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Insurance to Malaysia

Insurance to Malaysia

Today, Malaysia is just opening for tourism, so that the flow of tourists annually increases several times. Huge and overgrown jungle, wildlife and tropical climate attract many, however, all these factors can be not only the subject of adoration and lust, but also a major risk. Here you are at risk to pick up some kind of illness or fever, stumble upon an enraged beast, or simply stumble in the jungle in the wrong place, which will be a fatal mistake.

Get insurance to Malaysia online

Medical services in Malaysia are quite a decent amount, so you will have to pay more than half of your vacation from your pocket. In order to avoid such situations, almost all tourists take out medical (travel) insurance, which covers all your expenses in the event of an insurance accident.

Do I need insurance for a trip to Malaysia?

If you are going to visit Malaysia for a period of less than 30 days, then insurance will not be required to apply for a visa. To enter the country you will need to provide a passport (which is not less than six months before the end of the first day of travel), then you will need to fill out a standard immigration card, indicating your personal data, address of permanent residence and citizenship (all this will need to be done already on arrival in Malaysia). It is important to note that the majority of migration agents do not let in tourists without insurance, or force them to pay penalties if they are not available. If your insurance is issued later than 5 days before the trip, then the commission itself will decide on its functioning and authenticity.

What risks does insurance cover in Malaysia?

It is important to note that standard medical insurance includes a number of permanent insurance claims that it can cover. Almost all insurance companies include the following cases in their policy:

  • Emergency brigade call;
  • 2. The costs of transporting the insured to a medical facility;
  • Emergency dental care (only for acute pains or jaw injuries);
  • Payment of drugs and medical materials that are prescribed by a doctor;
  • Urgent surgical intervention, if it is necessary to save the life of the insured;
  • Inpatient treatment (includes the quality of treatment and care of the insured by your insurance company);
  • Transportation and residence of a relative who wanted to visit the victim, if the treatment of the insured lasts a long time;
  • Traporovka body insured home in case of death.

What risks does not cover insurance to Malaysia?

When making insurance documents, it is very important to consider all aspects that are written in your contract. Insurance companies may not pay you compensation if your case is not credited to the insurance list. In order to avoid a similar situation, pay attention to what situations are not included in the standard tourist policy:

  • treatment of diseases (including chronic), injuries and poisoning, as well as their consequences, if they happened before the purchase of insurance;
  • treatment of mental illness and neurosis, as well as injuries sustained during the exacerbation of these conditions and diseases;
  • treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and other venereal diseases; wellness and rehabilitation treatment;
  • planned hospitalization for the treatment of any chronic diseases.

Also, insurance events that happened in such situations will not be covered:

  1. natural, human and man-made disasters (the effects of a nuclear explosion, radiation, the use of weapons of mass destruction, military coups, strikes, riots, popular uprisings);
  2. Accident, if the insured person drove a vehicle without a driver’s license or violated traffic rules;
  3. alcohol, toxic or narcotic intoxication;
  4. any events that began to operate it before the execution of the insurance contract.

It is important to understand that the insurance company will very carefully check your insurance situation, since first of all it is interested in the authenticity of your words and the reality of the risk case with respect to the written documentation. To increase their safety, many tourists add to their standard set of policies and additional insurance situations that they may be exposed during the holidays.

The following risks are most often added to insurance:

  • accident insurance;
  • insurance in case of sports and recreation (the latter does not include such pastime as diving, mountaineering and the like);
  • control a motorcycle, moped or water scooter;
  • baggage insurance;
  • legal assistance (relevant in Asia, where few people speak English);
  • document loss insurance;
  • help with pregnancy complications.

It is very important to add that each of the points also contains exceptions and rules that it is very important to know before the trip. So you should study in detail your insurance contract and its components.

What is the level and cost of medicine in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the most developed in the medical direction of the countries of Southeast Asia. In the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Lankgavi, there are a number of large and well-known clinics, and the country’s healthcare system is tightly controlled by the Ministry of Health. However, this is speaking of big cities and the capital; in rural areas the situation is accurate and vice versa.

Almost all modern equipment is located only in the city and in expensive private clinics. In public institutions, equipment is updated much less frequently, although this information will not surprise the domestic tourist. Most of the staff are fluent in English. In urban hospitals, prices are much lower than in private clinics, however, it is more difficult to get there, because there are much more applicants.

Because of the very advanced medicine, its cost is also increasing, so an accident will cost you quite a bit without medical insurance. It would be better to be safe and buy a full policy that will protect you from all risks in Malaysia.

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