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How to have fun: leisure options for every taste

How can you have free time?

Such luxury, like a bit of free time, is becoming a special rarity today. And if a case has already fallen, it should definitely be done either with benefit or with fun. After all, time flies unnoticed, not only when we are happy, but also when we spend this time having fun. Active or complete relaxation? Everyone has their own idea of ​​how to have fun. Everything is limited only by your imagination (in fact, it is not limited even to her!). If you are ready, there are thousands of ways in the world how you can have fun! Here are a few of them.

People pay a lot of money to get away from the hustle and bustle and be alone for a couple of days. For example, as in the film “Eat. Pray. Love «with Julia Roberts. For starters, you can simply watch this film or the film “Home Alone” — it will definitely remind you how to have fun one-on-one with yourself.

In life there is a huge amount of entertainment that is worth trying. Do what you have never tried before: buy a lottery ticket, scuba dive, jump with a parachute, arrange a surprise for someone or go with your husband / wife to the second «first» date.

One day of life

There is such invaluable advice: when you feel bad, sad or lonely, just go outside. Remember everything that happened that day, and then start a blog and describe it (you can in the form of a photo report).

Sports Day, Exotic Fruit Day or IQ-Day: you can assemble a huge puzzle, solve puzzles, do a quest, watch or play Monopoly, and have a theme party with friends in the evening.

You can record a song, video tutorial, or shoot a video — about yourself, your city, your dog, or your neighbors. No matter what, the main thing is that the process itself will be really fun and exciting.

Who said that only create fun? Down with all the stereotypes and rules! Allow yourself to destroy! Only destroy without consequences: you can, for example, as in the song, “Throw out the trash from the house and old friends to call for” or tear the walls to repair. And then build up again. It’s so beautiful to live in contrasts.

Remember how it was fun in childhood and what you loved to do then most of all. Sing? Dance? Play tetris? Paint? Buy a coloring, draw a comic or a cartoon, make a funny photo album or do something with your own hands. Or read it, because in childhood we were taught that the book is the best friend and interlocutor.

Work in the kitchen

Organize a culinary evening of Italian, Japanese or any overseas cuisine. Call your favorite restaurant, ask for a recipe or find it online. Don’t forget to watch the movie «Julie and Julia: Preparing Happiness with a Prescription.»

Go camping

It’s so easy and so fun at the same time — go where your eyes are. Go on a trip, for example, for the neighborhood of a city or a suburb. Be inspired by the films «The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty» or «In the Wild.»

Try to do something that you have never done or have done for a very long time. A series of monotonous activities delays us, and we cease to rejoice and have fun. Allow yourself to truly relax. We do not have a lot of free time, it’s time to learn how to spend it with benefit!

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