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How to get from Bangkok to Samui: All options and cost

How to get from Bangkok to Samui alone

The options to get from Bangkok to Samui are many. After all, Bangkok is not only the capital, but also the transport hub of Thailand. All routes start and end here: be it a train, bus or plane.


Samui Island and Bangkok have no direct land message. But do not be afraid to travel with transfers. The transportation system of Thailand functions for the sake of tourists. Her work has been debugged so that when leaving the train at one of the stations, you can be sure that you will find the bus you need right in the station square.

Direct flight

Direct flights from Bangkok to Samui are carried out by Thai “super carriers” — Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways. The price of a one-way ticket is from $ 105 to $ 130, i.e., 5 times more expensive than budget flights to Surrathani offered by the low-cost airlines from Don Muang.

Despite the high price, the direction is extremely popular: during the high season, more than 20 flights fly daily — all from Suvarnabhumi. Time in the air — from 1:05 to 1:30.

TOTAL: $ 105 and 1 h. 15 min. on my way.

Direct bus

One of the most popular ways to get to the island is by bus Bangkok — Koh Samui. Without a transfer, he will take him to the pier in Donsak for 13 hours. Departure — from the bus station Sai Tai Mai, located on Borommaratchachonnani Road. Tickets are purchased at the bus terminal. On the desired route, there are two flights daily around 6.00 and six flights after 15.30 — to be in place by night or the next day.

A standard bus will cost $ 20. This option will be the cheapest of all possible ways to get to Donsak. A luxury bus will cost $ 40. And he and the other — comfortable, air-conditioned. In the VIP-class is half the seats, and you can get comfortable.

The bus goes to the pier in Donsack and stops every 4 hours. Next, passengers disembark, buy ferry tickets (if they have not purchased them in Bangkok along with the bus) and are waiting for departure. The ferry runs every hour from 6.00 to 19.00, moored to Nathan.

TOTAL: $ 45 (in VIP class), $ 25 (in normal) and 14.5 hours on the road.

By car

For those who have a driver’s license like international, the question of how to get to Samui is not worth it. You need to rent a car in Bangkok and take almost personal transport with friends or family. Will need to overcome 770 km. It will take 11-12 hours. The Bangkok-Samui car route is simple and straightforward: for the most part it runs along highways 4 and 41.

The main advantage is that you do not depend on any carriers, you do not need to adjust to the schedule. The main thing is to arrive at the ferry during the day.

The financial side of the issue (we believe modestly):

  • car rental for a day — $ 25;
  • gasoline — $ 70;
  • payment for paid road sections — $ 10;
  • crossing — $ 13 for a car with a driver + $ 4 for each person.

TOTAL for 4 people: $ 130 and 11 hours on the road.

Via Surrathani (+ bus + ferry)

Surratkhani is a transport hub of southern Thailand. From here you can get to any resort location.

By plane

If you do not have a prejudice against flying on low-cost airlines, then the flight Bangkok-Surrathani, followed by a trip to Samui by bus and ferry will be the best option in terms of price and time spent.

More than 10 flights depart daily from Bangkok to Surrathani, the cheapest from Don Muang. It is located near Suvarnabhumi: shuttles run between the airports. The carriers are well-known low cost airlines in Thailand:

Flight time is 1:10. The ticket can be bought for $ 20.

Buses run from Surrathani Airport to the pier in Donsak. Tickets are sold at the airport building. It is more logical to immediately pay the bus and ferry fare ($ 9). Travel time — 3 hours.

TOTAL: $ 30 and 4.5 hours on the way.

More than a dozen trains depart daily in a southerly direction. Among them are both ordinary passenger and ambulance, express and superexpress. The faster the train travels, the more “branded” it is: there are more compartment air-conditioned cars, fewer seated cars — and, accordingly, more expensive. A seat in a standard double compartment will cost $ 30. In the second-class carriage — at $ 20- $ 25. You can drive in 10 hours. Almost all trains go into the night. Plus the trip, unlike the bus — it is possible to spend the night in a horizontal position. If you go in a first-class compartment car, the journey will be quite decent, without significant inconvenience.

It is better to think in advance how to get to Samui, and to buy tickets for all transport at the Bangkok train station. This will relieve excess fuss in Surrathani. Trains are often delayed, but this is not a problem, since the bus ticket and the ferry are not tied to a specific departure time and do not have fixed seats. If you prefer not to pay in advance, you can buy bus tickets (+ on the ferry), arriving at the station Surrathani.

The bus leaves from the parking lot next to the train station hourly until 6:00 pm Drive short: 1 hour to the pier and 1.5 hours by ferry. The end point is the pier of Nathan.

TOTAL: $ 35 and 13 hours on the way.

Via Chumphon (+ boat)

From the pier in Chumphon to Samui boats depart 2 times a day: 7.30 and 13.00.

A round-trip ticket from Bangkok to Chumphon for a train will cost $ 15. Travel time is 8 hours. Almost all the trains arrive at night or very early in the morning. To catch the boat, you need to arrive no later than 6.00 and 11.30, respectively. Not far from the station on Tha Taphao Alley is the Chumphon office of Lomprayah, where you can buy a shuttle to the pier and a boat ticket.

You will be put on a company bus from Bangkok, disembarked near the pier and escorted to the ship. Lomprayah will charge $ 30 for its services. It is cheaper and easier to immediately go from Bangkok on their transport.

TOTAL: $ 45 and 12.5 hours on the road + waiting for the bus.

Summary table (how to get to Samui) with options sorted by popularity among tourists.

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