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Insurance in Cambodia: apply online in 5 minutes

Insurance in Cambodia

Cambodia is a country, travels to which have recently begun to rapidly gain popularity among domestic tourists. People like the unusual architecture, green and tropical nature, as well as the strange and unusual traditions of the locals. However, no matter how beautiful the country to which you are heading, it’s compulsory to worry about insurance. Thanks to it, it will be possible to avoid unforeseen expenses in the medical plan, and in some cases, any other.

Get insurance in Cambodia online

Do I need insurance in Cambodia for a visa?

Insurance in Cambodia is not a mandatory point of obtaining a visa, for a visa document you need to have with you just a passport, a completed application form for a visa and 6 color photos. Also at the border of any of the countries, border guards will not require this insurance from you. However, this information does not mean that you can relax perfectly without an insurance policy. This is where the concern for your health and your loved ones comes into play.

It is noteworthy that the Russian consulate in Cambodia does not have the means to pay medical bills and, in the absence of insurance, will not be able to help its tourists. So you will be grateful to yourself if the irreparable happens, and you will be fully prepared for this.

Why do you need insurance in Cambodia?

It is not a secret to anyone that we are exposed to risks hourly and every second, even when we are in the territory of our native country. Now imagine how much the risk of risk grows where you do not have a certain experience in communication or logistics. On the territory of exotic countries, you can often get poisoned with poor-quality food, inject a reef, or it is just difficult to transfer acclimatization.

In the territory of Cambodia, medicine is quite cheap, but the service is also relative. Apart from the fact that a tourist could simply not count on additional costs, he may need to order a car and go for more qualified help to Thailand, which is several times more expensive.

To avoid problems with the provision of medical care, as well as transportation, which may be even more expensive, it is best to be safe and issue an insurance policy. An insurance company specialist will tell you which clinic you should contact and which documents to collect for payments. Expenses stipulated in the contract will be paid in full within the limits of the sum insured. Thanks to this you will feel confidently a whole vacation, not being distracted by experiences.

What does insurance cover in Cambodia?

Almost all insurance companies provide travel insurance services, which, by default, covers the following situations:

  1. transportation of the insured person to a medical institution (only if such a need is proved);
  2. emergency hospitalization and subsequent outpatient treatment (it will include all consumables, medicines, necessary research and tests, which the doctor will prescribe);
    emergency dental care;
  3. transportation to Russia is not your own flight (only if your flight was lost due to the insurance situation);
  4. sending urgent messages to the insurer or service company (to resolve issues related only to the insured event);
  5. repatriation of the body (in case of death of the insured person).

The amount offered by the insurance company can fully offset the costs in case of any of these situations. It is important to note that the above situations are included in the standard set of health insurance, and if you wish, you can add any item you need.

What additional features can be included in travel insurance in Cambodia?

Any insurance company can offer you not only a standard package of health insurance, but also additional services that you can choose according to your needs, namely:

  • Sports insurance (Sports insurance will help you to feel completely safe during an active pastime. It includes all medical cases related to unsuccessful falls, sprains, cuts and the like. The only thing that is important to know is that the standard policy will not cover the treatment injuries caused by such risky sports as rafting, surfing, diving, etc.).
  • Accident (the insurance case is covered when you get into an unforeseen situation due to an accident and you can prove it).
  • Baggage insurance (Valid for lost or delayed baggage).
  • Civil liability (This type of insurance will help you protect yourself from your own actions. Compensation will be paid to a third party to whom you or your children could have caused unintentional harm).
  • Nezvezd (Insurance against the departure, is quite popular with those people who are not fully confident in their ability to go on vacation, or are worried about the incident in any unplanned situations).

If you are interested in any of the listed items, then it is very important to clarify all its functions. So, in the case of sports insurance, the insurance company will not pay you compensation if you tuck your foot or in some other way damage your health while intoxicated. Also, if you can prove that you intentionally caused damage to hotel property, then you will compensate for all losses from your own pocket, regardless of the effect of “civil liability”. The reasons for not leaving the place should also be very important, and it is better to discuss them immediately with your insurance agent, in order not to end up at the bottom of the trough.

What does the cost of insurance in Cambodia?

The cost of an insurance policy in Cambodia may vary, and all changes in price depend on the following factors:

  1. The age category of the insured person (The most expensive insurance will cost for children and for the elderly, as the risk of their disease is much greater).
  2. Travel duration (Since insurance should cover your entire vacation, the longer you rest, the more you pay for insurance).
  3. The amount of coverage (Depending on the plans for rest and the length of the vacation, you can increase or decrease the amount of coverage when you make insurance. The cost of the fee will increase or fall slightly, but the policy will provide more complete or more specialized protection.
  4. Included risks (The more risky situations you add, the more expensive all insurance will go to Cambodia).

What is important to know about insurance in Cambodia?

To be confident in your safety, you must carefully study the insurance contract in order to be fully aware and informed in all its aspects. The most detailed need to pay attention to such items:

  • Franchise (The amount set by the insurance company, which will not be paid in the event of an insurance situation. Most often it is from 30 to 50 dollars, which are not covered, if your expenses have not exceeded it, and also if it has exceeded)
  • Alcohol (No insurance company will take responsibility for a person who got into an unpredictable situation due to alcohol intoxication).
  • Driving a moped without category A rights (in the event of an accident, the insurance company will also not refund you anything)

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