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Interesting summer vacation: places and entertainment in the city for every taste

We come up with entertainment in the summer in the city

Warm season is the best time for holidays. But, unfortunately, the vacation can not last long. If instead of deciding the question “where to go,” you have to decide what to fill the summer holidays in the city, this is no reason to get upset. In the stone jungle, too, there is a lot of variety of entertainment, it is only a responsible approach to the question of their search.

When it’s hot outside, you definitely want to go to the sea, or at least to a river or a lake. However, not everyone was lucky with the proximity of water bodies, and often getting to them is not an easy task. Moreover, in each city there are many places where you can enjoy nature and relax in the summer from the heat.

First of all, these are city parks and fountains, which simply need to be included in your walking routes. Try not just to take a walk, but to have a picnic on the green lawn. Soak up the sunshine, chat with friends or even play volleyball / football / other active games. Who said that you only need to do this on the beach?

Ideas for city vacations in the summer

You can enjoy the heat and the sun in different ways. There are a few simple ways to make your summer vacation interesting and beneficial to your body and soul.

  • Bicycle rides. Traveling through your hometown can be no less exciting than long trips. If you do not have a bike, take it at the box office and go literally wherever you look. In the courtyards, unfamiliar streets, places where you do not usually go. Do not forget to stock up on fresh water, perhaps your journey will be so exciting that it will take a long time.
  • Go to the amusement park. These amazing places of summer recreation bring joy not only to children, but also to adults, and often the latter get much more pleasure from long-forgotten sensations.
  • Play paintball. You can gather friends or colleagues for this team game, the main thing is to choose not too hot days for this. Running with weapons and protective clothing will be easier in cool weather, and after the game you will find a lot of pleasant moments, such as cheerful discussions and viewing photos.
  • Do not lose sight of urban summer vacation programs. Many cultural institutions hold open-air festivals, and at that time often the days of the city and other public events are held. Often they organize all sorts of games for recreation in the summer, competitions and contests.
  • In addition, while it’s warm outside, you can start doing your morning run and do exercises in the fresh air, arrange photo shoots with friends, or walk alone to your favorite places with a camera.

Add to the list of interesting entertainment you can visit the suburban bases of summer holidays, and at the end of the season — trips for mushrooms and berries

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