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How to save on a trip to Disneyland

How to save on a trip to Disneyland

Disneyland is a paradise for children, it is in every sense an expensive place that a great number of children and adults dream of. A few simple tips will help to organize the trip correctly and get maximum enjoyment from it.

Pay attention to stocks

Tickets to Disneyland at low cost can be purchased during promotions and special offers. You need to pay attention to the information that appears on the official website: if you are lucky, you can find a tempting discount.

Consider visiting time

A bad idea might be to choose summer time for traveling to Disneyland. It was during this period that all tariffs for the services provided, the cost of tickets for travel, accommodation and visits increased significantly. It would be better to transfer the long-awaited acquaintance with the world of cartoon character Mickey Mouse to the off-season, i.e., either in the fall or in the spring.

The most correct thing to choose for visiting the world of attractions is not weekends, but weekdays. In addition to saving your money, you can save time, because you will not have to stand in long queues to experience the drive on dizzying rides.

Hotel savings

The hotel in Disneyland itself is just fabulous, and living in it gives additional bonuses to the park. But the prices are too high. It is best to find a budget hotel in Paris, but not far from Disneyland, to make it easier to get to the town of attractions and to the city center.

Avoid parking

Parking in the nearby area will cost from 20 euros, which is a lot. But even here there is an opportunity to save if your journey is connected with a car. The vehicle, which was rented, can be left at parking lots near the park.

You can easily get to the entrance to Disneyland by public transport or use the free transfer service offered by many hotels.

Not worth paying for photos

Any child will want to get one, and more often a few photos on the memory of visiting such a wonderful place, although one printed photograph from many professional photographers costs more than 5 euros. It is better to take pictures yourself, but not everyone can do it beautifully and efficiently.

There is a small life hack, which makes it possible to make a professional photo for free or for a nominal fee. You can simply ask one of the photographers who are walking around Disneyland to take a picture of you. They usually do not refuse.

Make a plan in advance

In order not to miss anything in Disneyland and at the same time get maximum pleasure for what a lot of money is spent on, carefully study all the rides and attractions. Familiarize yourself with the mode of their work and draw up a route around the park.

The order of visits to attractions is also important in terms of saving time. Some of them are filled with tourists in the morning, and some — in the evening. The right choice will save you from unnecessary queues and idle time. So you do not miss anything interesting. But otherwise, you will have a reason to come back to this amazing fairy tale — Disneyland!

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