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How to take a child on the road: useful, pleasant entertainment

What you can take a child on the road: entertaining the baby

Going on a trip, you need to think in advance about how to take the child on the road. It is difficult for children under the age of 10 to sit still. For a fun pastime, adults will have to show ingenuity and imagination. Useful helpers will be board games, books, CDs with cartoons, audio recordings of fairy tales, children’s songs.

What to take on the road

Going with children on a trip, you need to take care that they were comfortable and joyful. It will not be possible to take a lot of toys and bulky things, but it will be difficult to do without a favorite bear and a book.

List of necessary things:

  • water, snack;
  • toilet paper, napkins, towel;
  • small board games: lotto, domino, magnetic chess, checkers;
  • books, CDs, gadgets;
  • dolls for finger games;
  • pen, pencils, felt-tip pens, paper;
  • small toys.

The main thing — do not overdo it with the number of things. You can come up with a lot of intellectual, educational games that do not require a large number of items.

Start of the journey

Children, getting into the car or train, are impressed by the trip. The ultimate goal seems to be something fabulous, I want to quickly get there and enjoy the rest.

With children up to one year most often there are no problems, they easily fall asleep under a smooth wiggle. With babies, the main thing is to take care that they are physically comfortable. It is necessary to protect them from drafts, scorching sun rays, in time to water and not to overfeed.

It is difficult for children up to 4-5 years to sit in one place, especially in a car where they need to be in a chair. As long as they contemplate the landscapes flashing outside the window, parents can enjoy peace and tranquility. It is important to catch the moment when the child gets bored and start playing or practicing with him.

Interested without toys

How to entertain a child on the road depends on his character and temperament. Calm children can spend hours playing intellectual games, making observations, composing and listening to fairy tales. An active child is difficult to sit still. For him, you need to alternate outdoor games with a quiet pastime. So, how to take children?

Word game

Children of preschool and school age like to play words. The rules come up to your taste.

  • Who starts — choose with a fun counting. The presenter calls the word, the child responds to others beginning with the letter that the previous one ended in, and so on in a circle. For example: raspberry, pineapple, plum, etc.
  • You can agree that these will be any words or belonging to specific categories: animals, cities, fruits, names, plants.

There are other options:

  • Find an extra word. One of the players calls from 4 to 6 words. One should be superfluous. For example: table, chair, sofa, window, chair. Superfluous — «window», all the rest — pieces of furniture.
  • Find a generic value. For example: kangaroo, giraffe, elephant, wolf. These are animals.
  • Come up with words with the opposite meaning. For example: fast-slow, loud-quiet, fluffy-smooth coat (bald, smooth, spiny).
  • Come up with the word on the contrary: cat-current, rice-sim.
  • Find words in rhyme: baby cat. You can think of only existing words or absurd consonances. The second option will laugh not only children, but also adults.

If the road takes more than two hours, developing games alone will not do. You can interest the child, exclaiming: look, outside the squirrel window (peacock, fox).

Catch hand

In between the quiet games, you can play catch the hand. An adult puts a brush on a car seat or a train shelf and offers the child to catch it, covering his palm. Not so easy as it seems. One player tries to remove the hand, the second tries to “slam” her.

In the train you can play a ball. Another option is to fold a piece of paper into a ball and throw it at each other. Having fun, complicating the game, set a target and fall into it.

Account to help

With this game, preschool children are taught to count. Pupils just have fun. You can count anything: traffic lights, cars of a certain color or brand, dogs in general or a separate breed. You can compete: who first counts 5 traffic lights with a burning red light, 3 poodles, 10 pines?

For children over 8 years old, the competition “Who correctly counts the number of stops to the end of the way” will be interesting. This game can be played regardless of the type of transport on which the journey takes place.

Observation Games

Sometimes it is difficult to think of what it is possible to take children on a bus, because there are a lot of people around, it’s impossible to make a lot of noise. We’ll have to invent different techniques to make the kids interesting. You can offer a lot of games on the development of attention.

You need to remember what kind of landscape (store, building, park) just passed. Then you should answer the question of what flashed past the window. Was it a forest, a park, was there a dog (cat)? Was the building tall or low? Or maybe he remembered the sign, what is the name of the store that was left behind?

The second option. Lay out from 4 to 10 items, depending on the age of the children. Give a look at them for 30 seconds (minute).

  • The first option: mix, change places. The child must decompose everything as it was.
  • The second option: cover or remove all (or part of the items). The child must list all that was, or answer what is missing.

Then the presenter and participant switch places.

Musical minutes

Good music uplifting and helps to pass the long way. The chants of the whole family in the long road to the car immediately charge positive. Sing in chorus or take turns. You can choose thematic songs. Suppose mom tells her daughter to sing a song about a dog. The girl sings, but then she chooses the theme of the composition herself.

You can play “Guess the melody” by defining songs by musical intro.

You can entertain children by inventing poems and songs. Every sitting person should come up with a new line in rhyme. Moving clockwise from one player to another. A musical masterpiece is recorded on a dictaphone, and then everyone is having fun listening to his creation.

Traveling in a train, do not do without art supplies. Older children can paint their dream, a landscape or a city that they have recently driven through.

  • With kids you need to engage and direct their imagination. First, you can offer to create a drawing on a free topic. If the child is difficult to concentrate, an adult takes a pencil and helps.
  • The kid draws any object, blot, squiggle. Parent or second child dorisovyvayut, to incomprehensible image was on someone (or something) like. Then change places.
  • The first player draws on paper the head of a person, an animal, brings up the neck and wraps the sheet so that the others do not see what is drawn there. The next one draws the torso and wraps it again. The latter draws the legs. It can be a giraffe with a human body and legs of a penguin. Fun is no limit.

Finger games

Having in our arsenal of dolls for the finger theater, you can come up with a whole fairy tale. Older children or adults show a child under one year old. Such entertainment will take the baby for a while.

  • Dolls are put on the fingers, and the play is played. Characters can communicate both among themselves and with children.

If several children over 3 years old are traveling, they can play with each other for a long time. If there are no dolls, they draw the faces of their favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales on the fingers of each child.

Preparation for school

The road to the train, the car limits the space and allows parents to spend time with the child with benefit. You can talk about some moments for which there is not enough time in working days. Just do not need to touch on tense topics and spoil the mood.

A good option to spend time with benefits is to prepare the child for school in the form of a game.

  • If the child only learns to count, you can keep track of any items outside the window.
  • If you need to learn the letters, show the sign being studied in the alphabet, and then ask the children to find this letter on the signboards.

In the confined space of a car or train, children are happy to take an oral account, learn the composition of the number, multiplication table, grammatical and mathematical rules.

Both an adult and a child will be interested in solving puzzles, crosswords, finding differences, learning the rules of the road.

When not to interfere with the driver

It often happens that mom or dad travel with their children in their own car. In this case, constantly engage with the kids will not work. You need to focus on driving.

A tablet or laptop with cartoons or, even better, a disc with fairy tales and children’s songs will come to the rescue on the most intense sections of the route. An older child can be allowed to play games on the tablet. But all the way to devote viewing cartoons or computer entertainment is not worth it.

An interesting solution is to purchase an hourglass. Kids are asked not to distract an adult, while the grains are poured. And so 5-6 times. Before the trip, explain that the driver can not be distracted from driving. The life and health of passengers and pedestrians depend on his care.

The time spent on the road with children should be used to good advantage. Showing imagination, you can come up with many activities, from which all will enjoy.

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