wonderful excursion for children on Leningradskaya Street, which can be reached by tram No. 2 or trolleybus No. 5. In summer, you can visit it from 10.00 to 19.00 (except Monday and Tuesday), and in winter — from 10.00 to 15.00 (except Monday and Friday).

Horseback riding

On Pushkin Square, where there are still quite a lot of different attractions, children can ride horses — this is considered to be a kind of children’s remarkable fun for the city. On the square there are a lot of horses — various sizes and colors. You can ride your baby both on a pony and on graceful horses.

Recreation park for children and adults «Harinka»

In the park you can relax not only adults but also children. Here, the mass of various attractions for every taste and age — the railway, airplanes, trampolines and many others. For the youngest, there is a children’s playroom, while adults can spend unforgettable moments of life, riding a Ferris wheel. In the summer, you can swim and sunbathe on the lake in the park, and in winter the park offers cross-country ski rental.

The amusement park is located on Pavel Bolshevikov Street, and you can reach it by trolleybus №2. Every day from 10.00 to 18.00, and on weekends — until 21.00 adults and children can visit the park. It is worth noting that on weekends and holidays there are various concert programs, game contests or theatrical performances in the park.

Regional Puppet Theater

The city of Ivanovo is famous for its museums and theaters, and for young viewers there are theaters in the city. Of particular note is the Regional Ivanovo Theater of Dolls. For kids of 2-3 years old it will be the most unforgettable tour. In the theater, you can watch performances that are familiar to the kid from children’s fairy tales and books. Kids, having visited the performance, get acquainted with theatrical art, learn to feel and experience. The whole performance then flows into the game program, with round dances and various competitions. For older children in the theater, you can choose to watch various musicals.

The theater of childhood and joy is located on Pushkin Square. You can visit it on any day except Monday, from 12.00 to 18.00, and on weekends from 9.00 to 15.00. Visiting the theater with children, you will discover a new world full of emotions and new sensations.

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