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How to rest in 2018: current production calendar

How will we rest in 2018: list of approved holidays

The number of holiday dates that are declared free from work or study is changed annually by the state. Those who are planning to go somewhere during such a period should learn their list in advance. So you can carefully plan your schedule to usefully spend every extra day. That is why the question of how to rest in January 2018 and throughout the coming year is so important.

General information about the 2018th

This year does not apply to leap years, respectively, the number of days is 365.

117 of this number will be days off, and 16 — official holidays, in honor of which the Russians will be released from work on a weekday. Based on such calculations, in the coming year there will be 248 working days. The beginning of the year and its completion fall on the same day of the week — Monday.

What distinguishes a festive day

Standard weekends are Saturday and Sunday. They mark the end of the work week. In addition to these weekly free days, the state also approves holidays. They mark an important event in the country. In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, in the days of the holiday labor activity is not carried out.

Holidays 2018, officially recognized as a weekend

The government approved the following list of days when citizens can relax once again. This list is as follows:

According to the order of the Government and the norms of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, all days included in the submitted list are recognized as non-working in all subjects. The exception is January 7 — Christmas. In those regions of the country where another religion is preached from Orthodoxy, it is possible to create a separate holiday, which may coincide with this date or may not coincide with it.

Changes in holiday schedule

Russia is a country where the percentage of days off in relation to workers is the highest. In addition, the country is practicing the transfer of the holiday. This happens if he falls on an official holiday (part 2 of article 112 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

Government approved changes:

  • 01, falling on Saturday, rescheduled to 09.03 (Friday);
  • 01, falling on Sunday, rescheduled to 02.05 (Wednesday);
  • 04, which falls on Saturday, has been rescheduled for April 30 (Monday);
  • 06, which falls on Saturday, has been postponed to 11.06 (Monday);
  • 12, rolled out on Saturday, rescheduled to December 31 (Monday).

It is also important to bear in mind that, according to legal regulations, the number of hours of a working day preceding a day off must be officially less than 1 hour.

The final list of holiday weekends

After the plan to transfer holidays falling on free days was approved at the government level, the rest schedule is as follows:

The duration of the New Year holidays for 2019 has not yet been approved, but they are scheduled to start from December 30, 2018.

The increase in New Year’s holidays while reducing the May

Due to the fact that the beginning of the year falls on Monday, these days are recognized as particularly unproductive and declared weekends. So, the rest begins more 30.12 (on Saturday).

Based on the above, in 2018, the inhabitants of the country expect the longest New Year’s holidays. At the same time, the number of May holidays will be noticeably reduced, during the month only 3 holidays are planned with the release from labor.

This is how the weekend calendar for the next year looks like at the moment. Perhaps the Government will make some adjustments to the schedule. But today the Russians can hope for a long winter vacation, which will be almost equal to a vacation.

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