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Hoi An Vietnam: attractions, photo, reviews, when to go

Hoi An in Vietnam — a world heritage monument

A small town in the center of Vietnam has long attracted tourists from all over the world. Hoi An is one of the few places in Southeast Asia where almost every corner is saturated with the unique spirit of centuries past and simply rolls over the number of historically valuable objects. The city is rightfully recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Nature and beaches of Hoi An

The first thing visitors notice is the beautiful beaches. They love their cleanliness both on land and on water. There are usually not so many people here, the beaches are long enough, there is always enough space for everyone. The beaches are all sandy, the surrounding area is covered with greenery.

There are many especially picturesque places, favorite photographers. After all, no one will refuse to be photographed against the background of palm trees curling over water.

On the beaches you can find unusual round shaped boats. They are local fishermen go to the fields. You can always agree with one of them to go hunting for lobsters, clams.

The beaches are located a few kilometers from the city, you can reach them by bike or other transport. It is worth noting that free public transport regularly runs there.

Nature lovers will love the countryside excursions in Hoi An. If you go from the city to the western part of Vietnam, you can get into the real jungle filled with strange plants for Russians typical of tropical areas. Of course, there is no abundance of large mammals, as, for example, in African safaris, but its own special flavor, of course, is present.

What to visit in the city?

There are plenty of attractions in Hoi An. Most of them are historical in nature, but there are many other equally interesting places.

  • First and foremost, of course, it is worth going to the Old Town, which may take a whole day to meet.
  • The temple complex Michon impresses with its grandeur and originality. Over the impassable jungle towering vaults of high towers. The buildings are decorated with artwork sculptures on the theme of local religion.
  • Be sure to walk on the Japanese covered bridge, decorated with sculptures of dogs and monkeys. It was built in the XVIII century, since then has not changed much.
  • Nearby is a temple in honor of the Taoist God of weather, in which the locals ask to protect them from bad weather and disasters.
  • Also worth visiting is the archipelago of Ky Lao Cham, which unites several small islands.
  • Lovers of flora and fauna should definitely spend the day in the Kylao reserve. There are evergreen jungles waiting for you, where you can meet pythons, monkeys and other rare animals. Here grows more than 200 different types of plants.
  • Just look at Hoi An in Vietnam on the map to see how much interesting things are in the area. For example, the Marble Mountains, where visitors are waiting for a lot of secret paths, caves with altars. And from the top there is a unique view of the nearby village and the sea.
  • The embankment of the Ankhoy Peninsula is filled with sculptures of local artists, and glowing at night figures of dragons and tigers float along the small river.
  • In any hotel, visitors can offer an excursion to the village of Chakue. There you can get acquainted with local farmers who fertilize their gardens with only seaweed. As a result, vegetables and herbs have a special shade and flavor.

  • You can try yourself as a weaver in the village of Matiau, where silk has been producing for centuries.
  • Fans of romance and serenity can choose a boat ride on a local river.
  • In addition, the guides will offer a lot of interesting things, including riding on buffaloes.

No tourist will leave Hoi An without souvenirs made by local craftsmen. They decorate not only the shelves of avid travelers, but also collections of real connoisseurs.

The city is also famous for its sewing shops, which are located here innumerable. Here you will be offered clothing of various styles, handmade shoes, an abundance of accessories.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] Even the most fastidious dandy will surely be able to find something for himself, let it be ordinary beach slates or an original hat. [/ quote]

Lovers of deep-sea diving can go to Cham Island, which is located nearby. There is a large diving school. For quite a reasonable price, professionals will show the basics of diving, and experienced divers will offer exciting underwater excursions.

Be sure to visit the local market — a place where almost all residents of the city are bought. After all, there are no large hypermarkets here, although there are a lot of stores. In the market you can find a lot of interesting things: exotic fruits, products, souvenirs, as well as popular and inexpensive whiskey local spill.

Hotels and restaurants

Today, the city is turning towards tourists, who provide substantial income for citizens.

Therefore, for visitors here all the necessary infrastructure is created. There are a lot of hotels in Hoi An, everyone who is willing to find a rest for themselves. There are budget options here with a minimum set of amenities and services, there are also elite, up to five-star ones.

There are no problems with accommodation, especially if you book a room in advance. Although the option can be chosen on the spot.

  • Long Life Riverside is located almost in the heart of the city. Nearby is the famous bridge leading to the Old Town. Walking distance to cafes, restaurants, non-stop market.
  • Also near the historic center are the hotels «Hoi An», «Tien Tan Boutique».
  • Fans of a more relaxing holiday can choose «Hoi An Shik», near which there are rice fields. Here you will be allocated free bicycles, where you can get either to the beach or to the city.
  • Holidays with relaxation and recovery can be combined in the Little Hoyan Boutique Hotel Spa «, where you will be offered spa treatments and various types of massage.

This is not a complete list of hotels in Hoi An. There are almost a hundred of them in these neighborhoods. By the way, fans of economical rest can choose a placement option — homestay. Those. This is not a complete hotel, but a private house in which rooms are rented.

The number of cafes and restaurants is also not satisfactory. In many of them you can taste exotic dishes that will amaze with exquisite serving.

Vietnamese cuisine for Russian tourists may seem unusual, but it’s impossible not to get acquainted with it. By the way, the prices in the cafe are quite affordable.

But lovers of noisy rest can be upset. Unfortunately, there are almost no nightclubs in the form in which we used to see them.

Of course, there are places where you can dance until the morning. But still, Hoi An has a slightly different specificity. Rest here is quieter.

What time of year is it better to go?

Weather in Hoi An is typical of the central part of Vietnam. You can visit the city at any time of the year, it is always warm and comfortable here. Only prolonged rains can spoil the mood.

  • The most popular time is considered — from the beginning of the year to the end of the summer. This is a hot tourist time for this place.
  • Most comfortable in Hoi An in spring and summer.
  • But at the end of the year you can get heavy rains, so autumn and the first half of winter are not very popular among tourists. But at this time, the cheapest prices in the accommodation.
  • In early autumn, the probability of rising water levels in rivers, flooding and even the occurrence of typhoons increases.

How to get to Hoi An

The popularity of the city contributes to its location. The fact is that Hoi An is located in the immediate vicinity of Da Nang, where the major international airport is located. If you fly from Russia, you will most likely have to choose flights with a transfer, because direct no. Best through Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. And then, how to get to Hoi An, everyone decides for himself:

  • you can use the plane, arrive in Da Nang, and from there you can easily go to Hoi An (the distance between these two cities is only 25 kilometers);
  • You can also get to Da Nang by train, but this type of transport in Vietnam is not very convenient and comfortable;
  • You can go directly to Hoi An by bus, which is usually even nicer than trains, although it takes more time.

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There are several ways to get from Da Nang to Hoi An:

  • by taxi (this is the fastest, but the most expensive option);
  • on a minibus that leaves the airport almost every hour and takes you directly to the hotel you need;
  • the cheapest option is public transport, but for this you need to get from the airport to the bus station;
  • if you book a hotel room in advance, you can specify whether they have a transfer from the airport.

From the history of the city

The status of a large trading city Hoi An received at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries, but at that time it was called Fayfo. Over time, this status took over nearby Da Nang. However, this time left a significant mark in the architecture and appearance of Hoi An. This is especially noticeable in the old part of the city, where the trade spirit of that time hovers everywhere.

[quote font = «arial» font_style = «italic»] The city is incredibly rich in various buildings that have special historical value. There are about a thousand of such objects. [/ Quote]

These are ancient houses of local residents, public institutions, temples, burials and even shops, the appearance of which did not change much after several centuries.

Choosing a trip to Hoi An in Vietnam, the tourist will be provided with a mass of positive emotions and impressions. Unique tourist and historical objects will remain in memory for a lifetime. And if you still take into account leisure, entertainment, paradise beaches, then you can guarantee that no traveler will spare the money and time spent.

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